Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Burnie soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at Devonport, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Burnie for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Burnie. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Paula Bryant

    It has been a tough 18 months and while I have been looking after every one else, I haven’t taken any time to look after me. It’s now time!

    • Melissa Redman-Whiteley

      I think a Best Body membership will help me be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. I got myself to around my ideal body weight earlier this year for my wedding, but now is the time to build muscle, be strong (especially in that core) and make sure I continue being healthy and active. But I also know I’m my best mentally when I have consistent physical activity that I enjoy, and I already know that reformer pilates is going to give me that strong, happy and healthy frame of mind!

      • Karen Mcpherson

        Best Body will give me the capability to build muscle & tone up this 60+ body & mind

        • Tracy Spiller

          Being a nurse i have seen the aging process restrict some in everyday life.
          I know I need to start something I’ve never done before to help me gain and maintain a stronger body.
          Strong mind strong body.
          Im excited.

      • Caroline Burgess

        I would love to win as I really need to strengthen my core to give me more flexibility for my 70+ self, so Best Body could really be what I’m seeking.

      • Emillie Popowski

        I have been wanting to try reformer pilates ever since seeing the devonport studio open. A close friend of mine attends and she has been raving about it since she started. After having 2 children, 2 c sections, I would love to work on my core strength and over all strength. As this is something I have never tried, it would be great to change things up and see what is able to be achieved

        • Melanie Toman

          After having a surgical mishap 3 years ago my life has dramatically changed
          I have been working so hard to try and get myself healthy physically and mentally but things can be tough
          I have been researching Pilates and would love a chance to see if can help me

      • Charlene hill

        Since July 2019 when I lost my mum I’ve let my health go. I am finally back on track and think that best body reformer Pilates could help me get my body into shape. I am slowly losing the weight I gained since but it needs a bit if a push. I have a proposed disc in my back which is playing up slightly due to the weight I’m carrying. I know that Pilates is good for this type of injury.

      • Teena Connelly

        I need to get back into this as its great way of keeping my body in some sort of shape for my work as a community support worker . Lifting and rolling clients i need my shoulders and arm and legs in good shape palaties is so good for streghting up .

      • Patina Franklin

        I’m looking to start putting myself first, loose the excess weight I’ve put on over the last 3 years. I have 4 kids (2 step children) a full time job and I run my own at home business which means very little time for me. I need to get my diet under control and have the drive to help myself, feel good about myself and the way I look. Getting asked all the time if I’m having another baby because of my stomach is heart wrenching. I also have split abdominal wall muscles that I need to mend as well.

    • Lorraine Holohan

      In able to do the physical exercise that I used to do due to a medical condition. My specialist said physio would be good but I think by joining best bodies will be so much better because at the moment all I’m able to do is walk. Can’t wait until best bodies open

      • Marjorie Gunn

        Having a total right hip replacement 12months ago, as well as a arthritis, I need to start looking after myself instead of everyone else. To be supervised would be the way to go!

    • Jodie Love

      I have always had hip and back pain due in part to how I was born. I am constantly working on strengthening and stabilising my core. I have done reformer pilates in the past, but that place and physio has shut down. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity

      • Tania Jackson

        Would be fantastic to win a prize like this and it would keep me motivated physically and mentally to keep on my weight lose journey

    • Robinlee

      The last few years have been challenging as one of my children has special needs, so not much self care going on currently. Due to mental health advice I was given I’ve thought long an hard what I want most for myself. An I have come to the conclusion that my physical health has to be my priority. This is not a hard commitment for me as I was formerly a fitness fanatic an loved every second of it. I love to feel my lungs expanding An my heart beating with strength An can’t wait to feel the passion once again. I’ve missed me, An I can’t wait to meet me again.

      • Jenna Redmond

        In the past 2 years I’ve unfortunately experienced two 2nd trimester losses. The only way forward on my fertility journey is surgery, which I am waiting for, but in the mean time I’ve made it my goal to focus on my health and my body to ensure I’m in the best health possible when I am finally able to start trying to conceive again. I carry a lot of hormonal weight due to PCOS and I know reformer pilates would really help both weight wise and general well-being as I prep myself for this next phase.

  2. Michelle Wilson

    I’m hoping reformed Pilates can help me get my life back and live in less pain. I have lived with a ruptured l5 disc for 4 years and in that time, I have lost the ability to run, or do hiit. Have gain weight back that I lost because of the less movement I do. I just want some sense of my life back

  3. Lisa Coulson

    After having two children, my youngest is now 5, I STILL have significant abdominal separation. I have tried numerous exercises at home to correct this, however it persists. With such a weak core, I continue to experience low back and sciatic pain that is intermittent, though enough to slow me down at times. I know that strengthen my core and build my overall strength and flexibility, all areas of my life will be enhanced. The stomach ‘bulge’ I have tolerated for 5 years now has held me back from so many things as it has impacted my confidence. I dream of the day I can wear a swimsuit with confidence and run, hike and play with my kids without discomfort.

