Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

So…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Bassendean soon to 100 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Reformer Pilates memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners next week.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question In the comments section of this blog post. Make sure you post it in the comment section, and not anywhere else 🙂 … Now, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve). That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Sunday and Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Tuesday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Bassendean for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Progress coaching session every 90 days
  4. Invite to our exclusive member only events every 4 months (not to be missed!!)
  5. your new ‘happy place’

I’ll award two winners. I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say… Good luck!


P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Bassendean. 


  1. Gilligan

    What an opportunity!!! Tarryn, if I get 6 months of free pilates membership, i know I will make the most of it. I haven’t been able to focus on myself – and with your help I will be able to. Can’t wait for Bassendean to open!!!

    • Bec

      Winning a Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership would help me greatly Mind, Body and Soul. This would seriously be the best ‘me’ time to not only help me unwind but to see fabulous body results. Come on Best Body Reformer Pilates, I dare you to nourish me so that you can help take ME to the next level 🙂

    • Natasha Du

      I’ve always loved Pilates and before kids I was researching the benefits of Pilates compared to Yoga and was doing classes twice a week. However, after 3 cesareans I never got back into Pilates (as the location was too far). I do workouts at home on YouTube but it’s very hard to stay motivated and I find that I’ve really struggled to get back abdominal strength and good posture. I suffer from lower back pain and acute pain in the neck constantly (which I ignore as much as I can). If I was to win this membership, I know I will definitely benefit from it. The location is close which is an added bonus and I know I just need some kind of new incentive like this to find the love for it again.

      • Michelle

        I’ve always wanted to try Pilates and having one so close to home would be perfect! Due to have my first bubba at the start of May, so this would be a great opportunity to have some ‘me’ time and restore my body. In saying that, I’ve not exercised the past 8 months, so let’s just say my body needs this! Fingers crossed xx

    • Emma stanes

      I have spent almost 1 year not doing any training due to injuries sustained overtraining and CrossFit. I’ve recently been getting some physio and tried Pilates and it’s the first time in ages that my back isn’t constantly hurting 6 months of Pilates would probably change my life.

      • Loren K

        The best way to keep the mind happy, is to look after the body! A free membership would not only help me strengthen and tone, it would also clear my mind and feed my soul.

        • Betty

          Hi it would mean the world to me to have this membership due to my current circumstances which have been beyond my control. Short history having had lymphoma since my early 20’s I’ve always known the benefits of excercise although atm I’m limited as I’ve also sustained injuries from a nasty car accident which I am still trying to recover from and gain strength I have been told by my specialist that reformer Pilates will be beneficial although due to limited funds due to me not being able to work atm this membership will definitely put me on my way to better recovery I just want to also say thank you for allowing us all an opportunity to apply for this wonderful membership

      • Maria Scarfone

        My body has been through many injuries due to sport and a minor car accident. I love to keep fit and active but am finding gym workouts are causing me undue stress on my body and joints. I struggle with not being active so am always finding new activities that are low impact but still give me that buzz. Reformer pilates has been on my radar and I believe it would really benefit my battered joints and niggling injuries in a positive and calming way.

    • Vicki Tomasini

      I am 61 years of age and Have always had a thing about my body image. Diets are the bane of my life. Sine joining Pilates last year and attending 3 times a week I have noticed that I am more toned and feel better in my clothes. I would recommend Pilates to anyone as you will not be as obsessed with diets ever again.

    • Anita

      Hi Tarryn
      I injured my back 20 plus years ago at work. When I worked & it flared up work paid for rehab
      The best results I had was though the rebounder.
      I would love to win this as I haven’t worked for 3 years now & my back has started to play up again. My hubby retires in 4 months time & would love to be fit enough to send sometime with him travelling
      Thank you for taking your time to read this

    • Ysobel Peters

      After having delivered two large babies 18 years ago, my pelvic floor has never been the same! I’ve tried, but at the very near age of 50, having started with F45, I’ve realised my body requires a more gentle approach to achieve the best core strength that I have lost! I’d love to be able to do those activities again I am always worried about like dancing! I’ve also heard that these classes really work!! I am looking forward to a life changing experience!

