Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Bunbury soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at another Best Body studio, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Bunbury for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Bunbury. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Monica

    There are a few reasons for me. One, I have no disk left in my L5/S1 joint in my spine. The neurosurgeon wanted to fuse it but I opted for it to fuse naturally and have had pain injections to get through. I am a single mum of 3 pre-teens so the recovery time from surgery was not an option for me. So reformer Pilates would help with the pain and tight muscles in that area. Two, I work two jobs to support myself and my kids. and have stopped putting time into myself. I would love to make that time for me again, and I feel this would be wonderful for me, both for my mind and body.

    • Katie

      I have just turned 40 and have never been happy with my body. I have three kids and work full time in an office job, I would love to feel strong and gain confidence in my body for once in my life I want to do this to make time for me. I have been a Mum for over 21 years, always made the time for my kids sport and hobbies. But never myself.


        Hi Tarryn, I’m hoping you’re program can strengthen my inner core muscle’s and give me my flattish tummy back.
        I am turning 67 on 30th August but feel and want to remain youngish
        I have 6 adult children ages 43,42, 40,28,26 and 23. I have 14 grandchildren and my 28 year old is still to have children I’m kept busy and love them all and try to stay healthy for them. I suffer terribly with osteoarthritis in my feet, neck,lower back,knee’s and hand’s well as you can see all over. I have overactive thyroid but under control and no medication at the moment. I have only just got high blood pressure in the last 6 weeks never had it before but have started medication and it’s regulating.
        My main problem to me is my bulgeing belly so I am definitely hoping your program can help me with that.
        Have a nice day and thankyou for this opportunity to enter
        KindRegards Margaret

      • Jennifer

        I have a goal to walk Cape to Cape track next year. I’ve got some work ahead of me to get strong enough for this. I like how Pilates lengthens and leans those long muscle groups, instead of bulking up in a regular gym session. Please help me reach my goal.

      • Robyn Norton

        I would like to strengthen and lengthen muscle structure. Since ceasing competive sporting activities I am looking for a less intensive activity to continue with. I live on rural property and would enjoy attending a regular small group activity with like minded people.

      • Samantha Wells

        For me it’s more than just getting a ‘better body’. It’s about taking time for myself away from the hustle and bustle of Mum life and work life, taking that little bit extra for me, giving myself something just for me, so that I can be a better mum. After always having issues with my body image and now after having 3 kids (including twins) it’s never going to be the body I desire, but if doing something that will help my mind I’m all for it.

      • Kim

        I would love for a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership to help me gain my core and full-body strength back since having kids. I love being a healthy role model for my kids and would love to feel fit and confident in my own body.

      • Terri Earl

        I used to do Reformer Pilates and loved the strength I had and felt. I am fifteen years older now and I am very aware of the benefits of weight bearing and strengthening exercises (because of my family medical history) for personal health and well being. I am very active but I am lacking intense core work so this will supplement my exercise regime perfectly. I have been excited about the studio opening so I can include pilates as part of my weekly exercise.

        • Jedda Hollingsworth

          I have lower back pain and sciatica and have been given instructions by my physio to begin core strengthening exercises to improve stability in my lower back. This is imperative for me as both a registered nurse and a horse rider, my two great loves in life. I have been to pilates classes and loved them (no impact!! Who doesn’t love that). So the opportunity to take it a step further and begin pilates reformer training is just too good to miss.

        • Lynn

          My reason is very personal. I would like to improve my muscle tone every where but essentially my pelvic floor. I will hopefully feel more comfortable and confident.

      • Erin Hansen

        I would LOVE to win the free 6 Months membership! I play a significant amount of sport, with that comes many injuries and have recently taken up yoga to ensure Im stretching and increasing my range of movement however I am looking for something more. Id love to be able to combine reformer pilates with my current exercise program to be able to shape my body and to feel fit and confident. Bring on the year of fitness and feeling confident in myself!

    • Denise Linham

      I’m 51 years old and I’m falling apart. I was born with congenital hip displaysure, but was not diagnosed until I was 17mths old. At 31 I had a hip replacement, which fixed my hip but unfortunately the rest of my body decided to fall apart. I’m currently dealing with back issues and also needing a knee replacement. I would love to be able to help my body improve as I have to beautiful grandaughters, that I would love to play with. I’m so glad that you are finally opening in our lovely town

    • Vicki Ilacqua

      My name is Vicki and I am 67 years young, or do I thought. I have been waiting many years to become a grandmother and only this week I have been blessed twice in one week. First my daughter had a 9.7 boy then exactly one week later my daughter in law had a 7.7Lb boy. I am over the moon. One down side I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few months ago, my T8 is fractured and had lost 30% in height the two either side are fractured also. I have joined the South West Health Campus and do Aqua aerobics and Fit for life classes, I am willing to try anything, rather than turn to drugs and injections to strengthen my inner core and bones. I need to stay fit and healthy for my beautiful grandsons. I am a pensioner so the SWHC was my affordable choice. Thank you for including me in your computation

      • Annette Powell

        My reasons for taking up pilates on a regular basis are very clear. After working at what I believed was my perfect job for the best part of 10 years, upon turning 60, two years ago, I found myself superseded by a more current model! I found this to be both life changing and shattering. As it happened, becoming more sedentary collided with that age where as a female, the way in which body fat is stored changes, and for the first time in my life, I developed unwanted fat around my tummy area. A year later, in January 2020, I saw a photo of myself, and found myself in complete shock at what I had become, so I immediately started walking as much as humanly possible every single day, and joined weight watchers. I subsequently lost twelve kilos (67.5kg down to 55kg), but despite a significant weight loss, I have been unable to lose excess ‘flab’ around my middle, upper arms (aka…fadoobadas!), and my child-bearing hips and thighs. I would pretty much give my right arm to rid myself of it! I have also lived with daily headaches and problematic neck issues for my entire adult life. I’ve spent a small fortune trying to relieve the pain, but nothing that I have tried to date has worked. I’d love nothing more than to give pilates a chance to solve the problem.

    • Brooke Macpherson

      I am turning 35 this August, I have a 4 year old and another on the way in July. My body weight has always yoyoed and I’ve never really found anything that I enjoyed to help maintain a healthy body weight and strength myself mentally and physically. I am getting married in December after postponing due to covid and will need to shed the baby weight to fit in my dress and want to feel the best I have ever felt on our special day. I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of Best Body Bunbury and learn something knew and hopefully get the results I am looking for and share that with my family and friends.

    • Joukje Mulder

      I have tried numerous other mediums to try to release the tightness in my muscles and am now wanting to try Pilates for this purpose

    • Elizabeth Parisella

      Thankyou for the opportunity to win this awesome prize.
      I need a program that will be gentle that still provides cardio without the bounce which is hard on my joints.
      I use to be a jogger and loved it but 20 years ago I was unwell and had to take steroids. Since then my body has never been the same. Everyday my body aches and when i try to exercise it takes forever for my muscles to recover.
      I work 4 days a week which takes most of my time up not leaving much time for exercising and live 20 minutes from Bunbury.
      I have been thinking for a very long time about giving pilates a go but didn’t know where to go or who to contact. I have been tempted to buy a pilates machine but knew if I did I probably wouldn’t use it because I don’t know how to properly.
      Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.

    • Julie Burnett

      I’m 54 this year i have always had back issues and now have started with some arthritis issues. Would love to tone up Nd loose a few kilos and generally improve my fitness physically and mentally….had a pretty shit couple if years. I gave just changed careers from hair n beauty to aged care. Lookn forward a new start all round.

    • Maree Johnstone

      I believe you could help me as I have always had trouble with neck and back pain. I have massages, go to physio and chiropractor but still the pain persists. I have had xrays to see if anything is wrong but thankfully not. I don’t have the funds to join a gym. I’m trying Tai Chi at the moment to see if it helps. I need to strengthen my arms and hopefully relieve the back pain. If you can help it would be appreciated.

      • Enma

        I have been in limbo with life since my husband left after 20yrs of marriage
        I feel sometimes that I have no idea what I want or how to achieve it after so many years of just being a wife and a mum
        I think this could be the start to helping me not only physically but emotionally coming back to some sort of clarity in life
        Getting out again and doing something that is just for me
        Exercise, Movement and fun with other great women

    • Kylie

      This for me would be amazing. I have undergone 2 back ops last year! Thankfully I have no more sciatic nerve problems but still have the consistent back pain. I’m very certain you could help me live life with less pain and would also help me stop yelling at my family due to the consistent pain that I am in. We could possibly get back to the outgoing family we once were with your help Tarryn im sure xx

    • Alyce Nielsen

      Im 33 years of age and have two little girls. Showing my kids the importance of looking after your body inside and out is a huge thing for me. Pilates is amazing for your body and as we get older its imperative we stretch and have flexibility. I notice such a difference after doing pilates and I hope my girls follow in my footsteps in joining pilates.

    • Jedda Hollingsworth

      Hi Tarryn,

      I’m at a stage in my life and career (I’m a nurse) where my body is showing signs of wear and tear. Lower back pain, knee pain and sciatica are impacting my physicality and limiting my exercise capabilities. My Physio has recommended low or no impact exercise, specifically core strengthening, to help alleviate these symptoms. For me a pain free life to continue my work caring for others while also being able to maintain and improve my own fitness levels in oukd be ideal. I have taken pilates classes before, and thoroughly enjoyed them!! So for me the opportunity to expand on this with your reformer program and to reap the core strengthening benefits pilates provide would be a win win

    • Emma

      I would love to build strength and flexibility. After doing High intensity training for a couple of years I then injured my neck/back and think this will be a great option to still be active and healthy without the high intensity. I would also love to work on having better posture, as after being sat at a desk all day it has worsened over the years 🙂

    • Kerry

      Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me by ensuring I’m doing the best exrcise to get maximum results whilst also protecting my joints from injury – period. I am in my 50’s and always been active and I can see the benefits of this type of exercise over gym workouts, pounding the pavement or unsupervised bootcamps. Bring it on!

    • Christie White

      I would love to win this as I need the motivation and expert help!
      I had a baby going on 15months ago now and my body hasn’t been the same.
      Trying myself to get back into shape just caused injury.
      Fitness and feeling good about myself are very important to me.
      Learning how to get that feeling back with hard work and a great group of people would be Fantastic!

    • Dell

      I would love to join the reformer plates. I am a 38 year old mother of 3 boys. I have a very high energy requiring and high stress “lifestyle” and as you can imagine find it difficult to find relax time lol. Unfortunately as a result I have constant pain in my shoulders/neck, lower/mid back and carpal tunnel in both arms/hands. I have been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia also and have. Chiro and massage just never seem to last long and I know my core muscles are not what they could be. I feel the Regormer Pilates would be a great benefit to both my mental and physical challenges. Thank you .