  4. Jenna Hansen

    I am currently working on my health to become fitter and stronger and reformer Pilates will help me achieve my core strength, which is much needed! I also want to tone muscles in my arms and legs. By doing exercise and reformer Pilates, I will achieve this and keep ongoing with my strength journey

    • Marion Taylor

      I am a distance runner with poor flexibility. As I am now over 60 I would like to maintain my current fitness by taking good care of my unfortunately now aging body. This is just what I need.

    • Anne Thorpe

      I need something to get me back on track, and have always been interested in pilates as a more gentle, yet effective way to achieve that. My life has been a roller-coaster of losing and gaining weight and the time has come to step up and take control holistically. I believe that Best Body Burnie could be my missing link

      • Francesca Catlin

        I started reformer after having my first baby and loved it from the first session. More than anything it helped my mental health and looking at my body in a positive way again. I’ve now had baby number 2 and can’t wait to get back into it, find my happy place within myself and get strong again.

        • Kara Briggs

          This would be amazing to help build my body back up after having a baby. When everything closed due to Covid I lost all my motivation!!

  5. Tara Turner

    I undertook reformer Pilates for physio when I lived in Queensland and loved the benefits of it. I’m so excited it is coming to a location near me! With the rainy weather here in Tasmania, I have found my body has seized up from sitting on the couch instead of getting out like I use to. I look forward to correcting my posture, stretching my limbs out and overall better fitness!!

    • Jackie Nel

      Everybody is talking about or doing reformer pilates and I think now is the time for me to take it on!
      That’s it short and simple

      • Jacqui

        After recently having my first child, I feel I am ready to start focusing some more time on me. Reformer Pilates is something I have never tried but I love the idea of trying something new while having fun and getting stronger at the same time!

  6. Jo Schmidt

    Since turning 50 I feel like my body is punishing me for all the years of abusing it when I was younger! I sit in front of a computer all day at work and get very sore from typing but also sciatica from a foot peddle. The only exercise I really do is walking but winter is a challenge, so I’m keen to try something different that will strengthen my body all over.

    • Claire

      I simply want to be pain free so I can start building a better me! I get a lot of lower back pain and the idea of being pain free is music to my ears! I’m sure everyone feels the same about how wonderful it would be, to be able to not have any restrictions. Doing simple tasks like washing the dishes or cooking tea or even working out hurt. Ultimately I want to lose weight and feel better about myself both mind and body. And I believe reformer Pilates is the key to building my core strength so I can live pain free again and focus on what matters, the idea makes me smile even as I write this ☺️

      • Nicole

        After losing 20kg, I need to tone & strengthen my body. I’m hoping that Best Body Burnie can help me do that.

  7. Olivia Davies

    I feel like the older I’m getting the harder I need to smash the gym and pound the pavement to beat the dreaded ‘middle age spread’! I’m hoping Best Body Reformer Burnie can help me build a better core, abs, tone my legs and arms whilst being kind to my body without smashing it week in, week out. I want to build and achieve a body that I’m happy to be in at 42 because…well I think I deserve it x

  8. Sheryl Brittain

    I have just retired at 66 years of age and made the decision to come to Tasmania to live leaving all my friends and family.
    I have been attending Pilates in Perth for the last five months to help me deal with arthritis and to I
    Prove my overall health.
    Although at times I struggle I love how Pilates has helped me control my pain and helped with my overall fitness and mindset.
    I have enjoyed the company of other woman of my age during my sessions on the same journey of achieving a level of fitness that assists them to enjoy their life.

  9. Kate Last

    I think it will help me start to get my body back post having a baby and help keep me active and fit so that I can keep up with my child. It will definitely help with post partum recovery.

  10. Tiarni Burnett

    I have moved to the north west coast around a year ago from Hobart. I was absolutely devastated when I realised Burnie didn’t have a studio and I have lost my long lean body, my core strength and my 50 minutes of calm to start my morning. I’m also looking at studying to become a Pilates teacher to help others.

  11. Telina Moore

    Looking to improve the strength and condition of my body and to give myself some attention. A 6 month membership would be a great start on my journey to finally bite the bullet and see what Pilates can do for me and how it can be beneficial in my life.

  12. Chani

    I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago and after losing 22kgs on my own by running and diet I have come to the stage I need to tone and look after my body to move to the next step. By getting this amazing opportunity it could give me the ability to care for my body the way it deserves

  13. Joan Pedder

    I think health and fitness is important for me getting older especially. I attended classes in Brisbane almost 20 years ago now. It was the most rewarding type of exercise I have ever participate in. Not just for my body my mind and well-being. Since moving back to Burnie/ Wynyard have not been able to find a Pilates Studio.
    Until now that B&B is starting a studio in Burnie/Cooee. I also partake in swimming, walking and Yoga. So keeping fit and healthy for me is is a priority.
    I know returning to Pilates will be so beneficial for me, mind, body and soul.
    Thank You

  14. Ange McGaffin

    After having two babies only 13 months apart my body is a little worse for wear. I have done reformer Pilates in the past and I am excited to get back in to it to help my back and shoulder strength and non-existent core I also think my pelvic floor will benefit greatly! The mental and physical repercussion of the improvement in my body will be priceless

  15. Lauren

    Although there are multiple gym classes/exercise groups I feel nothing focuses on building your body to its best posture to reduce injury ect. I am really wanting to strengthen the weaker areas of my body to correct my posture and treat my body how it deserves!