  2. CG

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this!! I have had 3 children and my body really struggled with my 3rd pregnancy. My husband and I would like to start trying for our 4th baby at the end of this year and I would really like to get my core strengthened to have the best (and last) pregnancy I could hope for! ♡♡♡

    • Judy Dos Santos

      This would mean so much to me. I am in my 50s and as a Mum you always leave yourself until last. I think it’s now my time to lose some weight, feel stronger and happier and to be a part of a positive group to help me would be amazing.
      Been waiting for Bassendean to open xx

      • Annie

        I’ve never been to a reformer pilates class before but have been super keen to give it a go. I did Ballet for 10 years when i was younger and would love to get graceful again!

        • Nat

          Winning this membership will help to transform my body! I have terrible back, pelvis and neck pain. I would love to strengthen my core to support my back. I love reformer Pilates and I would prefer to strengthen my body using resistance than lifting weights!

      • Wendy

        I’ve been doing yoga and I really want to try pilates. I would love to start somewhere new and close to home so I can get the results I need. I’m tired over feeling tired all the time and want to get fit to have some energy

      • Jess

        I would love love love to win this membership !!! I am a big believer in reformer Pilates for overall mind and body health. I have done casual reformer Pilates on and off for some time but want to go that extra step and commit to a more structured routine. I have tried many different avenues to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have found Pilates to be one of the best ! I strongly believe in the science behind it and love that you can target all muscle groups as well as challenge your cardiovascular system and it’s all low impact on your joints. I am really excited to have a studio opening just down the road from me I can’t wait until it opens 🙂

    • Tanya Cooper

      I would love to continue my journey with Pilates after starting at the beginning of this year. I was a competitive swimmer in my youth and really related to your last email. 3 kids later I would love the opportunity to learn to love my body for what it can do rather than what is looks like. Even if I don’t win this membership I am so looking forward to being able to do Pilates closer to home – can’t wait!!

      • Natalie

        Hi thanks for an awesome opertunity. I’ve trained most of my life, it’s been a lifeline with depression from the age of 12. In my 30s I had my ideal body and life was great.
        Now I’m my mid 40s and lost my motivation to stay fit. Health issues and deep loneliness, really need a reboot. More body confidence and connection would shift so much for me.

  3. Nicole Boxsell

    What a great prize this would be! I’ve always wanted to try reformer Pilates and I have had it recommended to help with my foot problems by a podiatrist and to also increase my strength and flexibility.

    • Amy

      I am wanting to ideally, get stronger and fitter. I sit all day at work and slowly due to stress etc lost strength and gained weight. My back and core is at its weakest. I exercise and love running and just looking to get greater strength and a more powerful body all around.

      Who would say no to being their best self!

  4. Lisa Hinchliffe

    I have a pinched nerve at L4/5 and suffer sciatica. Due to constant lower back pain and right leg issues, I have regular epidural injections to alleviate pain. I need to build up my core without putting too much strain on my lower back. I believe that pilates will be the best way to hopefully achieve this.

    • Rhona

      I need Pilates – I have always wanted to try however always been too shy to try out. Would love the opportunity to give it a great go

      • Faye

        I used to do pilates and lost my mojo and stopped going to help my husband with his recent diagnosis of mestatic prostrate cancer
        With stopping for the last 4 months made me realise just how much i need ME time, not only to be strong for my husband and family but for me as well.
        I miss feeling strong physically and mentally

  5. Rachael Renouf

    I would love to be able to build my core strength to such a high standard, that will help with my everyday life. I love how pilates makes me feel after for my mind body and soul. It helps with my anxiety and allows me to workout away from my job and switch off from the world. So excited for this new studio!

  6. Jo

    I’m in my early 40s, 3 kids, wonderful husband and in the worst shape of my life. I’m obese, have high blood pressure and low energy.
    I’m studying to be a student nurse, it’s my calling. But my physical fitness is letting me down. I need to be strong to look after my family and my patients. I want to watch my kids grow up, and I want to show them that anything is possible with effort and persistence.
    I have the will, now all I need is the way.

  7. Tania Wells

    Reformer Pilates will definitely help me out because at the moment I am at a cross road where I am a gonna ” gonna get fit, gonna start pilates, gonna get my life in order!”
    by starting pilates and especially if I have the 6 months I will be committed to going and it will give me the push I need. I really need to strengthen my body and this is the perfect incentive I need. Regardless, I am really looking forward to trying out the pilates because I have never done it before and have heard so many good comments on how it has helped so many people

  8. Karen bliss

    I had breast cancer 2 years remission the chemo has caused me issues with my balance and lower back. I know pilaties will help me and a 6 month membership would be great.