  2. Kushla Harris

    I am in early menopause and all that entails and need a gentle way to move and strengthen my body and bones to make this phase in my life a little more enjoyable

  3. Michelle Spivey-Wells

    Hi Tarryn, I believe a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will give me the best chance of helping my body be the best it can be. Getting older has come with a lot of physical challenges, least of which is lack of suppleness and muscle strength. I’ve had several surgeries over the last few years to correct some of this (MUA for frozen shoulder I had for 2 years, surgery on both feet at the same time – yep crazy I know). Now I’m not expecting to get the body back of a young woman but I want to be the best I can at this stage of my life. p.s. I have a younger husband to keep up with as well! (go ahead, call me a cougar, I’m proud of it!). Regular gyms aren’t for me – I love the smooth gliding motion of the machines – years ago I did Les Mills ‘Slide’ and was in my element, it’s not around any more but this looks like a great new option! Thanks for considering my response Tarryn.

  4. Anna Kennedy

    Our first born daughter was born in February this year and I’d love to get moving with Reformer Pilates to live a healthy lifestyle and be in good shape for this next journey in our lives.

  5. Rebecca Hayes

    I began my Pilates journey over 10 years ago after birthing my eldest daughter.

    With the aid of Pilates, I have been able to support and strengthen those inner core stabilising muscles. This has enabled me to not only laugh, jump and play with my two beautiful girls but also return to playing sport.

    I have continued my Pilates journey to develop and maintain a strong and healthy body, and create a positive roll model for my girls.

    A Best Body Bunbury Reformer Pilates membership will assist in developing and improving a healthy body and mind!

    Thank you Team BB Bunbury!

  6. Emma

    Since having my 2 beautiful children my body has been on the back burner of things I am looking after. This year I have set myself a little goal of starting to do things for myself and I am excited to try new things. I have never tried reformer Pilates and I have so many friends tell me how good it is. My core strength is non existent so that would be one of my main focuses and hopefully my pelvic floor would improve! All the best for your opening soon

  7. Gay Crowd

    I have reached the age of retirement, and I am determined to keep myself moving in all parts of my body. I have always had trouble doing sport due to having one lung. Plus keeping my weight in check. With best body coming to Bunbury, I thought this could be my answer. As I will have the time plus make friendships along the way.

    • Michelle

      Hi,12 months ago I enjoyed going for a run then I was diagnosed with ostioarthritis stage4 lower back and osteoporosis about 10 months ago. I have been going to the pool every morning but I feel im not benefiting too much from it . I have put on alot of weight the past 10 months and think pilates would help me achieve my goals . Thanks

  8. MIchelle

    I’m now in my mid 50’s and all of the issues that I’ve ignored over the years have become major concerns. Carrying triplets left me with a weak core and now that menopause is in, the well known issues for women have hit. I feel I really need a gentle full body targetted approach to strengthen and tone me all over. It’s time to focus on myself now so that I can still be an active senior in the years to come 🙂

  9. Helen

    The last 3 1/2 years I have cared for my ill parents. 3 plus years ago I was going to the gym consistently, walking everyday. But all that came to a crashing halt when I found I had little time for myself. I developed plantar fasciitis 18 months ago which has improved with treatment. I want to start looking after “me”! Would love to win a membership so I had a commitment for myself to get my body and my mind healthy again.

    • Katie

      Recently (13 weeks ago) I had my first beautiful baby boy. I had been struggling to get pregnant so prior to getting pregnant was on a wellness journey including losing weight through nourishing my body with good food and a variety of movement (yoga walking etc) I was going well and low and behold fell pregnant!
      Now I have had my beautiful boy I’m ready to continue that journey to be the best mum I can be. Pregnancy was hard on my body and I wish best body studio was open while I was pregnant as I struggled to find local pregnancy safe programs to attend.
      I want to feel good and be able to keep up with my boy, I will only be able to do this if I pick up my wellness journey and continue to focus on myself as well as him!
      I think and hope the best body studio will not only help me with moving my body but I hope with the variety of classes I can meet like minded people and create a great community something which as a new mum I really crave (adult conversation)! 🙂

  10. Penny

    Over the years I’ve had fluctuations weight and fitness levels. I had been doing really well up until 3 years ago when my knee starting giving me grief. Since then after many physio trips, an MRI & changes in the exercise I can do, I’ve hit a wall again with my weight and fitness as I now find even a gentle walk hard. My knees, thanks to many years of high impact sports, have lost nearly all their cartilage! The want to walk is there (it’s my fave form of exercise), but the pain after isn’t worth it. A friend suggested Pilates as she did it post ACL repair and I thought why not! I got a DVD but have found it difficult to motivate myself to do it at home. So when I saw your studio opening I thought it would be worth looking into and getting some extra motivation to get in & get fit again 🙂

  11. Shanae Gray

    Hi Tarryn,

    Where do I begin?

    My story of Pilates is in the infancy stage. I only attended one class (unable to afford regular classes) with a girlfriend who is a Pilates Goddess at Best Body Mandurah. It only took that one class to convince me that Pilates was for me. It was challenging but rewarding and has left me wanting more!

    Through the years I’ve danced, competed Jujitsu, and trained CrossFit. All sports that require extreme movements. Movements that soon take a toll on the musculoskeletal system. I’ve recently suffered a shoulder injury and was advised to start Pilates. I’m ready to make the lifestyle change for my mind, body and soul.

    Due to family illness my fiancé and I have moved from Mandurah to Bunbury a few months ago. I was excited to hear that Best Body too was opening in Bunbury.

    I am currently in my final year as a training paramedic, therefore, our finances are limited (due to studying full time). 6 months membership would give me the opportunity to dive in and emerse myself into the Pilates world and recreate and stronger and better me.

    I would be extremely humbled and honoured if you chose me for this opportunity.


    • Kelly Bray

      I have issues with my back from a motorbike accident in my teens, i have seen a specialist physio at fiona stanley who has told me surgery isnt an option and suggested the best option is to strengthen the muscles that support my spine and I know pilates reformer is an ideal way to do this and compliment my other training with my classes and physio. I think the Best Body would be the perfect place to do this.

  12. Jane

    At 45 years of age -after a marriage breakdown , caring for my mother with cancer -I feel now is the time to focus on myself . Pilates is something I have dabbled with when I was younger but would love to get back into and reap the benefits. Getting older makes you appreciate that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to receive your desired results & I look forward to treating myself this .

    • Nicole

      Hi Tarryn,
      I would really love to win this as I’ve had success with reformer plates before and would love to have the opportunity again.
      Im 51 years old and I have had ongoing back issues for the last 20+ years.
      I have a narrow spinal canal which caused spinal stenosis and bulging discs. I have had back surgery but still struggle with lower back pain which has caused me to have weak core muscles.
      I have also just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and have recently had a cortisone injection in my knee. Which has made it hard to do some types of exercise. I know reformer pilates is what I need.
      On some good news though I’ve recently lost 10kg and feel much better about myself, just need to try and tone up and build some core strength.
      So thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  13. Lucy horner

    I have done Pilates on two different occasions. I suffer from sciatica and Lower back pain and find Pilates very effective in controlling my pain and increasing my flexibility. Being older I’m finding the gym a little harder these days. With Pilates I feel you get great results

  14. Charlotte

    For me, this would change everything. I have two small children, and 3 years ago I suffered with meningitis leaving me in hospital isolation for a week (with a 3yr old and a 6 month old). The after affects of this has changed my life, for a long time my vision was affected, headaches, and low energy. It’s only just this year I am starting to feel normal – but find I can’t push myself with cardio etc. In the last year I have gained 5kg which I can’t seem to shake, and I don’t have the ability to push myself. I have found that gentle exercise like yoga & Pilates best fit my “new normal” and would absolutely love the chance to consistently attend Pilates. I want to rebuild my internal strength, as this is something I haven’t had a chance to focus on post-childbirth, and I honestly feel like this would transform my entire self – physically and mentally. Many thanks xx

  15. Lucy horner

    I have done Pilates on two different occasions. I suffer from sciatica and Lower back pain and find Pilates very effective in controlling my pain and increasing my flexibility. Being older I’m finding the gym a little harder these days. With Pilates I feel you get great results, so exciting best body coming to Bunbury

  16. Rebecca

    Hi! I work in health care but I am absolutely terrible when it comes to actually doing rehab for my own injuries! A Pilates membership would be amazing for me as it provides the accountability of having a qualified instructor making sure I am doing my exercises and doing them properly. Excited for your opening. 🙂

  17. Sarah

    2 and a half years ago I had surgery on my L 4/5 disc and started Pilates 6 weeks post op which helped me to gain strength and stability and I recovered really well. Then those classes stopped running and I have since had 2 flare ups that have left me flat on my back for 9 weeks each time, unable to stand for longer than about 5 minutes at a time. Currently I am taking things slowly, swimming and gentle walks and would love to get back into Pilates to feel confident that my body is strong again and I can enjoy life with my 3 children free from pain and anxiety.

  18. Taneeka Grant

    I’ve just given birth to my second daughter. There are just over two years between my two girls and after my first daughter, I never quite got back to “myself”. My body hasn’t quite been the same. I’m so motivated to get my pre-baby body back – with improvements – and know that reformer Pilates is the way to get back on track. I’m so keen to tone up and strengthen my body and as a part time yogi, I know how good reformer is!
    Also, importantly, I’m looking forward to prioritising me and having some much needed me time to get myself, my body and mind, back on the right and heathy path!

    • Karen

      I need to try to fix my weakened abdominals caused by multiple surgeries. The last one was to remove a 2kg ovarian borderline tumour. I would also love to improve my flexibility. I want to live my best life for a long as I can and think pilates will provide the safe and gentle exercise my body needs. Can’t wait to you open in Bunbury.

  19. Salli

    I have reached a stage in my life where my body feels like it’s letting me down. I have tried Pilates and find it an effective way for me to build strength and confidence back in my body which provides me with better mental health.I like that Pilates focusses on strength building without overdoing exercises. I’m understanding my muscle movements and want to continue with sensible strength building.

  20. Gemma Picken

    Hi. I am a busy mum of 3 kids and work full time at school so I tend to put everyone else and their commitments before me. I’ve decided this needs to change and with my wedding day approaching (9 months) I would really love to get my body back into shape and to also feel great day to day. I have a weak neck so struggle immensely with cardio activities as I end up with migraines. I haven’t done reformer Pilates before but have heard great things and believe it would make a huge difference to my body and my life.