    • Roseanne Jones

      I enjoy regular exercise and looking after all of me , body and mind .
      I believe it’s important to set a positive example for my children regarding exercise and body image, and therefore believe the best body environment Is perfect to reinforce those morals in myself.
      The testimonials describe best body as a welcoming and encouraging environment ,that empowers others to achieve the best version of themselves , for this reason I would love to try the reformer pilates experience and gain better core strength and overall fitness.

  16. Varunee Fuller (Vaz)

    I’m not going to give you the struggle story I’m a big person love to eat but also love to exercise.. I’m in age care have been for more than 20 years it’s hard on the body Pilates has always helped me from not getting nurses back ( yes it’s a thing Lol ) unfortunately after moving to tassie 11 years ago I just haven’t found a great Pilates work out don’t get me wrong there out there but nothing like your programs,I lost the motivation and I need it back I know you can help me find it.. I see your videos on social media I’m so jealous but when I heard you are coming to Burnie it was like Xmas .. so let me take the next level with you Get me back to doing something I’ve loved
    Thanks for your time Vaz

    • Therese Evans

      Best Body Burnie – Reformer Pilates membership for free – Woowee! 

      Gee guys you are the best, far better than all the rest!  

      I would love to win to recover from all my sins, 56 years of not going to gyms! 

      Recovering my mind body & soul – is my absolute goal! 

      I can assure you, keeping pain free will provide me with much glee! 

      To build up my core strength, I will go to amazing lengths! 

      I’m sure that under your brilliant guidance and nourishment – we are going to take it to a higher placement!

      Providing a support squad & access for me 4 times a week – all lovers of reformers will go eek!

      Can’t wait to see the body I can love & succeed – I do indeed!

  17. Stephanie

    Last year at 40, I finally became a mother after 13 years of fertility treatments to my beautiful daughter. Now more than a ever I realise how important it is that I am my best self both mentally and physically. A Best Body reformer membership would allow me to take the first step to a stronger mind and body, not just for my family but for myself.

  18. Mandy

    I would love to get back into Pilates for the good stretch and all over good feeling it leaves my body in. Instead of going to the chiro for a stretch this would be a more fun and enjoyable group setting to enjoy, I would love to win this !

    • Ash

      I am eager to start best body to strengthen my muscles that support my everyday lifestyle and work to prevent any injuries. I haven’t had the body I love for quite some time now, so this would be the ideal opportunity to form my new self and build a better mental strength.

  19. Dani

    I would love to win! I am already eager to start regardless and see what reformer Pilates can do for me. I have put my body last through this past year as my husband works in Victoria and the children’s needs along with my work took over my entire schedule. I don’t believe I have ever regained my core after having my children and from what I have researched Reformer Pilates could very well be the help I need to get my strength and confidence back.

  20. Bev

    I have been suffering for a long time with an auto immune condition and I have my wedding in 2022 and I just want someone to show me and support me in getting my body back stronger and leaner and to guide me in what exercises are the best and will help the most. I’m over gyms that just take money and open the door to you. I need to strengthen my upper body and give me back the strength I use to have.
    I need to put ME first now. I’m a carer for my youngest and I’ve left myself out like so many of us mums have. I want to be here and be a stronger me for myself and my family and grandchildren. This would be such a life changer for me.

  21. Brooke Hicks

    It would be amazing if I won. I joined reformer Pilates for the short time it was in Burnie, however due to work commitments I was unable to follow over to the Devonport branch. I’m super excited to get some of my strength back after a long period away. I loved the classes and have really missed them. I’m super excited for the classes to be coming back to Burnie. I can’t wait to see the improvements in strength and the toning for your reformer classes.

  22. Hannah

    I would love to try reformer pilates – I want to work on more core strength mainly. Having babies hasn’t been great for my body and self esteem. So to be more flexible, stronger, toned and actually enjoy the time to myself. Not only for physical health, but mental health too!

  23. Lisa

    I believe that reformer Pilates is not only about making your body amazing but it goes so much deeper and changes your thinking as well as your mind. As women we are constantly being challenged to look a certain way, to have a certain body shape and to be someone that we all aren’t. It is time we all get together and for all women (and men) to be our best beautiful selves and be the best version of ourselves, not what we think everyone else wants. So next time we are next to someone on the reformer or mat or wherever we are, we need to remind each other and ourselves how beautiful we all are. I have only done minimal Pilates, however, I know it changed my
    Body and mind and gave me exactly what I needed, the power to be me.

  24. Jade

    After having some illness/injury issues over the past few years, I struggled with losing my strength, fitness and body confidence. A friend suggested I try Pilates reformer classes and I was able to attend a class at the end of 2019/early 2020. In that short time I fell in love with this form of exercise. After years of trying to get back into the same exercise regime from before I was ill, and failing miserably every time, here was something that was a perfect fit. I looked forward to each class knowing that the improvement I felt both physically and mentally was incredible. I have been eagerly (sometimes impatiently!) waiting for news of when Best Body Burnie would be opening in the hopes of becoming a member and continuing with Pilates reformer classes.