  9. Lisa Davis

    6 months ago my world changed. My husband of 20years blindsided me and walked out.
    2019 is my year, to find employment, somewhere to live and start my life again.
    I have lost 8kg but now need help to get my best body ever, for myself.
    New beginnings and empowerment are my key words

  10. Justine

    My body needs pilates! This is my year to focus on myself and optimise my health. I am a long time sufferer of lower back issues and just know that pilates will help strengthen not only my core but ALL of my major (and not so major) muscle groups. The focus required will also be good for mental strength and clarity.

  11. Mai Miralles

    I’ve read somewhere that the exercise that you need most, is the exercise that you don’t like to do. That is why, I think BB’s Reformer Pilates will help me in my problem with my consistent backpain. 🙂 I am aware that I have a very poor core and I hate all core exercises as I find them extra difficult. So, I only stick with beginner’s yoga and still had to drag myself to do stretches.

    I am dying to try pilates for so long as I’ve heard it’s good for the core. f I win a BB Reformer Pilates membership, it might help me jumpstart my liking of core exercises.

  12. Penelope Kennedy

    Thanks for the opportunity Tarryn. With a 6 month membership I’d love to be able to improve my core strength which has disappeared after having my boys (6 months & 3) but is needed more than ever now as I try to lug them and all their gear around the place!

    • Heather Parrella

      I have been wanting to try images for a long time.. 6 mths ago I had gastric sleeve surgery.. so far I have lost 30kgs.. prior to surgery I was a competitive power lifter. My surgeon won’t let me lift heavy weights for 9-12 mths.. My core strength has suffered immensely and I feel that Pilates will help me to find more stability and balance in my changing body and how I cope with exercise now and going forward.

  13. Donna Macey

    I would love the opportunity for 6 months free membership. After injuring my shoulder 18 months ago I have struggled to get back into exercise routine and pilates is just the thing for me..PS shoulder is good now

    • Lee Hewitt

      Hi im Lee. I have gained heaps of weight since i had a stroke 4yrs ago. Cant do heavy exercise so thinking Pilates great way to get my body in better shape would do great for my self esteem give me drive to do some exercise. Feel better about my body and myself.

  14. Cecilia Douglas

    I have always wanted to join somewhere which does Reformer Pilates. One for fitness but also because I have a back problem and both physio and doctor have both said this is what I need to strengthen the muscles to support my back. It is close to home and Um eager to do.

  15. Kate Barry

    Thank you Tarryn! I’d love a Pilates membership to help me strengthen my core and glutes. I had my second baby 10 months ago and have disc bulges at L4/5 and SI dysfunction. I am struggling to get fit and lose weight due injury set backs when trying to do regular interval training.

    • Maggie Cowie

      Let’s face it women with family always put themselves last. Their needs never seem to be at the forefront until they suddenly realise there is not much time and it is ticking by. Well that’s me ! At 52 I look back at my life and realised I was always trying to look after myself.
      I have been several different sizes and done many different exercise routines. Lately it was boot camp and a nutritionist What a disaster. Ended up 10 kilos heavier. Very muscular and every joint was sore. My body was screaming give me a break.
      Anyway, I first tried floor Pilates 15 years ago,I loved it I Signed up for a year and was gaining core strength. Something I needed after a full abdominal hysterectomy at 23 yrs. but as alas after a year the studio changed location I changed jobs and that was that.
      6 months of reformer at Bassendean would be the precursor for me to get MY LiFE and HEALTH back on track.
      I live 5 min from Bassendean TICK ✔️
      I will be committed for 6 months TICK ✔️
      This is my time TICK ✔️

  16. Tanya Pears

    I will benefit from a membership and regular piñatas reformer classes because I have a ongoing back issue that will benefit from regular core strength exercises and I need to improve my posture.

  17. Jana Pratico

    I have been a member at Mt Lawley for a few months now, and I have to say that Best Body has totally changed how I view and feel about exercise.

    Gone are the days where I dread exercise, I now know I don’t need to ‘flog’ myself on the treadmill to get results.

    The mindfulness of reformer Pilates has been amazing for my mental health also. I really don’t think about much else when I’m class, so I come away with a clarity I can’t achieve with many other forms of exercise.

    Also – as a busy mother and owner of Pharmacies, the multiple class times and options have meant exercising is achievable for me.

    Can’t wait for Bassendean to open!