  21. Tammie Kirk

    I have always wanted to “have a go” at Pilates but have always thought that it wasn’t for me as I love my cardio and running. But as time has gone on (and age) my body is now telling me that it is time to pull back on the cardio and to balance everything out.
    So now is the time to look into it. My babies are all grown up and living their lives and now it is time for me to do the same!
    As my age is getting higher (not older!!) my body is slowly falling apart!! I need to focus on strengthening my shoulders and build up the core strength.
    I would absolutely love this opportunity to be a founding member with you Tarryn and building a stronger community. ✨✨

  22. Abby

    I have suffered from a young age with constant neck/back issues, something that I have still to this day never seem to have got on top of, its constant Physio’s/Chiro’s pain relief. I have never taken time to really sort me out, I am always putting other people (kids, Husband, family) ahead of myself and needs. I have tried gym’s, personal trainers, etc but I find these are to harsh for me, I would love the opportunity to try Best Body Bunbury to see if this could be something to help my health issues. I have followed the Best Body Facebook page and find it very interesting.

  23. Rosina

    Hi there
    I had my last and thirteenth round of treatment for cancer on 18 March 2021. It has taken twelve months to complete. I was diagnosed in March 2020 right when COVID hit. I was fit, healthy and strong at the time. After diagnosis, surgery and as treatment started, my fitness, health and strength left me. It has been a tough and long twelve months. I am ready to reclaim my fitness and strength. I’m hoping I’m in the process of nailing the health part!

  24. LC

    Needing to strengthen my core/pelvic floor after complicated births.

  25. Robyn Gerace

    I’m 64 years old and have finally be given my first and only grandchild Madeleine Audrey from my 40 year old daughter My life is full of enormous love and happiness and I want the fitness and stamina to share many wonders experiences with her as she grows She is 14 months old and although we have exciting times in the park walking her neighbourhood I’m tired at the end of the day!! I feel your Pilates will help me keep up with her until she slows down’n

  26. Samara

    Hi Tarryn,
    After being diagnosed with PtSD then adrenal fatigue I spent along time working on my mental health and resting. I am now in recovery with both diagnoses but want to work on my physical body. I want my body to be as strong and my mind and to the the best version of myself. I believe Pilates will help me gain strength, tone and fitness in a very gentle and nurturing way. Which I just what I need to aid in my recovery.

  27. Sherie

    Hello! How exciting to be opening up a new studio in Bunbury. I think committing to Pilates multiple times a week could help my body a great deal. After many years of Crossfit, which I love, I found my body is starting to change with age and can not handle the high impact and heavy weights like it used to. With a few injuries I have managed I have been told Pilates and/or yoga would nourish my body perfectly. I have tried a few Pilates classes over the years and absolutely loved it and was pleasantly surprised how challenging they can be. As a busy mum of two, who loves anything fitness related, this would be a great opportunity to give Pilates a good go, in what sounds to be a supportive and friendly new community. Committing to something multiple times a week is where you can really evaluate what changes it can have on us physically and mentally. Thanks so much for giving the Bunbury community this opportunity 🙂

  28. Terri

    I started clinical Pilates over 15 years ago as a way to strengthen my back and core and to stop those pesky headaches from all the long hours spent at my desk in my office job! Fast forward 10 years and I was still committed to my classes… my last regular class was the day before the birth of my son! Since then, I’ve been mum to 2 and my husbands biggest supporter as we went rural for his work as a police officer with our two small babes in tow. Now we’re back home with family support and I want to get back to me, get back to feeling good about myself and get my body feeling strong again – and I know that clinical Pilates is the way to do this!

    • Kerry Still

      I have been riding for years and now have a disk injury I’m trying to come back from. I have my own machine at home but struggle to know what exercises I can do to reactivate my core. I used to run to keep fit for my horses but thats not much of an option and am really excited you are coming to Bunbury so i can learn and build a better body for to achieve my goals of competing in high level dressage. We need super cores for this. Alos I am.doing this for me so ican get back in shape and have fun exercising again.

  29. Melissa

    I’m almost 35 with 2x kids, I had 2 csections and my core strength is shocking. I also suffer from pelvic congestion syndrome and have had a shoulder injury. so with all this I find the gym workouts full on and usually end up with an injury that then puts me back at square 1. I’m hoping your studio can help me tone my mum tummy and hips and thighs without doing any injury and that isn’t going to cause my pelvic congestion to flare up. I feel broken since having my second (7yrs ago) and just want to get back to at least what I was like after my first and build my strength back up. Thank you

    • Jane


      Welcome to Bunbury Best Body!

      I’m 50 and and my back is feeling it!
      I would love the opportunity to increase my mental and physical strength and my fitness and get my flexibility back, and maybe loose some weight!

      Thank you and good luck

  30. Beth Castieau

    Hi – I work as a trauma therapist, so I spend my whole day sitting in a chair as I treat my clients.

    As a result; 4 months ago, I suffered a disc bulge injury in my L4. Then, 2 months later the bulge separated and is now resting on my L5 nerve root. I lost all sensation in my left foot, have suffered many falls, nerve pain, back pain, muscle spasms – you name it!

    Whilst going to the physio twice a week is helping greatly; I am now having a hysterectomy in few weeks’ time also. I haven’t been able to walk or exercise for months and it’s getting too cold for my early morning beach swims.

    Due to my sedentary work lifestyle, coupled with my hypermobility issues, I have poor core strength, and my connective tissues are weak, to say the least. I really want to build up my core strength, move again, build muscle, and lose weight. I really want to not only rehabilitate and heal my body; but to strengthen my body back to what it once was, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to role model recovery to my clients. I want to feel strong and healthy and not like an old woman (I’m about to turn 48 and my body feels older right now).

    I’m really looking forward to attending your classes and can’t wait to be a better version of me and keep it up long term.

    • Taren Delaney

      I’m 38 and after having a classical ceaser for my son who later passed away I had to have another operation on my uterus to remove fibroids. I than had 3 more pregnancies resulting in two beautiful daughters born by c-sec. After my losses I found it difficult to prioritise myself and so my weight increased and my fitness has suffered.

      I’m now a single working mother to my two girls and I have never been a priority and I would love to feel body confident again so I can be a good role model to my girls.

    • Alicia Wyburg

      So at 37 years old I can honestly say i am not happy with my body or where I am atnin flexibility, strength.
      After being pretty fit as a teenager and in my 20s being in the defence force, the last few years have taken a toll with injury,illness and health and this has affected my core strength, weight flexibility etc.
      I want to focus on my health and get back to what I once was. It will help me not only physically but also mentally

  31. Margaret Campbell

    I had suffered for 10 years with very tight glutes, in which I could hardly walk or sleep without pain. Started doing Pilates a month ago, and it was life changing with no more pain, and now I have a lot more flexibility.

  32. Kylee Flanagan

    Where to start! I just want to feel me again! I put everything and everyone ahead of myself and I need to start putting ME first. I am so busy everyday just trying to keep up for everyone else that I forget to be in my body and really appreciate the amazing machine that it is. I want to love her again and thank her for being there for me. I abuse her and never take the time to just breath. I feel stuck in this routine and I just want to feel great in my body. Well and whole and centered! Sorry for the outpour, think I needed that! x

  33. Kathryn Johnson

    Pilates works for me! Since having three babies I haven’t made myself a priority. I really need this in my life again. xx

  34. Kiara

    I need to strengthen my core to stabilise my spine and surrounding muscles. I injured myself as a 19 yo and never fully recovered. I also need to tone up all over and I would love it for the social aspect as well! Not to mention the mental benefits that this would bring!!

  35. Patricia Chambers

    Being in my 50s now is even more reason to look after my body as it loses muscle mass more as you age.
    I would love to have the help through Best Body, Pilates to continue to strengthen my body.

  36. Natalie Taaffe

    I’m 50 years old, spondylolesthesis on my L3/L4 vertebrae, I have osteo arthritis in both knees with a very limited range of movement in both. I am overweight by a large amount. I have custody of my almost 5 year old grandson so need to be able to run around after him.

  37. Bel

    Hi Tarryn,
    I’m in my mid 40’s, extremely unfit and have suffered from back issues for my entire adult life so find normal exercise daunting.
    I’m a single mum of 2 who always puts my kids first. This doesn’t leave a lot of time, energy or money to invest in myself. I’ve got to the point where if I don’t start doing something for me, then I’ll burn out and we will all suffer.
    I’m excited for your new studio opening, because I have heard so many good things about reformer Pilates and feel that this is exactly what I need to make myself fitter, stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.
    Thank-you and I look forward to meeting you soon

  38. Sharon Doyle

    Hi Tarryn. After having problems with my shoulder and neck I decided to have a crack at Pilates and absolutely love it. I have always been a relatively fit and strong person however I find with age the demands of my job I am far less so. I would really like regain my flat tummy. I would also like to work on strengthening my muscles so that I can challenge myself further and get into some hiking. Thank you for presenting me with the opportunity to enter this competition.

  39. Tara

    Last year I ended up Having a bulging disc in my back which is causing sciatica pain in my left hip and leg. Which flairs up after my ballroom dance lessons and playing soccer it takes a few days to recover and being a mum of 2 very active young boys I don’t have time to recover properly. I love living an active and healthy lifestyle and setting a good example for my children. Best body will help get my back and sciatica pain in check so I can continue to be a good role model and love the life I love!

  40. Michelle

    Hi Tarryn,
    I feel that it could help me to get the old me back, for the past 7 nearly 8 years I have lived and am still living with my parents to help them, sadly and unexpectedly my mum (my best friend in the whole world) passed away, so it is only me to care for my dad ( who I believe has dementia), I work full time and over Christmas had a partial knee replacement, and since mums passing and the care that I help with dad I am putting myself last, I have not put myself first to help myself to help him, I have taken on everything in the house and the constant repeated questions that I get not even 60 seconds apart, but I still answer dad and never tell him that he has asked me that same question 1 minute prior, I need to be stronger than I feel now.
    But after reading the other comments there are more people that really do deserve the free membership than I do, specially the lady that is the trauma therapist.
    Thank you and have a nice day

  41. Emma Cooper

    Firstly it seems that there are so many people that need your help.

    For 25 years I suffered with back pain thought to be bulging disks, I lived with it but I have just been treated for somethng different and I am finally pain free. Being pain free finally has allowed me the opportunity to live life and not just observe it. Im trying new things and enjoying moving my body in ways I never though possible.

    I have lost 25 Kg with the possibility of losing 10 kg more I need to now concentrate on toning and moving my body more.