  25. Michelle

    I have never done Pilates! Sit all day at work in front of a computer. I walk my dog but that is the only exercise I do. I have always been fairly active but now as I am 55 the body aches just thinking about doing something I took for granted not that long ago. I will definitely give it a go and hopefully see some good results.

  26. Erin

    I have 3 children who are 8 years, 6 years and 6 weeks old. After the first two children I suffered post natal depression. It took a long time mentally and physically recover from the my first traumatic birth (3rd degree tear) and the second birth only made matters worse. Now with a new 6 week old baby I am determined to keep on top of both my mental and physical health. Pilates would be a fantastic way to rebuild my core and pelvic floor and maintain my mental health through physical exercise in these early weeks post birth.

  27. Alicia

    Pilates has been something that has been on my radar for the past few months and what a perfect opportunity to start my Pilates journey. I’m interested in developing overall strength, shape and tone but most excited for the added mental wellbeing benefit to assist in combatting stress and help boost my mental health.

  28. Liz D

    My body insecurities stem from being the so called “chubby” kid at school. Being told by peers not to wear the things you love because you don’t have the “right” body type left more of a mental scar than I could comprehend. I think it’s really taken me until having my first daughter at 27 to realise that there is no “perfect” body type. Women are amazing as individuals! My focus now, is to be an advocate for my daughter and show her how to be comfortable with the person that she is and the body she has been given. We are our own biggest critics and can only strive to be the best versions of ourselves. I have seen the benefits of reformer Pilates in others and hope that it can help me on this journey of self growth and empowerment.

    • Mel

      I have done pilates for a few years now but have never tried reformer pilates before. I would love to learn and try it as I have been really interested in it, and now that it is going to be local that is exciting.

  29. Jacqueline

    After a horrific and prolonged battle in the Fair Work Commission and then recently being made redundant, my mind and body have taken a battering. This membership would help me achieve a strong body and mindset, ready to tackle the next phase of my life.

  30. Emma Elphinstone

    I would love to start reformer pilates and believe it will be hugely beneficial for a few reasons! One, i want to gain my strength back after having two c-sections over the last three years. My core strength has really never recovered. I would love to lose a little weight and tone up and feel generally better in my body. Finally this will be the first real thing I’ve done for myself since having babies and I’m really looking forward to getting started and putting some time and love into myself!

  31. Megan

    After spending the last 4 months with an amazing Physio repairing the damages of early childhood activities and pregnancy I am finally getting to a pain free lower back.
    I believe a regular Reformer Pilates practice would enhance and improve the work we have been doing and allow my body to become stronger.

  32. Alison

    When you’re into 60 plus
    You think about the future fuss
    Balance, strength, a better brain
    Reformer Pilates has all the gain.

  33. Ali

    Reformer Pilates would be a fun, safe and effective way to build and maintain core and pelvic floor strength which in turn helps to prevent back injury and unwanted leaks. Sometimes it helps to have a great team behind you for encouragement and to keep motivated. Love the positivity that BEST BODY exudes!!!

  34. Janelle

    My physical and mental health would be lucky to even come close to being in my top 10 priorities – kids, family, work etc always take precedence. I absolutely need to shift a large amount of weight but joining Best Body for me is about so much more than weight loss. I want to start pushing myself up the list of priorities, helping my mental health and in turn my physical health.
    I have two young girls and I want them to loom at me and see what determination and strength look like, I want them to have a Mum with energy to play games and go on adventures, I’d love them to have a Mum who isn’t too paranoid to go swimming or have fun with them. This year I will be prioritising myself and filling my cup in order to be able to be the best version of myself, not just for me but for my family as well.
    Strengthening my pelvic floor after 2 kids would be an added bonus

  35. Ella

    6 months ago I had my second daughter by Caesarean Section. Throughout the pregnancy I had problems with my pelvis (SPD) and also diastasis recti (ab separation) which resulted in my being unable to walk some days because of the pain. Because of this my once active lifestyle was put on hold. I also suffered from Pre-Eclampsia which resulted in a caesarean at 38 weeks. As much as I loved being pregnant and am forever grateful to have had a healthy and beautiful baby my body has no longer felt like my own. I’m keen to build back up the strength in my core and start to give something back to myself. I believe to be a good mum/wife/friend you have to be the best version of yourself and to do that sometimes means taking a timeout to do something that makes YOU a happy healthy human being. I’ve heard wonderful things about Reformer Pilates and can’t wait to give it a go.

  36. Rebecca Maine

    Competing in a physically demanding sport, I want to use plates to maintain the strength in my core, increase my (at the moment limited) flexibility and combine my mindset into the processes.

  37. Chae

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me by motivating and making me make time for myself (by locking me into a commitment) and look after my body and increase clarity of mind. With the hustle and bustle of a busy life and having a job and a business where I sit and am sedentary a lot and also having a very strong and heavy 3 year old boy, I have decided that I need to make time for me to start exercising to look after and strengthen my back and body so that I can lug around my 20kg 3 year old and to make the best of today rather than think once life’s not so busy I will exercise.