  18. Doina Webster

    I think Best Body Reformer Pilates will help me in a lot of diffrent ways. First, will be my posture. I have a 11 month old boy and from breastfeeding I’ve gotten a poor posture and through pilates excercises i know i can develop the right core and muscles.
    Second, i think it will help me get back my strength and flexibilithy i had before my baby and i know i can get that back through Reformer Pilates.
    And lastly i think Reformer Pilates will really help me connect with my body and drive me towards getting back my core strength and achieving the right nourishment for my body.

  19. Rachel George

    I have always struggled with bigger legs and hips and have resigned myself to the fact that it’s “just my genes” however my daughter is a pre-professional ballerina and I can really see how Pilates has changed her shape over time. I would love the opportunity to see what my body could look like given the right kind of conditioning and also I’d love to do something just for me this year!

  20. Pamela Hawkins

    I’ve started my health journey alone. I’ve lost around 10kg with a further 20 or so to go. I want to change my attitude toward myself because I’ve hated on me for long enough. This amazing opportunity to be supported and coached is exactly what I need right now. I’m ready I’m committed I’m taking a stand. No more self body shaming !!

  21. gill

    reformer pilates will help me as i have patella issues in both knees and have had to give up on hi impact anything.. i need to shape and tone my ex runners body that has become bit too soft

  22. Farhaana Yuruten

    After 3 kids im so ready for that new me!! From top to bottom my body body will benefit from you classes!

  23. Cherrie Lee

    I havent tried reformer pilates, but I’m hoping it would strengthen my core and tone up everything. Thanks for the opportunity to win 6mths

  24. Naomi Summers

    My baby is now 12 years old so I think it’s time to get my muscles back in shape and to develop some core strength before it’s too late. I need to join a place where there are expectations of my commitment but where i feel safe and supported.

  25. Frances M

    I have had to stop pilates because I just cannot afford it at the moment. I have a son with special needs and his need always come before my own. So this would be an opportunity to put myself self first and not feel guilty for doing so. I need to maintain my core strength as I have back and neck injuries that intensify if I do not maintain my core. The benefits would be physically improving my day to day pain and also support my emotional well being. This would be an amazing gift that I would be so grateful for. Thank you

  26. Kel

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a 6 month membership… I am a mum of 3 and I would benefit greatly from this membership as I need to put myself first so I am physically and mentally strong to deal with my sons medical condition as he worsens and also for my own medical condition. I have put myself last for too long and I am so ready to lose weight and get fit and healthy.

  27. Jessica

    Having only had the opportunity to do Pilates for a short period while recovering from an ankle injury, I was surprised to see the huge difference this had on my overall strength, balance and flexibility. It also helped me to target specific muscles (I didn’t realise how much my larger group muscles compensated until I started with Pilates) and adjust intensity as needed. It was a nice change from the hectic environment of the gym and something to look forward to. Having a studio so close to home will be amazing!! Cant wait!

  28. Jessica Martin

    I’ve never tried Pilates before but am really keen to work on improving my overall fitness, strength & core strength in a way that is safe & isn’t going to aggregate my back pain. I’d also like to hopefully as a result improve my balance & coordination (I feel like it’s gotten much worse since being pregnant & having my daughter)

    I used to play basketball & have worked out with personal trainers in the past but I’ve been advised by my chiropractor that reformer Pilates & swimming would be ideal exercises for me now as I have sacralisation in my lower back & issues with hip & pelvis alignment after my daughters birth.

    I’m really excited about the Bassendean venue opening as its close to home & will allow me to attend classes regularly. The only reason I haven’t joined a reformer Pilates class earlier is the distance I’d be traveling / time it would take to get there on top of the actual class time.

    I believe a 6 month membership would help me kickstart my fitness goals & would also allow me some much needed “me time” each week & a mental break. Im a mum, working part time & running a household so I find I have very little time dedicated to “my” activities during the week. I’d be so looking forward to my Pilates classes!