    I finally have a body I love it just needs some tweaking with some toning and flexibility. (I can not touch my toes)

    Im also finally in the position where I have the time and the ability to put myself first with my children grown. (like most of the posts)

  42. Annette Fradelos

    With a lump in my throat I can only briefly explain what had been the most painful years of my young life. In the last 12 years but revently mostly the last 5 years I’ve endured the most physically challenging years of my life. I’ve have gotten through multiple serious orthopaedic surgeries following a terrible bicycle accident(3 years ago) and a serious blood clot in my left femoral head during pregnancy 12 years ago that cost me my entire hip only recently( I did get a beautiful daughter out of it so worth it x)I am now the proud owner of a prosthetic lower left elbow,total left hip replacement and biological prosthetic bowel wall. Ive also endured a serious medical illness following a disaster hysterectomy 5 years ago which i still have to manage daily.I’ve endured life threatening septic shock that had left me with severe Oestoperosious as during this period. But I never ever once let any of this change how I felt about looking after myself or using it as an excuse not to exercise after very intensive 3 years of rehabilitation. To anyone that knows me the know the smile had never left my face ..I was determined to gain back my health, my physical well being. I am externally grateful for what my beautiful body is capable of. I’m only 5 months post op my hip replacement and I am walking happily.. and painlessly…7.5km daily which i started by only n walking up and down my driveway and I work that amazing arm of mine which isn’t perfect but still awesome every single day too with light weights. I’m finally ready though to gain back that fit strong look I’ve used to have but do know it has to be done the right way exercise wise. I have tears writing this as obviously there’s alot more to my story but I would love to do pilates and share my entire story .. my painful but extremely grateful 12 year journey to give hope to any women out there who have been through multiple serious orthopaedic surgical procedures like myself that have Oestoperosious plus balance a illness that we can still feel and be the best version of ourselves despite obstacles. I never gave in through tears, laughter, swearing, yelling and so much determination. Now it’s time to take this next step and be in the best shape of my life

  43. Anne-Marie Strother

    Hi Taryn
    I am in my late 50s and have been fit most of my life until possibly the last 10 years. I have become a workaholic sacrificing everything for my job. So everything has suffered, weight gain, fitness, motivation and I am probably at my lowest ebb. In a previous lifetime I was a fitness instructor so my fall from grace is even more dramatic.

    I have attempted reformer Pilates a few years ago and enjoyed it greatly but felt ill equipped and untrained on the machine, just dumped on it in a class trying to catch and understand with little guidance.
    This year I have 12 months leave from my job and have the time to dedicate to myself. I would benefit so much from your programme in terms of fitness, strength, knowledge, confidence and self worth. This is my time of change and this programme could be central to it.

    • Marea Bruce

      Hello fellow members, I’ve been struggling with obesity for so long know that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be fit and healthy. I’ve been trying all sorts of diets and even had gastric surgery, but with little success. The last 3 years I’ve had 2 major surgery that have my muscles very tight and seem to be locked up, I’m not allowed to lift any kind of weights so gym membership are not really gonna work for me. I was told that pilates would be best for me. I really need help to get my body some strength and flexibility to make my life without pain. I hope you consider me me as a good candidate for your program..kind regards Marea

  44. Jaymee

    Hey ya!! Teaching full time and being a mum of a busy toddler and another on the way in just over a month, Pilates will provide me with some much needed me time. I have been neglecting my physical health for sometime to maintain my busy and balanced life for my family and get ahead in life, but I need to start looking after number one!!

    Pilates is the best physical work out that supports all aspects of my health and I cannot wait to get back into it. I’ve been waiting so long for Best Body to come to Bunbury and am excited to be part of the family supporting each other to reach out health goals.

  45. KATE

    I have severe osteoarthritis. In 2019 I had a total knee replacement as a public patient in Bunbury. Unfortunately, the surgery was what is known as a failed TKR due to component errors. Despite my repeatedly telling the surgeon that I thought there was something wrong he told me that I needed to do my exercises more – I had a manual manipulation and even 2 hours after the op the surgeon was telling me that I was failing to do the exercises. in his rooms 2 weeks later he told me that there was nothing else he could do, to do the exercises and come back in 6 months. I was devastated. I felt unheard, disrespected, compromised and was unable to walk with a zimmer frame more than a few steps. An electric scooter became my mode of transport. Without it, I would have been completely housebound.

    A physio told me to get another opinion as the problem was not improving. He suggested someone. I went and this surgeon at his rooms in the SW. He ordered a CT scan and a fancy x-ray to be done in Perth. He then referred me to his colleague as he said I needed a revision and this was not his area of expertise. I would need to go to Perth to see his colleague.

    It is now 18 months since the first surgery. I had a 5-hour knee revision surgery in Fremantle 4 weeks ago and am slowly relearning to walk. My new knee is working 100x better than the old but my muscles have atrophied and my core is weak. Pilates is the perfect exercise for this. I am looking forward (as much as one can look forward to the pain of a knee replacement) to my other knee being replaced by the end of this year. This surgery will be done by the “new” surgeon.

    I look forward to regaining my strength and being able to walk again.

  46. Kylie Sheedy

    I am 50 years old and 7months post op for a multilevel cervical laminectomy. I needed this as my discs were rubbing on my spine and caused a lesion which resulted in nerve pain to my arms and legs.

    I still currently have nerve pain in my arms and legs which is controlled by medication. Numbness I was experiencing in my thumb and fingers is gone and no more damage can now be done to my spinal chord.

    I am back walking and swimming and can finally work. I do have a weight problem these is now causing my knees to play up with arthritis.

    I have contemplated Pilates on numerous occasions but never followed through. I’d love some guidance to get my body where I can do the things I used to do and live a normal life.

    Fingers crossed

  47. Jodi

    Good luck to everyone who entered! You are all so deserving x Tarryn is going to have one heck of a time trying to choose only two winners x

  48. Vanessa Bennett

    I’m keen to improve my fitness and core muscle strength. I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis so would be interested to know how to build my bone and muscle strength.
    I’m also wanting to improve my overall muscle tone and flexibility .

  49. Vanessa Bennett

    I’m keen to improve my fitness and core muscle strength. I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis so would be interested to know how to build my bone Density.
    I’m also wanting to improve my overall muscle tone and flexibility .


    I use to do Reformer Pilates in the Pilbara years ago but since moving south I haven’t been able to find a location to attend. I have since discovered that I have my c2c3 fused and my c5c6 bulging along with lower back problems. The doctors refer to my neck as a disaster zone and I need to work to improve it. None of this existed when I lived in the Pilbara. I am 53 and want to be able to enjoy my grandchildren without being in pain all the time and I believe a combination of Pilates and gym will help me get there.

  51. Carol-Rae Campbell

    As a 50+ woman who has always been fit & active, I’ve got a major health condition and lots of pain that has left me struggling with fitness & strength. I want to be the best version of myself – fit, active, strong, flexible – so that I can live a good life moving forward. I know that pilates will be the best way of achieving this.

    • Kim Crane

      Hi Tarryn! Being in a new job that requires sitting at a computer all day, I think regular pilates will help tremendously with my posture.
      I would also love to increase my core and strength being that I’m about to hit 40!!
      I’ve heard great things about the benefits of reformer pilates and would love to give it a go 🙂

  52. Stacey Harrison

    How would a reformer Pilates membership by best body help me? I’m not special or different or more deserving than any other woman in the south west. I’m 50, a mother of gorgeous but very exasperating early teens. I work mentally and physically hard in a job that I love but that also takes a piece of me everyday. A Reformer Pilates membership would give me time to focus on me for the first time in decades. Would allow me to strengthen my back and core to help with my congenital L5/S1 spondylolithesis. Aid in supporting my shoulder which has rotator cuff tendonopathy, bursitis after years of work. Overall I would hope that your program would give me back strength, mental strength by giving me time to be me and physical strength in supporting my ageing body. Thank you

  53. Marg Ashworth

    When I heard that BB PILATES was coming to Bunbury I was very excited and have been following posts since it was first announced! I’ve just turned 60 and for me competitive type sports are not for me. Nor are sweaty smelly gyms where you are mostly left to your own devices after your initial induction.
    I’m not looking for the muscle super ripple etc look- but old for that but I do need to build up tone and work on areas that support crucial muscle groups. I work with special needs children and my job is physical and challenging so my goal is to have the best working body that makes my life and work the safest it can be.
    I have issues with my joints so just walking can sometimes be painful. Working on the reformers I’m hoping will build up the necessary support muscles to help my joints. Let’s face it nobody wants to be old let alone feel old!
    Fingers crossed x

  54. Jane

    Well, after reading some of the other beautiful & deserving ladies heartfelt comments, I am just going to say Goodluck & I hope the right ladies get this opportunity!
    My failing pelvic floor, loss of muscle tone & flexibility is due only to my own laziness. I did the work to lose the weight now I need to do the work to get on top of my fitness.
    Don’t get me wrong I would love to win a membership 🙂 $$ are tight & Who wouldnt!
    Goodluck to all you gorgeous & deserving Creatures 🙂 XXX

  55. delia dillon

    Wow.. reading the previous comments, I feel there are many more deserving than me. I am wanting to feel better, physically and mentally. Like many my age, menopause creeps up behind you and bam, slams you fair in the face, and leaves you wondering how did this happen? I have no tone, less energy than I remember, and I’m nervous that its all downhill from here. So basically I want to be the “healthy” pin up person for the over 50’s ….and I need serious help to do it 🙂

  56. Michelle Leaver

    I need so much help I am not sure where to begin. I had a motorbike accident many years ago, with age and deterioration my body is in need of some strength. I had a knee replacement 7 months ago and was told low impact exercise is best. So here’s where Best Body comes in and saves the day…or better still my aging tired and sore body. I need some guidance to help me regain my best body to help me live again…well kayak actually…guess that’s living. Anyhoo…I am keen and ready to give it a go.

  57. LP

    I would love to tone up my body, strengthen my core and improve my posture. As I work long hours at work I find it hard to get my exercise in and get motivated to move. When I saw we were getting a Best Body in Bunbury I was so excited to give it a go! I think this will be the change I need

  58. Alison Tremayne

    I’m looking forward to doing Pilates for my health and well-being. I’m in my 60s and would like to be fit and able to enjoy life for as long as I can.

  59. Megan

    Hey There,
    I’ve been looking for a way to work out my body & my mind & I seriously think this is it.
    I moved to Bunbury two years ago, and I’ve really had a hard time since, I’ve felt really isolated & struggled to find my place. As a result, my mental & physical health have depleted.
    I really want to do this for myself, get healthier & maybe finally make some friends.

    – M

  60. Lara

    I know that a best body reformer membership would help me build a strong, healthy body and mind. It would give me accountability to show up for myself and would help me build a routine. It would allow me to get toned and develop strength and mobility as I am certainly not getting any younger!!! It would assist me to feel good and be the very best version of me so that I am ready to tackle life’s challenges and support others with theirs. It would give me the opportunity to be part of a wonderful new community and I would love to wish the Best body all the very best with their new Bunbury Studio.