  38. Ellie

    I have always had lower back issues due to growing so quickly as a child (according to the Physio). They recommended to me that the best thing I could do for it is regular stretching and strength building and the best way to do this would be Pilates. I tried standard pilates classes at a local gym and found the floor work to be quite uncomfortable. My mother in law who is a member in Devonport mentioned quite a few months ago that Best Body had plans to open in Burnie and I have been hanging out for the day ever since. I follow a few Reformer pages in Instagram and can’t wait to come and try it for myself. I intend to go a few times a week 🙂

  39. Nicole Young

    I know I feel best when I am strong and active. I would like to get back into Pilates after 3 years off the reformer. I am excited to have the facilities and tools locally that will allow me to increase strength and flexibility, all while still getting sweaty.

  40. Cheryl Gration

    I want to align mind mind, body and soul to be FIT, have FUN and look FABULOUS.

  41. Sandra Forrest

    Best Body Reformer Pilates is not a goal for an ideal body now or for 2021, it is a lifestyle and maintenance goal. Reformer Pilates offers the opportunity to take charge of change to our body and nourishes maintenance so we can live out best life in our Best Body.

  42. Anita Redman

    My job consists of sitting at a computer for 8.5 hours a day. I haven’t been active for quite some time and lost motivation. As a result I have no core strength or flexibility.
    It has been recommended by my massage therapist that I start Pilates sooner rather than later.
    I struggle with self confidence so a work out at the gym is not for me.
    I think a Best Body membership will help kick start me to becoming healthy physically and mentally and become more active.

  43. Merryn Rubock

    I’ve just started retirement after 40 years of teaching. There was never any time or energy for me. I need professional help and I don’t know where to start. I’m not expecting miracles but with a first grandchild due in July, I just want to be a fitter, more flexible me!

  44. Donna Kemp

    I think…no, I know Best Body Reformer Pilates will help me tremendously with all the ailments you would expect for a late 40s gal, who’s done squat (pardon the pun) about her fitness. Who’s with me ladies???
    We can all be there for each other with motivation and support.

  45. Cassandra

    I was so excited when i saw Best body was opening in Burnie! when i lived in Launceston i loved going to Pilates classes ands I’m excited to start reformer Pilates! I’m not a huge fan of going to the gym so this type of exercise suits me perfectly.

    Since working from home, its been more difficult getting out and doing exercise, so im looking forward to getting in better shape, getting some strength back into my body and having the added mental health benefits!

    Id love to improve my core strength and improve my terrible posture from sitting at a desk all day.

  46. Mieka Lake

    Having several auto immune conditions including arthritis in my hips and knees it has been suggested to me to try Pilates to help with managing these conditions.

  47. Alana Woodhouse

    My attention was caught when I read reformer Pilates will take the pain out of my back and joints. I’ve struggled with motivation like I used to have due to suffering with hip flexor and lower back pain, Achilles pain and knees from years of netball and now women’s cricket. I’m still playing women’s cricket but every Sunday I wake in pain and struggle to get going when I first get up! I’m looking to find my love for exercise again and motivation and to feel good inside and out! My strength is not the same and my muscles hate me!!

  48. Belinda Mcguinness

    I have covid curves !!!!! ahhhh. I have used a reformer before and absolutely loved it. It enabled me to tone up increase my flexibility and was amazing for my mental health and gave me body confidence. I have had issues with my lower back and just recently my right hip. I am no athlete but pilates helps me towards achieving my health goals.

  49. Jacqui

    After recently having my first child, I feel I am ready to start focusing some more time on me. Reformer Pilates is something I have never tried but I love the idea of trying something new while having fun and getting stronger at the same time!

    • Robinlee

      The last few years have been challenging as one of my children has special needs, so not much self care going on currently. Due to mental health advice I was given I’ve thought long an hard what I want most for myself. An I have come to the conclusion that my physical health has to be my priority. This is not a hard commitment for me as I was formerly a fitness fanatic an loved every second of it. I love to feel my lungs expanding An my heart beating with strength An can’t wait to feel the passion once again. I’ve missed me, An I can’t wait to meet me again.

  50. Kylie

    Self care!! Oh my where do I start…. 2 years ago I competed in the Gone Nuts run/walk and was totally overwhelmed as I never thought for a moment I could achieve this. Unfortunately ever since I have suffered a knee injury which has impacted on me greatly – being limited in what I can do I have gained 10kg which has left me feeling really down and out. I turn 47 in March and have surgery booked early March, it’s time to turn things around! I am determined to lose the weight and get my body back one step at a time without pushing myself and believe Reformer Pilates is my answer. I have friends who have memberships in Devonport and have had great results, made friends and had some laughs, they have said how comfortable they feel just love it! My first pilates experience was when I was pregnant 8 years ago and I’ve never tried reformer pilates so really keen…. Thanks Kylie

  51. Andrea Robotham

    I’m about to turn 50. I’ve had multiple surgeries on my legs, I’m a very hard worker with 3 children, I run my own business and always putting my family and clients first. I was starting to feel very tired and run down, started gaining a lot of excess weight and have hit menopause hard. I’ve decided to take a turn and start looking after myself before it’s too late. I am on week 2 of a keto diet, have started walking again and consciously drinking plenty of water. I feel best body will help reform me, my mind and my body back to the place I should be. Toned, taught and terrific and in the best frame of mind.