  29. Yvonne G

    I have never done any form of pilates before but have seen amazing results among some of my friends.
    At my ripe old age, I am more focused now on keeping everything moving because I still have a lot of living to do and I want my body to keep up! I am a granny now and I want to be active, agile and fun to be with.
    Only moved to Bassendean a year ago and I would like to meet local, like minded people to expand my social circle.
    I also need a team around me to keep me honest and accountable, it is all too easy to waste away the day and not move a lot. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a 6 month membership, that’s an awesome gift 🙂

  30. Sarah Benstead

    This would be totally awesome and fit with my resolve to really build a better me! My weight has really started to get me down and I’ve decided now is the time to tackle it with a vengeance!
    I fell off my horse at a flat out gallop last April which, after riding all my life, has shaken my confidence. After months of physio I ended up having surgery on my ankle in November. I’m just at the stage where I can start my Pilates sessions at Mount Lawley’s Best Body again and am back there four times a week even though it’s still quite painful. At the same time I am seriously dieting so I really hope to totally turn my life around and change everything! Building my core will give me more strength to stay on my horse next time he is naughty and that will build my confidence back up. I’m really excited about Bassendean’s Best Body opening and can’t wait to move my membership across!

  31. Mags

    I want to strengthen my body – with the past 18 months of emotional and physical stress I need to be able to get back to physical strength to be on par with my emotional stength.

  32. Bec

    I had a stroke a couple years ago & have really struggled with building core strength & balance. I had the opportunity to try reformer pilates during my rehab & found it to be most effective, i wish i had kept up with it & i am keen to give it another go

  33. Jodie Kasatchkow

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me lengthen and strengthen, and fingers crossed help me stand a little taller.

  34. Penny Cox

    I have bursitis in both my hips and lower back pain which limits the type of exercise I can do. I feel Pilates may help me to strengthen my core and maybe eliminate some aches and pains. I feel this may be the right type of exercise for me .

  35. Nicole Haberley

    A best body reformer Pilates membership would be a beautiful gift to myself after a lifetime of putting everyone I love first!

  36. Adora-Jane Bonadeo

    I’m entering for my mum as she rarely uses social media or internet so she would never see this competition!
    My mum hurt her back last year at work when she caught a patient who had lost his balance and was falling towards the ground. She had a lot of physio work done but I feel she hasn’t fully recovered but with the opportunity to attend classes here I believe she would truly regain her confidence and build strength in her back to combat her ongoing arthritis as well.

  37. Natasha skuse

    Hi tarryn.. I’ve enjoyed Pilates for many years.. it’s helped my dodgy hips and helped strengthen my body. I would love to win this mainly for getting my body into great shape again as I’ve had a bit of a lapse lately. So happy that a reformer class is starting up in Bassendean I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!
    Will be great for mind and body..

  38. Sylvia Hultink

    I have heard a lot about this type of pilates and an interested in trying it out as I have fibromyalgia & have tried all sorts of exercises to help keep me moving. Having put up with neck & back pain for most of my life. Looking forward to retirement in a couple of years I want to enjoy my grandchildren & travel without the pain or be able to control it.looking forward to joining

  39. Kirsten

    6 mths is a fantastic way to retrain the brain to start new habits. I am post-menopausal and the last 5yrs have been disgusting with symptoms….i would use this to opportunity to focus on myself to get back to optimal health ….which is long overdue.

  40. Kym Cohen

    Firstly, I am a HUGE fan of pilates and am very excited that Best Body are opening so close to me! I know the total body and mind benefits regular pilates workouts will give you and I would absolutely make the most of a free membership. I did studio pilates for 3 years a long time ago and I want to get back into it. I find it’s the only exercise that looks after my body – allowing me to build strength, flexibility, and better posture. The total concentration needed for body awareness is also great for mindfulness. As I said, a COMPLETE workout

  41. Feona

    Hi Tarryn!
    I’ve always thought Pilates was too slow for me as I’m into the hard core stuff you know swimming, running, box fit, PT anything that brings the sweat, but as I’m getting on now, I feel like I need some balancing and stretching and some love for my body, so ide love a 6 month membership and see if it’s for me

  42. Louell

    Hi Tarryn,
    What a great opportunity. I’ve been wanting to get back to reformer pilates, as I’m really missing the benefits I’ve experienced in the past. The extra energy, strength and motivation I’ve felt previously are really lacking at the moment and I could really do with the extra support to achieve ‘the best version of my healthy self’. I’ve been told that exercise is the best thing for many of the ailments associated with getting older and, with your help, I’d really like establish a good routine and prove this theory right.

  43. Ciara O'Gorman

    I have been doing reformer pilates for the last 6 months and can honestly say, it’s the best form of exercise to build the ideal body. It focuses on muscle groups that are often neglected in typical gym exercises, all delivered in a safe manner. Every class is different and I genuinely enjoy every minute. My body now allows me to get up in the morning, pain free, complete a long day’s work on my feet and still squeeze in a class on my way home!
    I would love to join Bassendean as it is so close to home.