  61. Christine

    I have recently returned to work full time after having a child and am finding it very difficult to schedule any time for myself to exercise at home. Prior to having my son I was regularly active but I am now finding with returning to sitting at a desk more often my tone and strength has greatly reduced and I am having issues with poor core strength (post c section) and flexibility. I have been seeing a physio regularly for issues such as neck and shoulder pain and tight calves and weak ankles and am finding it more difficult to do activities, such as hiking, that I used to enjoy regularly, due to pain. I know I should be doing more stretching and strength exercises, but find it hard to prioritize myself once I am home. Having set classes to attend and support from instructors at Best Body would allow me to set aside this time and prioritize getting my body back to working how it should be!

  62. Laurin Faye Hall

    Dear Tarryn, my name is Laurin I’m 46. Firstly I would like to say, wow what a great opportunity for two people to win such an incredible gift from you to transform their bodies and the way they feel about themselves.
    Secondly, finger crossed I might be one of them why, because, I have always battled with a negative body image including eating disorders. When I turned 46 at the beginning of the year I made a promise to learn to love this body of mine and to no longer fight her but to embrace her and all her flaws. To work with her to make her beautiful inside and out. No to thrash her and abuse her like I’ve done in the past. Holistically come together and I do honestly believe doing Pilates will achieve this, and we become friends again. ♥️ Thank you

  63. Kristal Carter

    I’ve recently tried pilates (mat style) and love it! I am trying to get my pre baby body back. High intensity workouts seem to be too much for me now and not very enjoyable.
    I would love to be able to pilates as a full time fitness regime and progress further into this style of training.
    Looking forward to trying the reformers and get my banging body back! :))

  64. Michelle

    I turn 53 in July and have all the aches and pains associated with getting older. 11 years ago I had surgery on my L5. I have previously done Pilates. even tried the gym which just made things worse but as always other things just get in the way and I put everyone and thing ahead of myself. I work from home which is very isolating. It’s time to do something for myself that will help improve not only my physical life but mental life as well.

  65. Ella

    Hey Tarryn. A bit about me; I am almost 30, working crazy hours (shift work) and I have a FIFO partner… we are also trying to conceive our first baby! I am finding it difficult to make time for myself and to focus on my own physical, health and fitness goals. Growing up I was always lean and fit looking, I could eat whatever I wanted and hardly had to work for my physique. In the past 5 years the weight has slowly crept up… however it is not the number on the scales that worries me the most, but rather how I feel about myself, my fitness level and my overall wellbeing. I believe the Reformer membership would help me to create “me” time and allow me to work on my personal goals such as toning my abdominal / upper leg / booty area, increasing my core strength and stretching / strengthening my body. I think this could be just the thing I need to give us the best chance of falling pregnant with our first baby after 2 years of trying. An additional benefit would be meeting new people, making new friends and being able to help create my “best body” and be in a positive body & mind space going forward. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck with your new studio! 🙂

  66. Jeanette

    Hello Tarryn

    First of all thanks, for opening in Bunbury, and secondly, for this opportunity. Being part of your membership will be the pinnacle of a journey that I’ve been travelling for a while. I’m a small business owner of many years and enjoy all the rewards it can given and there have been challenges to, but along the way I felt that I kind of ‘lost myself’. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing what I do and what it means for many, though I found that at 63 years of age it was time to give myself something back. I realised – it hit me right in the face, one day – that here I was at this stage in my life and time was running out! OMG! Or so I thought. So I set myself some goals, and so gradually I’ve learned about and introduced into my life things that nourish me – my body, my mental welling, my soul – movement, gentle movement – the practices of Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, walking, walking walking, getting my feet in the sea and …… ‘breathing’. I’ve also removed one thing from my life and that was one of my biggest challenges which is medication that I have taken daily for 12 years to keep me on track mentally (or so they say). I am proud that I have almost made it because I discovered that there is no better pill than movement, and Reformer Pilates will be the icing on the cake for me. Reformer Pilates is not new to me, so I have experienced the benefits, though I have not practiced this in many years, because I had to move away from my home town some 12 years ago, set up a new business etc. so when I found out your business was starting – I was so excited. I want to be the best version of myself, I want to live better, love better and be at peace with myself – with your help, and I want to be strong, healthy, fit, flexible as the years pass, to enjoy life and the people I love and care about because, you know what – I am going to live ’til I am 120! Thanks you. xJ

  67. Denise Ristovic

    I currently have a job which is predominately sitting all day and at the age if 57 am finding my body is stiff . I need to strengthen my core and stretch my muscles .

  68. Karen

    Life throws one and all of us curve balls in life. Mine started at 39 with my first operation for an L4 L5 disc bulge. Fast forward I’m divorced ,I’m 57 another operation done and dusted at 54, looking after my mum with Alzheimer’s and still with constant daily pain. But this pain does define me I try not to stop doing the things I love to do like bike riding and paddle-boarding. Do I need some help to do this in my life essentially that is a big yes. I know the great benefits of Pilates. I had my own reformer after my first operation, I have been to studios and done these great exercises in group sessions to strengthen my inner core. But my story in life changed and financially things are a struggle now. Love is the core of living, spiritually I’m there but my body needs to be loved and nurtured so it can catch-up. Activating these core muscles in my less than flat tummy will give me more strength, hopefully less pain to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful life we are living.

  69. Sarah morse

    Hi my name is Sarah I’m nearly 44 ive never really been that confident within myself especially my body I’ve always had body issues but I’ve been loosing weight lately
    10 months ago my marriage ended for the second time in my life I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces I’ve completely lost myself and am now recovering from narcissist abuse I’ve never experienced anything like this in my whole life it has littetally destroyed me I have no self esteem or self confidence left I battle with my head on a daily basis And fighting off my depression I’m so lost I would love to have something in my life I could focus on to build myself back up and become the strong independent woman I should be ♥️
    This would mean the world to me !

  70. Rosemarie

    Hi my name is Rose, I am 58 and I had a bad fall in December 2020 and fractured/shattered my upper humerus. I had a full shoulder replacement and have been on a rehabilitation program to get my ROM and strength back, I am just progressing back to work.
    I have been advised by my GP to commence weight bearing training like Pilates as soon as I can to improve bone density (waiting on bone density testing)
    I would love this opportunity to help improve my health

  71. Leah Marchetti

    I’ve just had my 3rd baby (well 8 months ago now!) my PT that I went to see (before I fell pregnant) has closed her business and I haven’t found anybody else that I trust enough to make me feel like the best version of myself! I’ve noticed my core strength is the worst it’s been, I struggle with lower back pain constantly from an injury I sustained in my first year of high school 18 years ago, it is more intense when I’m on my feet a lot and I’ve noticed my posture has become worse. I may only be 30 but I’ve realised how important it is for me to start treating my body with a bit more love. I’m starting to develop a “spiritual awakening” and this would help me further on my journey into self-love and calming my anxiety and depression. Plus added muscle toning would be an added bonus too!

  72. Emma

    Hello, I am in my late 30’s with high blood pressure. I have always been conscious of my weight and struggled to maintain a healthy weight. I injured my ankle back in 2017 and it has never been the same. I have not been able to shift any of the weight i gained during that time. I have tried a number of different things to help reduce my weight and to help strengthen my ankle. For me this would be an opportunity to try something slightly different to see if it can help me in my struggles.

  73. Siobhan

    Hi Tarryn,
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.
    I have never actually tried Reformer Pilates but I feel this is the key for my physical and mental health and have been eagerly waiting for your studio to open. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet which limits my exercise options.
    I have two small babies, 20 months and 5 months, both of which were painful pregnancies due to pelvic girdle pain and a couple of additional conditions. My second pregnancy was very high risk and I felt ill prepared physically for what my body went through. Alas this has not deterred me from wanting one more baby, however this time I want to give my body the best chance to thrive through my next pregnancy. Not only that, with little support we are very committed to our children over our own health. I feel I now need to focus on and strengthen my mental health, so I can become a better mum, a better wife and an all round better version of myself. I hope being able to commit and attend classes regularly will give me the best chance to be the best version of myself.
    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to share.
    Warmest regards,

  74. Elizabeth Okely

    Hi I have had chronic lower back and hip pain. I have been attending clinical Pilates but limited times available to attend and I work. I would really like to strengthen my core, back and release my hips. If I can gain fitness, general strength and weight loss, I believe this will help with my back issues. I would love to attend 4-5 sessions a week.

  75. Sharon Clark

    after my pelvic joints slipped out in a gym class twice at different times ,my Chiropractor recommended Pilates, I have been going for 3 years but never reformer which I am super keen to try.

  76. Lesley Legg

    I am looking to gain back my movement in both upper and lower body and to get my body back to being lean. I have had surgery on my shoulder and knee and therefore I know Pilates is the perfect exercise for me, as I have done Pilates previously, in South Africa, but have never found a good studio in Bunbury.
    thank you for the opportunity to entre your competition, I would love to be work out in your studio whether I win or not

  77. Gem

    Hey Tarryn, thanks for the invite. So excited for the studio to be finally opening.
    I was an avid gym goer up until 8 months ago when had a hit to the health, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, thankfully in remission at this stage, however treatment ongoing and still recovering.
    I am gaining back my strength, however need to stretch those muscles back into shape.
    Cant wait till you open

  78. Amanda

    Hi Tarryn, wow this is fantastic that you are finally opening in Bunbury. I love my cardio and run most days and I think Pilates would certainly help my sore hip flexes and calves. It would be great to have another option in Bunbury as most don’t cater for the working mums with either super early classes or classes at dinner/bath time for the kids. Best of luck with setting up your studio.

  79. Judith Westwood

    I have had a really quick browse through the feed I am so glad not to be the person who decides on the winners. I am turning 54 this year. I am a grandmother to 4 beautiful boys another baby due later in the year. I spend a fair bit of time with them, when I am not working as an early childhood educator. As a younger me I was pretty active. I didn’t study until I was in my 30s. I graduated when I was 39, life was busy and I never seemed to find the time to do much for myself. Life is st really busy but my health is a priority. I need to loose weight to help me stay healthy. I am concerned about diabetes and osteoporosis as I enter menopause. I would like to develop a regime that will assist me to maintain my health and increase my ability to keep up with my young, busy grandchildren, when I am not working. Thank you for this opportunity.