  52. Tammy

    Having started my weight loss journey 2yrs ago, I have dropped 53kgs, never to be seen again BUT I’m left with not a lot of muscle tone! I also stand for work 8-12hrs a day, so could definitely use some core strength to help with back, neck & shoulder pain! I’ve heard so many good things about Reformer Pilates & would love to experience it for myself! ☺️

    • Rachel G

      Tammy that’s unreal. What an incredible effort!

  53. Allison A

    I know Best Body Pilates can help me to become fit, active and strong again. I am motivated and keen to become the person I am meant to be! – A mum who is active WITH her kids (Not watching from the sidelines), a woman who is proud of how fit and capable she is and how she looks. I am reclaiming 2021 to be the year I find me again… The me who is a single mum of 3,an employee, a student, a daughter & a friend but who also is looking after her health and achieving personal goals solely for myself while also being a role model for my children on what a healthy and active lifestyle looks like. I dont just want to exist I want to thrive – we only get one life and it is for living!
    I love how reformer pilates focuses on core strength, improved posture and flexibility. Best body as a company are a positive-focused company that seeks to empower women and provides not just exercise but a whole wellbeing and self care mindset. This is important to someone like myself who is overweight yet seems to always put myself last thinking that all the other people and responsibilities in my life are more important… as I seek to change I need people behind me to cheer me on and help bring positivity back into my life 😀

  54. Rachel G

    After several years of undiagnosed back pain I have recently been told the daily pain I’ve been living with is a lateral pelvic tilt and what I have is referred pain from some very weak and incredibly tight muscles. I want to try to help my body heal itself. I work a full time office job, run my own animal sanctuary, am a wildlife rescuer and also have an organic garlic and walnut farm I run with my husband. 2021 is the year I need to finally dedicate some of the love and care I give to everything else to me ! What better way than to start working on fixing this tired body. I can’t even recall what it’s like to have a pain free day but I’m keen to remember!!

  55. Caitlin B.

    Being a full time working single mum of two little ones, my fitness and well-being has taken the backseat over the last few years. I don’t like to spend money on myself so when I look at the possibility of joining a gym, or taking a class, I always find something ‘more important’ to spend the money on – my kids, bills or my house.
    By joining Best Body Burnie, I’m hoping it will help alleviate the intermittent back pain I’ve had since having my little girl and help my mental health – giving me the chance to be a healthier and stronger me and Mumma
    Thank you Tarryn and good luck on your new venture

  56. Ali Marshall

    I’d love the chance to go back to reformer Pilates! I started going after having a cesarean almost 3 years ago to “put myself back together” but the venue closed down and haven’t been able to find anywhere else 🙁 I still suffer with a weak core and some abdominal separation and would love to work on that again. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Sally Dobbie

    New state, new home, new workplace so why not a new body too. As a nurse, my body and mind are tested physically and mentally every day. I’ve moved from sitting/ standing for the last 5 years to full patient care and my body is feeling it.
    Reformer pilates sounds like the perfect tool to help me build up muscle tone and strength, especially in my core and back, improve my flexibility, improve my mental health and help me meet some new friends.

  58. Jess

    After a horrific pregnancy I think it will help with postpartum recovery physically and mentally. I Believe it will help me look and feel my best after birth and feel confident again.

  59. Hollie

    I began reformer pilates when I first fell pregnant and continued all through my pregnancy. Since having my baby I haven’t been back, I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch breastfeeding and have lost basically all muscle tone. I have spent the past year nourishing my baby and forgetting about myself. I’d love nothing more than feeling fit and strong again while also using it to improve my posture which has progressively worsened since becoming a Mum. Thanks

  60. Leanne Griffiths

    After a heartbreaking 7 years and a mental breakdown I started reformer Pilates at Wescombes in Somerset. It was a great stress reliever and my way of getting some me time. Then COVID hit and all gyms closed and Wescombes didn’t reopen. The closest Pilates gym was Devonport which wasn’t an option sadly. I can’t wait for Cooee to open and even better it would be amazing to win a 6 month free membership xx

  61. Kate

    Reformer Pilates will help me get my strength back with out putting too much stress on my body. A few years ago I started having episodes where my oxygen levels would drop and I’d end up unconscious on the ground for an hour at a time. It happened a lot and I ended up not being able to walk and could barely talk. I spent a year in bed as an almost vegetable and my mum was washing me, feeding me and was honestly my full time carer. 23 and this was my life. I was put on an oxygen machine 24/7 and started learning to walk and talk again. 12 months ago I reduced my oxygen usage to 10 hours a day and started walking for exercise rather than just walking as little as possible to get through life. It’s been soo rewarding to be back and living my life without too much restriction. I’m ready to start something more to regain my strength and tone, for my physical health but also my mental health. I used to love Pilates before I got sick and it’s something I’ve wanted to go back to. I’ve just moved to Burnie and was looking for a Pilates studio so was very excited when I heard this was opening.

  62. Kristy

    A few years ago (after my first baby) I was at my peak body weight, physical fitness and more importantly mental happiness, however I still suffered from back pain and posture. Then I had another baby and had a traumatic birth, resulting in abdominal separation, weak pelvic floor and PND. I’m slowly getting myself physically and mentally to a place I’d much rather be in, but with weak pelvic floor and poor core strength I’m struggling to get back into running and my previous favourite HIIT workouts are almost out of the question with the lack of strength and back pain I’m still feeling daily. I miss the endorphins from exercise and the mental clarity and inner peace I felt when exercising. After some research I think reformer Pilates is exactly what I need!!

  63. Tarleeya

    My little girl is 4 and i never lost all of my baby weight! I would love to lose some weight from my hips and tummy and tone this area. This would give me more confidence in myself and my body. Hoping that reformer pilates is the answer for me.

  64. Joy Hills

    I am a 61 year old nurse, have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet, probable osteoarthritis in my left hip, was positive Covid-19 last year and I am just coming out the end of 10 plus years of menopause where I have struggled with fatigue and 20+ kgs of weight gain. I have tried to lose weight and do enjoy exercise but the fatigue always brought me undone. Since the beginning of this year I have finally been able to start shedding those excess kilos (already losing 7kg), I am starting to feel my energy returning and was looking for pilates classes as I have done this many years ago, thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it would be what I needed to get me moving again. When I heard about the reformer pilates I immediately started researching it and thought WOW, where have you been all my life. I know I will follow this through regardless of if I win this awesome opportunity, but for the first time in many years I am actually looking forward to moving into the next stage of my life feeling fit and being healthy. Thankyou Taryn for coming to Burnie with this wonderful opportunity.

  65. Tricia Poole

    I had a body assessment with Leah in Devonport on Thursday and she had filled me with such excitement and enthusiasm. I would love to win this prize to help me with flexibility and upper body strength. Being in my 70’s now I think the reformer will help with this.

  66. Louise

    I have had two children and with my second i had really bad abdominal separation which i still havent recovered from which results in some pretty awful back pain. I have been trying to loose weight this last 6 months and trying to put my health and fitness higher up on the priority list.. working an office job i sit quite alot during the day which makes my back pain unbearable sometime. I would love this trial to help in my weight loss journey and to also strengthen my core to help with the back pain!

  67. Debbie Walker

    I would absolutely love to win this as I used to attend Pilates & the classes helped me immensely as I was building up my body to have my hip replaced. I attended one class post op & sadly the gym closed. It would be great to get my fitness back & I know Reformer Pilates work for me.

  68. Melissa Duniam

    I had a serious farm accident in 2016 and my physical well-being hasn’t been the same since .

    A compound fracture – tib & fib , external and internal infections saw 2 years of on / off hospital sagas and ongoing dramas .
    At one point I was teetering close to losing my leg.

    I have only just recently been officially signed off – no more procedures or consults required .

    I recall thru the earlier days, the surgeon saying “first we deal with the outside wounds, then we deal with the inside wounds, then we deal with your mental wounds “
    At the time I shrugged the comment off, but the residual effects certainly linger .

    Being half mast for so long, I am now 40. I have lost my 30 yr old fitness, my motivation, my self value and my spark .

    40 really is the time to take hold and look after your body, but also the mind .

    I am hoping by attending Best Body, I will find my strength – mentally and physically but more importantly find my tribe and my spark again.

    We all deserve to shine .

  69. Kristel

    I love to tone my body and be more happier in my body and not embarrassed about how I look

  70. Chelsey Grace Langford - Cooper

    I’m hoping to win the Pilates membership so i can motivate myself to continue to lose weight & regain some control over my body. I have severe fibromyalgia and I’m struggling to walk some days due to the nerve pain & i know i need to start stretching too help regain my life back. I’m very excited about best body opening and can’t wait to begin a new journey and mindset. It would be a blessing to be chosen.

  71. Carolyn Harris

    18 months ago I had to have spinal surgery. During the 2 years of suffering from nerve damage from a slip disc and continuous medication (extreme pain and no strength in my right arm) I put on 20kg as I could not do anything but work and help look after my two beautiful young children. Since discharged from the Nuerosurgcial team I have lost 15kg. Still some weight to lose. This program will help to get my body back into the best possible condition to assist never going through spinal surgery again

  72. Jayne Flint

    Having kept myself fit and agile for 40 years I’m finding each year is becoming harder especially dealing with rheumatoid arthritis but I love a challenge and I’m always looking for a way to improve my health and well being. Good luck with this new centre

  73. Sarah-Jane Murphy

    Having previously engaged with reformer pilates during a rehab session at our local physiotherapy service and found the benefits to be immense. As someone who manages a chronic auto immune health issue, the use of a reformer allows me to engage in exercise that benefits the entire body, without the need for high impact classes which further inflame my condition.

  74. Donna Wall

    I have had an MRI recently due to years of what has progressively gotten worse. To find out finally I have Bulging discs (C5&6) I asked my Doctor if Pilates would be helpful. She said yes. I want to do this and not have to get referred to the spinal surgeon. I also would like to get fit again, I have been walking recently. I used to excercise everyday. I need to get back to that but in a way that will not harm me.