  80. Kerry

    Hi Tarryn,
    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your new venture in Bunbury! It’s always so exciting to see new businesses start up. I’ve been past where the studio is and it looks amazing from the street, I can’t wait to see inside! I also really enjoy your social media platform, it always looks so fresh and joyful and really inspires me to be part of your new community!!
    A little bit of my story…..I’ve always been dedicated to health and fitness, yoga has been a big part of my journey, in fact I was an instructor for a few years. However about 4 years ago I perforated a couple of disc in my lower back and about a year ago did the same in my neck resulting in radiculopathy. The injuries have settled now, but I certainly am not able to do some of the same things I was able to in my 20s haha have to be more careful. One of the biggest (and hardest) realisations I’ve come to about my body is that yoga is not actually a sustainable practice for me. I need to concentrate on strengthening my core and joints in a more deliberate manner (which I’ve found yoga does not really cater for). I have recently been able to get back into my running, which has been a blessing and I’m really enjoying it and very grateful to be back at it, however as far as strength training goes, I am yet to ‘get on a role’ with it just returning to the gym. My sister who lives in Victoria is a Pilates instructor, she designed me a short mat programme that I’ve been doing for about 4 weeks now and I simply cannot believe the results (especially since I’ve been ‘team yoga’ my whole life haha). So for me I really think that Pilates has some strong building and ultimately healing properties for me!
    Regarding winning a 6 month membership, this would really help my personal situation as I am a single mum of 2 kids, coming to the end of a full time 4 year social work degree, so funds are tight to say the least and the possibility of having 6 months of training gifted to me would be an incredible weight off my mind allowing me to focus on my physical strength and personal vitality!!!
    I look forward to hearing from you about who wins this fantastic gift, and of course look forward to setting foot inside the studio!!! Wishing you the best of luck for your opening and continued business!!

  81. Tamarin Hart

    Hi, I would so so appreciate winning your Reformer Pilates membership. I had our third little girl 4 months ago and I am feeling so yuk and sad about my body. I used to love running but due to so many injuries its just not possible anymore. My back aches and Im pretty sure I have that stomach separation thing from my first pregnancy never mind my third. I feel pilates its just what my body and mind needs. I am turning 41 next week and would just love something for me. Thank-you.

  82. Kristy

    I have a few health issues that are getting me down. Suffering from PCOS I’m looking for something that will help trim me down but I also have auto immune issues so I’m needing to strengthen my core to support my spine. To feel good about myself and help with my pain management would be a blessing.

  83. Natalie Broun

    Hi Tarryn, I have been in the health and fitness industry for many years and find now that the normal aerobic classes and weights are too hard on my body. I do have injuries, mainly the whole right side of my body, and find Pilates incredibly effective at not only helping with body imbalances but, it leaves you with a sense of self confidence and standing taller after you complete a class. I believe that Best Body has the best reformers money can buy and would be keen to take them for a test drive and see how it feels to glide through my goals. I am now in my early 50’s and want to be the best version of myself as I move through my 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Look forward to checking out the new studio soon.

  84. Annette Singleton

    Hi Taryn, well last November I got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, In December i had a radical bilateral mastectomy, and end of January commenced chemotherapy, its been a rocky road but am over the halfway in my treatment, fatigue is a big problem atm. I’m hoping for the all clear in June fingers crossed so I think that Pilates would be an excellent way to get back to full health.

  85. Saira.

    Hi, here’s what it will do for me. In 2016 my world came crashing down when I found out my then partner had been cheating on me, and got someone pregnant. In the year that followed I supported both him and the other woman through their ordeal. I supported my partner through his heartache. Yep. I supported him. Then in 2017 I supported him when he obtained custody of that child. I was working two jobs and studying – as well as raising (trying to!) my three children. Very long story short, at the ripe age of 40 – when “my” life was just getting started – I became a full time solo mum to this new baby. 4 years on I am still her “mother” and have continued to support everyone and be everything to everyone during a horribly abusive and toxic situation.
    Except me. I have not been here for me. I neglected me. In fact I completely lost me. So this is what it will do for me: it will be the one thing that I do completely, and without guilt, for me. I hope i find peace, and balance, and physical and emotional strength. I hope I find a network of friends after being isolated for so long. I hope I reconnect with my mind and spirit. I hope to rebuild my self esteem. I hope I find joy as I look to remember all the things I use to enjoy, and learn new ones along the way.
    And let’s be real, build a body that says “f**k you for making me believe I was worthless”.

  86. Amanda Meney

    I have a one year old and 6 months ’til my wedding, this would be the most amazing help to slim down my arms and strengthen my core back to better than it was pre-baby, by doing the right exercises with experienced trainers. I’d love to continue to improve getting my pelvic floor stronger for my next pregnancy and see improvements in my posture since I work in a job where I spend most of the day seated!
    I always like to do exercise that I enjoy, which isn’t the gym! I have always gravitated back to Pilates across the years as I love the flow of exercises, and moving my body under the guidance of a physiotherapist is really reassuring. I love the way that the targeted exercises make me sweat like a run around the block would!! In Bunbury the reformer classes are pretty clinical so it’d be amazing to be a part of a fun and supportive group of others with similar goals 🙂

  87. Tamara Williams

    I would love to win a free 6 month membership as at the end of the year will be our third try at getting married. We have had to postpone two times so far due to Covid & during this time I have been eating way too many of my emotions. So now I am putting my self first. I have already changed the way I eat & now just need an exercise regime. Good luck to everyone

  88. Jo

    I am in my mid 50s , and have a condition called DISH primarily in my neck but also in my upper spine. I’m endeavouring to strengthen my core and increase flexibility to prevent seizing altogether. Have been looking at various physio programs and think this would help greatly managing movement and ongoing pain management.

  89. Jo Wansbrough

    I am in my mid 50s , and have a condition called DISH primarily in my neck but also in my upper spine. I’m endeavouring to strengthen my core and increase flexibility to prevent seizing altogether. Have been looking at various physio programs and think this would help greatly managing movement and ongoing pain management.

  90. Holly

    I turned 40 last year and feel like my body is starting to let me down. I have ongoing back issues from years working in childcare. I struggle with tight muscles and soreness alot of the time and would love to experience what normal could be like.

  91. Katherine Waddell

    My name is Katherine I’m 43yrs old and i never put myself first. This year I decided I need too, this is why I have entered this competition to put myself first. I have no chore strength and I have flabby bits after 4 children. I want to say goodluck to everyone but I hope I win

    • Jenny

      Life has not been great for me as I tragically lost my beloved husband of 25 years 15 months ago and trying to adapt to a new life without him is very challenging. . For me winning a prize like this would help my mental well being in the loss and improve my overall health and I certainly would learn to love ME again and re-connect. A week after the death of his anniversary I will be turning “60” and I would love to feel confident in myself with the support of Best Body Bunbury. I have heard so much about the Reformer Pilates and cannot wait for the official opening of your new studio. Good luck to every one .

  92. Donna Baker

    I need a reformer class as I have ripped my gluteus minimus muscle off the bone and my gluteus medius muscle has a tear in it on my left leg. to keep me mobile I have to do reformer pilates.

  93. Sonya Brittain

    I’m 50 this year. I’m fit. I run a lot. I enjoy boot camp. I’ve heard and seen so many positive things from Palates. I want less wear and tear on my body. I think this is the answer.

  94. Julianne

    I’m in my 60’s and working full time running a small business. I practised Pilates regularly in my 40’s and felt wonderful, particularly loved the reformer. But life got complicated and Pilates fell by the wayside. I would love the opportunity to regain and improve my flexibility and strength. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition.

  95. Joanne

    Hi all, I have read everyone’s comments so far and definitely cannot compete with many of the heart warming and deserving stories here, I’m just an average, reasonably heathy but definitely unfit 56 year old who works long hours and just wants to have some me time and improve my overall health and well-being and maybe tighten up and lose a few kilos along the way. Good luck to everyone here.

  96. Breeanne Pavy

    I had surgery on my back in September last year. I had constant pain down my right leg and towards the end it was too painful to do anything. Being a mum with two boys that made life very hard when hubby was at work. My scans showed a calcium built up on L4 and L5 which was pressing on my S1 nerve so I had a microdiscectomy and a hemilaminectomy.
    I really need to get strength back into my quads, gluts, back and core and think pilates will be able to help me.

  97. Sarah

    I’ve been wanting to establish a reformer Pilates practice for years but haven’t had access to a studio. I’m currently six months postpartum and struggling to get my core strength back having had an emergency cesarean. My weak core has caused an old lower back/pelvis injury to flair so I am very keen to restore it and get some general strength and toning back as my body feels like a foreign country, and I want to be strong and healthy for my son and myself. A membership would also enable me to commit to some self care and time for me as currently there is none. Financially, it is also huge as we are living on one wage so a membership of this level wouldn’t be possible. I’ve read and heard so much about the benefits of reformer Pilates and would love to have this opportunity to experience it for myself.

  98. Rebecca

    Dear Tarryn,

    The Best Body ethos of ‘a strong body and mind comes from balancing the 9 life forces and enables being healthy and happy’ really resonated with me. Working in mental health I know that to support others it is crucial to look after yourself through good self care, however with the reality of long hours, high demands and often being under resourced this becomes really challenging to achieve. I would love the opportunity to be supported by the best body holistic approach to create the balance needed in my life to improve my mental, emotional and physical health so that I am better able to support others to meet their goals and challenges.
    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck everyone.

    • Anette Tooby

      I have a few injuries growing up and have not really thought or felt them until recently. I am 42 this year and in the last few years i have been experiencing lots of soreness in my lower back and hip area. I work a fast pace and sometimes physically demanding job and at the end of the week i will need a massage (which for me is too expensive). So I do my own stretches at home and it seem to help a bit. I have a workmate who does pilates weekly and swears by it. She is older than me and looks pretty good for her age. That made me really think maybe I take it up to. I am very active but the soreness that I get from doing some activities can get too overhelming sometimes that it affects my daily living.

  99. Toni

    Hi, I have the big “50” this year and I’m wanting to achieve some health/fitness goals. I have been over weight for many years and recently lost just over 50 kg but this has resulted in poor back and knee issues. Pilates has been recommended to me by my gp as he feels it would benefit me but a lack of on going resources here has been an issue. I’m really looking forward to best body opening

  100. Carmela

    Hello Tarryn,

    I’m so excited that Best Body is opening up in Bunbury, I was a member at your Wattleup location last new before we left Perth.
    I have had a long history of back pain but what I found about using the reformers and extra’s that I felt free and light when using the reformers which is the main difference between going to a general gym use heavy equipment I found that I started to gain my balance back quickly and the best part was that when I finished my session I didn’t feel tried I felt stronger.

    What I would like to achieve is to be a better person as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and co worker to be able to be happy in health be able to continue to work with outback pain while sitting at my desk enjoying a session at Best Body then be able to enjoy Bike riding and Kayaking on the weekends without having that constant back pain But to enjoy Bunbury’s gorgeous waterways and parks.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my reply to your question, have a great day.