  75. Jo Walker

    I’m getting a little older and being able to gain and maintain strength, balance and flexibility in a positive and welcoming atmosphere is a huge motivator

  76. Ebony

    I’ve wanted to try reformer Pilates for quite sometime, however have found it difficult to commit to set days each week due to my paramedic shift work roster. I’m really looking forward to trying Best Body, especially now that I’m pregnant, which I’m hoping will assist with increasing my flexibility and strengthening my core muscles throughout my pregnancy journey.

  77. Hayley

    What a wonderful opportunity for Burnie to have something like this start up. Since having children I’ve put my health on the back burner and slowly getting back to looking after myself.

  78. Erin

    I’m a busy Mum of 2.5 year old twins 1 of which is special needs and I am kept on my toes. Since having my girls I have not been able to get my old body or strength back, my girls are late walkers and at 15 kilos each they are heavy to carry. My core strength is totally gone and I constantly have back and shoulder pain. I believe this membership will help to get “me” back. To strengthen my core and body to help me fit into my pre baby clothes and have the energy to run and play with my girls more

  79. Sophie

    I’m trying to make some positive changes in my life at the moment… As much as I would like to get my body to where it deserves to be (and I will), my main focus is mental gains. Having something consistent and positive to remind and re teach me how to love, nourish and respect myself again.

  80. Carol Sailiai

    Where do I start? First I have to put down the chocolate bar and hope that I am lucky enough to win this amazing generous prize so I can regain so fitness. Like everyone I have had a crappy year and need some motivation that best body will be able to give me.

  81. Andrea Wright

    To help with my lack of self esteem I need to feel fit and toned, it’s a huge part of who I am. Reoccurring lower back issues combined with menopause have left me feeling very deflated. I need some help to get my confidence and self confidence back on track. I know with the help of Best Bodies results will be achieved.

  82. Lara

    After a back injury when I was 16, for 20 years I sought many different treatments for chromic pain and nerve damage including acupuncture, chiropractic and physio, and trips to Hobart for nerve blocks. Everything was temporary, and never gave me the tools and knowledge to heal my own body. 5 years ago I found Sinan at Wescombe’s and he introduced me to reformer pilates. After a year of weekly visits it absolutely transformed my pain and I was able to move again and sleep on my side! I had 2 friends come with me to cover the $60/30mins fee. But when they dropped out I wasn’t able to afford to continue on my own. I have kept moving by weekly Yoga, but am lacking so much stability and strength in my core to keep my back and nerve pain at bay. I know this is what I was able to achieve with the Reformers, and am so excited to have a new studio opening close to home!

  83. Ali

    Weight gain, injury, mental and emotional overwhelm have left me feeling lost and confused, and lacking my once taken for granted self esteem to start the journey to healing with courage and confidence.
    I feel lost and don’t know where to start in putting myself first, ingraining in myself that I deserve it, and reaching out to a village for support.

  84. Sarah Haines

    When I first heard that Best Body was opening at Burnie I was ecstatic! I then researched what Best Body could provide for me,







    With two young children, full time study my life is stressful and busy, but I’m ready to put my health first. I’m at my heaviest weight at the moment and really struggling with my confidence. However I am also struggling to keep up with the physical demands of my children, I want to be energised. My posture needs a lot of work. I know by setting aside time for myself to complete these classes my mental health would improve greatly. I want to lose 20kg and reformer pilates is something that I have been interested in trying for a long time. I’m so glad the NW coast now has it available! My wedding is in 11 months time and I’m ready to make some big changes in my life, this literally would be life changing. Thank you for considering my application

  85. Fiona

    There once was a nurse called Fiona,
    Who decided to re-assess life and evolve her.
    True happiness and love
    Was what mattered above
    But now time has gone by and been made into a blur……

    Time to remove the self loathing and think of her need,
    Finding that purpose, her why and now let her breathe
    Remove excess weight
    Inflammation and pain
    She’s excited to be a founder at…… BEST BODIES BURNIE

  86. Jenny Hardstaff

    It will help my body become stronger. I also need to be flexible and I know this will help. It will be hard but the effort will be worth it

  87. Andrea Robotham

    I feel that Best body would set me back on track from around 9 years ago. I was at my goal weight, I went to the gym regularly and looked and felt the best I looked in a long time. Then things took a huge turn!!!!
    I fell pregnant at the age of 42, had a real hard pregnancy , constant back aches, carpel tunnel in both hands, sickness every day and felt considerably miserable. After giving birth to my baby daughter being my third child after already having 2 older boys, life got extremely busy. I got put on the back burner, never had time for myself. I started gaining weight, feeling tired, becoming moody and the list goes on. We then renovated our home so we could all fit in the house and built a salon for me to return to work. So now my life is extremely busy. I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I seen at all. It’s time for me to get my old self back again. I’ve started a keto diet and fitting in a walk from time to time, but guidance from best body would be sure to help me succeed mentally and physically.

  88. Fiona Boag

    Wanting to get back to the fit toned person i once was. I really need to do this for myself as working 6 days most weeks and not taking care of myself is taking its toll on me physically and mentally.


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