    • Nikki

      I am very much looking forward to the opening of Best Body in Bunbury. I have always wanted to do reformer pilates and I often like to fantasise about becoming a strong, lean and toned pilates woman. I’ve actually invested zero effort in attaining this goal and I would love the chance to remedy this. I will be turning 40 this year. Last year’s clothes don’t fit anymore, my nervous system is shot and migraines are never-ending. I’ve kept up a pretty consistent yoga practice over the past 15 years but over the past six months I have stopped as I am depleted of energy and have lost all motivation. I’m feeling somewhat guilty about my current laziness and would like to start a new routine to shake me out of my weariness.

      Wishing all the other ladies best of luck with their health and well-being. Thank you for sharing.

  101. Lauren

    Hi Tarryn,

    As I have watched the Best Body Studio being built right across from where I work I have been getting more and more excited!
    To me a membership at Best Body means that I will be able to fully commit to prioritising my health. I live a fair way out of Bunbury and going to the gym in the morning isn’t practical for me and the afternoon classes are too late in the day as well.
    I’ve never been an overly “fit’ person but i have always participated in team sports. 2 years ago i got my dream job but it came with a sedentary lifestyle and as a consequence i have lost my fitness and gained some weight. I have lost confidence in my body and feel embarrassed to do workouts in public.
    Best Body seems like such a great suportive environment where I can work out in a slower and more gentle way where I can build my strength and flexibility and confidence back. With this membership I would be able to commit myself and try and become the healthier and fitter verson of myself that I miss.

    Thanks, Lauren!

    P.S Good luck for everyone else and thanks for sharing your struggles!

  102. Deb

    Hi Tarryn

    I have progressive degenerative disease in my spine and painful and stiff joints and muscles after having been on breast cancer treatment for the past 7 years.
    Being able to regularly participate in Reformer Pilates will assist to keep me adjusted, active and mobile while helping assist with pain management and improving my self esteem and confidence.
    I plan to move it , not lose it .

  103. lorraine kealley

    Hi i would love to win a membership as i need help getting my body back into shape. The worst part is my tuck shop arms, my overweight abdomen and the upper thighs. I am the sort of person that needs someone to push me out of my comfort zone and give good advise for an older person (i am 64). I would love to get back into some sort of sport.

  104. Melissa

    I would appreciate a 6 month membership greatly. I was an early childhood teacher for years, always bending over and sitting on child sized seats. Over time it took its toll on my lower back resulting in three bulging disks . Surgery was risky and I am left with the option of strengthening my core muscles to help support and stabilise my back. Being on a short period of leave at the moment has given me time to start taking better care of myself by exercising, eating well and changing my mindset. Financially, this membership would help me also as my current leave is without pay. I’m excited that the Pilates centre will be soon opening in Bunbury.

  105. Grace

    Hi Taryn,
    I’m a mother of two who works in the dental field. I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and back from my work and I have longed to find the right exercise for me.
    I feel that Pilates could be the answer to a happier, healthier and stronger me! For me to continue my career and support my family this appears to be the answer. Thanks and good luck with the new studio.

  106. Lee Anderson

    50 – I’ve turned it.

    Unfit – need to lose weight, build strength and fitness.

    Sad 🙁 – kids leaving home, struggling with next phase of life.

    Want to be happy and find the old me.

    Thanks Tarryn x

  107. Mel Baruffi

    Wow where do I start. I went from being a sloth to a gym junky now as a result of a hip injury 4 years ago i am back to sedentary life and as i am getting older, hormones, lack of confidence and weight gain have increased my original injury is worse plus arthritis issues. I have to get back flexibility and movement in a non judgemental positive environment that can be achieved whilst working full time and supporting family members including an adult son with additional needs. So looking forward to your Best Body Bunbury opening.

    • Kymberly Scott

      I used to be very much into completing exercise classes on a regular basis but due to a plantar fasciitis injury that I’ve now had for years, I’ve been afraid to take part in any high impact exercise. I don’t want to cause further damage and over time my left side has become more tight due to the injury. I feel like it’s had an effect in how my body operates and I don’t have the energy for any exercise like I used to enjoy. I have tried the reformer Pilates machine a couple of times before and I was hoping somehwere in Bunbury would open so that I could take part in classes. I believe the low impact would be ideal for me to gain my strength back and be injury free.

    • Mel Gardiner

      First off, thank you for this opportunity. I am 45 with 2 teenage girls, a fur baby and a husband and am currently going through menopause (yay ). I have spent the better part of the last 25 years with chronic back pain. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 5 years ago and have spent the time since then trying various medications to control and slow the disease. Unfortunately everytime I go on a new medication I gain more weight. I also suffer from osteoarthritis throughout my back and knees. I have done Pilates in the past which has definitely improved my back pain and would love the opportunity to take control of my life and body again, to help strengthen my back and core, and gain flexibility and hopefully lose some weight also.

  108. Megan Asser

    Hi Taryn

    To be honest I feel that I have lost myself a little. Have always looked after my body, now 55 and struggling. In my work commitments I am in total service to others, helping them to achieve all the changes they want in life and I love my work. I have unfortunately lost my focus when it comes to my well being. My body loves to move, so this sedentary lifestyle of sitting all day is taking its toll, as has menopause. I know a strong body is a confident body and allows our femininity to shine and I would love to feel that again, to give back to myself. I am very much looking forward to your center opening and you hopefully giving me the kick in the butt I need to focus on my health, strength and body image. Thanks.

  109. Taryn

    Hi Tarryn,
    I look forward to trying out reformer pilates when you open in Bunbury. I’m sitting all the time at work in a sedentary job and on the couch at home. Have just started boxing again and love it so am looking to give reformer pilates a go on my other free day!. I think it will be a good activity as it looks to be low impact (suitable for injury issues without causing further pain) but at the same time will help me stretch, strengthen and move!

  110. Karen Davies

    I’m not sure what to say that hasn’t been said by others. I really need this. The last few months have been extremely difficult having to care for my partner that fractured his neck. So now it’s time for me.

  111. Bianca

    I am a mother of 3, a teenager a 3 year old and 1 year old. I work a busy stressful full time job and my health and fitness generally gets put at the bottom of the priority list. I’ve had problems with my shoulder, neck and back for many years. During my last pregnancy my back was so bad from very early on that some days I could barely walk! My partner and I would like to have one more baby but to say I’m terrified of going though 9 months of that excruciating back pain is an understatement!! I desperately need to strengthen my core but I also want to be strong and fit to be able to enjoy doing all the fun things with my kids rather than watching from the sidelines.
    I did Pilates many years ago and would love see what Pilates could do for me now!

  112. Nikki

    Hi, I had a gastric sleeve 2.5 years ago, which has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. But, it has left me with low muscle strength and some excess around my middle. I tried reformer Pilates in Busselton which I absolutely loved, particularly strengthening my core and back muscles, but I cannot afford to continue with the driving or the classes. I work in aged care and see, daily, the effects of a healthy body as we get older. I am super excited for you to open a studio in Bunbury and a membership would be icing on the cake.

  113. Holly S

    I have always had a lot of pain in my body (back, shoulders, neck) which I have used as an excuse to become lazy. I have also suffered very poor body confidence. I have not liked my body for many years. I see this as a positive step towards building a healthy relationship with my body as this will not be about losing weight (but hopefully that is a benefit) but about strengthening my body and taking the time to repair it so that it can function at its best and I can live a long and happy lifestyle that is free of insecurity and self-hate.

  114. Renae

    Where to begin..

    I’m Renae, just about to turn 29 & for a long time I didn’t exactly treat my body like a temple…

    All of the things… bad food, no food, no exercise, smoking & throw in the old contraception that made me gain soooo much weight.

    This all caused me to enter a cycle a lot of people fall victim to. The quick fix, a very unhealthy diet consisting of starving myself & an excessive exercise obsession that just wasn’t sustainable, meaning yes I’d get fast results & I did, but would yo-yo right back every single time , to where I was before or worse.

    Just over a year ago I decided it’s enough. The self hate & unhealthy cycle had to stop… so I began my journey to health not only physically, in sustainable lifestyles changes of clean eating & gym classes but mentally learning to love the body I’m in & the beautiful things it’s capable of, instead of punishing it & myself.

    After a lot of hard work, early mornings, sore muscles & hard moments, I’m now down 28kgs & counting. Yes weight loss is great & I love it but the best part is getting fitter, being strong & capable of things I couldn’t imagine doing a year ago.

    It’s time to change up my current fitness regime to get me to my goal of reaching the best body, fitness & mentality I can have.

    I really believe a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership , paired with my clean eating & current fitness plan will do that & the opportunity to win one is even more exciting- let’s be real healthy eating & fitness can be expensive but it’s by far the best investment I’ve ever made – Either way you’ll see me at your classes

  115. Mel

    I’m excited to kick start my Pilates journey at Best Body Pilates! After playing competitive sport and going to the gym regularly, my body is telling me that I need to change up my exercise regime. I’m looking forward to moving my body in different ways, whilst working on my core strength and toning all over. I lead a pretty busy life as a teacher and mum so to think that I’m about to embark on a journey that is all about ME is exciting!

  116. Cheryl Wood

    Hello 🙂 I am interested in giving Reformer Pilates a try, I have heard great things about Reformer Pilates 🙂 but I have no idea what it is about or the benefits to the body, however I am hoping it will be amazing for the functioning of the body and mind 🙂

  117. Paige

    Just about to finish my cert IV in matwork and reformer Pilates so I’d like to get more experience and observation from fellow instructors in terms of cueing and class programming! Excited to be close to starting this new life path in something I’m so passionate about 🙂

  118. Emma

    I’ve spent to much time worrying about how I look, me weight etc
    But now I’m hoping to fix my back issues, be able to get flexible and be able to move freely and pain free..

  119. Teresa

    I need to do some sort of exercise besides my gardening 🙂 Being in my 50’s I’m finding it difficult to become motivated, needing to work my muscle strength ready for old age (lol) also menopause means kilos for me, along with the dreaded hot flushes. By winning a membership I would feel obiliged to do something for me, now that my children are grown up and not needing me to fuss over them, especially that hubby and I will become empty nesters laster this year and spending too much time with him will send me barmy!

  120. Marianne Wake

    I am in my 50’s and have just recently had a spinal fusion on l4,l5 and s1. I keep very active as I am a person who finds it hard to just sit and do nothing, However, since my operation I am frustrated with my recovery and ongoing stiffness that I have been left with. I am hoping that some form of gentle exercise and stretching will help restore most of the flexibility that I had before.

  121. Jessica

    I’m a mum of 1 and I’d love to have more but I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m struggling with hip and back pain. I’m struggling with depression, anxiety, no confidence and ver low self esteem. I’d like to help myself become strong and flexible and help my mind and body become the best it can be

  122. Tania

    I broke 2 bones and tore ligaments in my foot last year. Ended up having surgery and couldn’t do anything for 5.5months. I’m 51, have put on weight and would like to strengthen my body, my foot and lose some of the weight.

  123. Dayna

    Hi. I’m ready to try something new. I like to run to help my mental health and the grieving process I am going through. I believe core strength would be a great benefit to my mind and body.

  124. Bianca Harrington

    I would love this I’ve tried everything to get myself back but every part of my body feels broken inflamed and doesn’t matter what I do feel like it’s just getting worse that I feel really down and depressed that I can get better I feel this would be perfect for me! Please help me

  125. Fiona Holben

    Hi! I have just had a double hernia operation and need to get my body back to tip top shape after the surgery. I have had a few rough years with not looking after myself and looking after everyone else in my family. I am ready to get fit and healthy as I don’t want to turn 50 looking overweight and unhappy with myself.

  126. Lauren

    With my husband being a quadriplegic, I often do his care work which includes hoisting and sometimes slide boarding him to transfer. Due to this I often suffer from back pain. I would love to do Pilates to help strengthen my core muscles so I can help to protect my back and not suffer from the pain as much.

  127. Karen Austin

    I would like to try Pilates to strengthen my core so I can stop peezing, sneezing & peeing at the same time & my back goes out more than I do.

  128. Terri

    Hi Tarryn

    I have hypothyroidism so keeping my weight in check is an uphill battle
    I work two jobs and look after my grandchild and family so am time poor
    I have carpal tunnel both sides, tennis elbow both sides, detached bursa, Bursitis in my right arm my left shoulder is grumpy my knees are the same size as my thighs swollen ankles and a bad back-and the list goes on‍♀️ I had my 50th birthday in December (not my 70th as my body likes to think)
    My core muscles need help, my joints need help… I need help to get myself fitter so I see my 70th birthday uprights and mobile .. looking forward to getting my body together and waking up in the morning with out feeling 20 yrs older than I am
    I know I can better a better me

  129. Debbie

    After years of sedentary office work and working long hours its time to remember who I am – not just everyones something and go too person

  130. Sue Lockhart

    Hi Tarryn,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a membership.
    I’m mother of 4 approaching my 50th birthday and sadly haven’t prioritised my own health since my eldest was born ( she turned 22 last week!)
    I’m also a nurse working rotating 12hr shifts and after 30yrs nursing the inevitable “nurses back” has worsened to the point where my sleep and general mobility is being effected.
    I feel like now is the time for me to put me first and set myself up for a strong Nd healthy future.

  131. Anna Fleming

    Hi! I know that I could benefit in so many ways from Pilates as I am runner and are missing the core strength and stretch component of my training that I know is so important. I find it easy to run out the door for a long or short run but really struggle to add the core strength that can help me achieve my goals and targets and also help with the tightness that I suffer from. I also know it would help in making me feel better about myself with the toning aspect that I am sometimes very disheartened to not achieve with using running as my only form of exercise.

  132. Coral

    I would love to lengthen & strengthen muscles. I play a lot of golf & this would definitely help with flexibility. I have a bit of a hip problem that I know goes away with Pilates & stretching. I struggle at the gym these days & have given it up & would love to commit to something more gentle for my body

  133. Belinda Peterson

    I work up this morning and realised: I am old, I am stiff, I am unfit and furthermore I have never in my entire life had any core strength so this membership could be a life changer for me.

  134. Mick Caddy

    I am looking to get more movement and flexibility from my lower body. I struggle to get up if I am on the ground gardening and my legs always feel quite tight. I want to get my life back as my body is definitely deteriorating with age and I cant do the gym anymore. I am 58, but the lower half of my body feels much older. I have constant lower back problems, from the years of sport I put it through.

  135. Patricia Wilson

    Due to a long term back injury and arthritis through my spine I had to undergo back surgery late last year or I’d be crippled to a wheelchair at 38. Unfortunately the surgery hasn’t gone to plan and I’m still suffering nerve pain. Further testing is currently being done, HOWEVER I’m really hoping to get BACK to pilates that I loved so much during my 4 year wait for the back surgery, and would be over the moon to be able to be the winner rof this membership as I feel it would be a really positive step forward in what has been a horrid 6 years

  136. Jenny Jaeche

    I am a 62 your old lady who has a goal of not being a crippled old woman. I have tried Gyms, going for walks, joining group exercises of many different types over the years but did not like them. I have tried Pilates and liked the challenge of doing exercises without jumping & bending that moved easily & not noticing that I am working hard. I know that you need to be active to keep being active when you are older.
    Thanks for considering me.

  137. Emma

    Hello and congratulations on opening a brand new practice here in sunny Bunbury! I’ve always been an exerciser… a high intensity exerciser. Running, aerobics, basketball, netball… if it made me sweat and puff like I was about to fall over, it was for me! It not only had me chasing the elusive ‘perfect body’ but also as treatment for bouts of anxiety and depression. The harder I went, the happier I was. However, as I’m finding out, there’s a price to pay for going hard like that, and my price has been bulging discs in my back and my high intensity regime is no more. A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would kickstart this new journey that I’m excited to embark upon by showing me the tools to navigate low impact, healthy exercise aswell as the mental wellness that goes along with it. Its not just the rehab I’m after, its a whole new lifestyle!

  138. Helen

    Hello! I’ve always done the high intensity classes at the gym early in the morning before my body wakes up and knows what I’m doing. I’m looking for a change of pace and a new routine. Getting closer to 60 I know now that its really important to focus on my core and over all body strength and flexibility. Pilates will contribute to me having a healthier elderhood. There are so many benefits that come to mind….. Less risk of falls and serious injury, faster recovery from adverse health events, stamina and strength to keep doing all the things I love with my family and the Bonus is that I am fun to have around and I’m committed to showing up 🙂

  139. Priscilla Carlisle

    It’s said things cross ones path & come into ones life for a reason. – you’re IT!
    After a full life of competitive sport, now at the age of 70+, I still feel fit, energised and healthy! So, despite a couple of wear ‘n tear replacements, I intend to keep physically fit & active allowing me to travel and finish a few more long distance walks and cycles (300km+). I also know that I will not be able to achieve this goal without the support of physical exercise professionals who will program, guide and monitor my need for strength building, flexibility, and overall well being at my age!
    So yes -Who hoo!’re IT
    I’m -ON!

  140. Corina

    Well after always being fit and active to come to sudden stop due to illness has been hard. Finally after 18months of testing I have my diagnosis and I have an auto immune disease which is not the end of the world just a change in routine. I have been told I can go back to exercise but only light exercise such as walking and low impact exercise. It is hard to be told you can’t do something but glad to be able to start again to build a new version of me.
    This membership would make a huge difference to me as it would be the kickstart of my journey to the new me.

  141. Daeun Gilchrist

    Always Im looking for the pilates in Bunbury, and I found you guys at facebook. I was glad to come to Bunbury. I had new born baby few weeks ago and I need to stronger then before. Cause I have two active kids so i need to strong and strength the body.
    Im really glad you open in Bunbury

  142. Nicola Clements

    Hi I hit 51 last year and I also had to have a discectomy, so I really need to start building a better me!!
    I’m a carer for my elderly mom as well as trying to work full time. I look at her hunched over in pain with osteoporosis of the spine and know I need to do something NOW to avoid this when I am her age.
    This is definitely for me!!

  143. Nicola

    Hi I hit 51 last year and I also had to have a discectomy, so I really need to start building a better me!!
    I’m a carer for my elderly mom as well as trying to work full time. I look at her hunched over in pain with osteoporosis of the spine and know I need to do something NOW to avoid this when I am her age.
    This is definitely for me!!

  144. Karli Millar

    I really feel like everyone who answers this question is going to e so equally deserving so it’s hard to put into words why I feel like I should deserve this more than someone else but I’ll just write down where I’m at in life and see where it takes me.
    I am a Canadian expat living in bunbury with my husband who is a police officer here. I have been here 6 years and am always so homesick. I slowly without realizing it have fallen into an awful depression and have started getting anxiety and can’t handle any little amount of stress. 2 years ago after a visit home I just stopped taking cate of my self completely and I’ve fallen into a really deep hole. In the last month I have started doing yoga and mobility classes from hole again and gotten on some natural supplements to help me get out of this funk. I am truly ready to get my life back and not be this she’ll of who I used to be anymore. I have been wanting to do Pilates for a while but always talk myself out of it. I am ready to join a healthy community and have the empowerment I am ready for.
    Again, I think everyone will be deserving, but I would be beyond grateful to win this membership and to have something that could truly help and benefit my life in a multitude of ways.
    Good luck deciding, I know it will be hard for you:)

  145. Bec

    I would love to be able to win a free membership simply because I need to do something that is for ME. I have no me time and I need it and want it for ME.

  146. Kaitlin

    I would love to win a membership for two reasons. I had a car accident at 17 and now at 30 I still get neck tightness which causes headaches. I see the physio quite alot for treatment but have done reformer Pilates in the past which worked wonders and replaced having to go to the physio! My second reason is I have two small kids so would love to have some time to myself to exercise and get into a healthy routine.

  147. Natalie

    Thankyou for the opportunity to win this amazing prize 🙂
    I would love and be so grateful to win a membership because I am needing to change it up from going to the gym/weights/high intensity because I am having trouble with my back and neck and my chiro/physio suggested something with less intensity, help strengthen my body and posture.
    Reformer Pilates has been on my vision board to get out there and try, super happy when I found out your coming to Bunbury and I am very much looking forward to doing an activity together with my partner who also wants to join in for his back issues 🙂
    Physical activity is very important to me not only for my body but my mind.

    I am excited for you to be opening and meeting and being surrounded by like minded people!!!

  148. Michelle

    I want to strengthen my body while becoming more flexible and aware of my muscles, create a good relationship with exercising and food again. After having my 2 kids (now 6&7) and a very stressful year at first year at uni plus a move down to Bunbury from Perth; I forgot about me and what I needed. I have previously done Pilates and I just loved it. I have always wanted to try a reformer class but never been at a studio that offered it as an option and the ones that did were a while away from my locations. I hope to meet you all when the studio opens it’s doors.

  149. Nicole Salmeri

    Congratulations on opening a studio in Bunbury, it’s so great to see these types of services be made available in the regions. I’m 24 years old and have moved to Bunbury away from my loved ones for work in recent months to pursue my career. I’ve found this quite challenging and has left me feeling not myself at times. As well as maintain my fitness I would love to be a part of the Best Body community to really work on improving the way I feel and to meet more people within the Bunbury community. For me fitness is more than just looking good, it’s also about how you feel and event around like minded people can really make all the difference.

    I really hope to be considered for the membership prize 🙂

  150. karsson

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  151. eisen harper

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  152. purple

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