  44. Esther

    Since having kids (oldest one 7 and youngest one 4) my body has never been my own and I’ve had horrible lower back pain and now sciatica on both legs.

    Moving hurts and not moving is even worse! I can not do high impact exercise and I think Best Body will be able to help me alleviate my pain and help me build a stronger body, mind and spirit. Please help make 2019 a start to a lesser painful year for me and a stronger more active mum to my lovely kids 🙂

    Thank you and good luck everyone! ☺️

  45. Rhianna

    As a mum of a 3 year old and a 6 month old I haven’t had much time to focus on myself. Winning 6 months of Pilates would help me tone my body and lose some of my mumma tummy! Also having that small amount of time for myself to recharge mentally and physically. I hardly have any time without the kids so it would be like the perfect holiday without the holiday if you know what I mean!

  46. Gillian Williamson

    Winning the 6 month membership would help me greatly towards getting my Boddy back after having our 2 babies, one 9 pounds, one 10 pound 2. I would love to work on my core strength. After having my body starched so far twice, my core strength is almost non existent.

    Best of luck to everyone who has commented.

  47. Mel

    I want to be strong.

    I want to be strong enough to wear a singlet without worrying if my arms are wobbling. I want to be strong enough to wear swimmers and not worry that my thighs are wobbling when I move. I want to have a strong mind, body and soul and I know this all comes from the core. I need to focus on strengthening my core to support every change I need to make in my life.

    I’m focused on what I eat but it’s just the start. I want so much more.

    I want a community of like-minded people to support me. I want a leader who can guide me to the success I so strongly desire.

    I want to feel successful. I want to be proud and I want, no need, the negative voice in my head to be silenced by the nourishment reformer Pilates will give me. It will not only give me the strength I need to have better balance and posture but most importantly it will feed my soul.

    I’m ready to give everything I have to be the best version of me. I promise you I would not waster this amazing opportunity.

    • Sunita

      Hi Tarryn, I would love to strengthen my core especially after a hysterectomy surgery. To win 6 months membership will ensure my body to adjust with the changes. I have experienced basic pilate a while ago and would love to go back to that feeling of muscle relief.
      I will show everybody that I can and I will get my body back to what it was before, strong and lean again.

  48. Jenny Watson

    I have been wanting to try reformer Pilates for a couple of years now, but have not been sure where to start…. then to find something close to home has also been a challenge.
    I have lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years and I am currently training for my first half Ironman event. I have been told that reformer Pilates would compliment all the other training that I am doing and improve my strength, flexibility and of course improve the posture from the long hours sitting at a computer every day.

  49. Shauna Weeks

    I haven’t looked after myself the way I should. I have tried a number of things but they haven’t “stuck”. I’ve always loved Pilates and found it incredibly strengthening but nothing was close or at a time that was achievable between kids and work. Recently I have hit a crunch phase. My knees hurt as I walk, my hormones turned on me and I need an exercise regime I can commit to which also won’t break me more. The times for BestBody are outside when everyone else wants or needs me. It’s achievable. I simply can’t keep going like this, and reformer Pilates are my best way to get to a stronger me, for both myself and my family.

  50. Annie Molloy

    Hi Tarryn, I have been fighting with my weight for quite a few years now, I was always into looking after myself but unfortunately I have become lazy and lost my mojo. I’m not happy with myself with this and just need that guidance.
    However on top of this I have been having bad back problems and have just found out that I have Pars Defect which I have started going to phyiso. My Phyiso is great and has recommended going to Pilates to strengthen my core.
    Being a single income earner this is very hard to afford, however my health does come first and I’m not getting any younger!
    To have a chance to get 6 months membership would be fantastic, and thanks for this opportunity.

  51. Emilie Lowe

    Dying to repair and rebuild my body and strength after having my baby! It’s very hard to get to classes with a newborn so a studio around the corner would be amazing!

  52. Jill Pearce

    There’s a middle aged jelly belly that needs to go….I swim and eat well just so you know. Not interested in the gym, but want to move the flab, have some fun, and be fit and fab!

  53. Felicity

    I’ve been trying to focus on my own fitness for a few years now . For many years I was a ballroom dancer, always training and working on my fitness and keeping fit to have the stamina to dance many hours at a time .
    When motherhood became my new path in life I was so blessed to be a mum of 4 very sporty and energetic boys who are my absolute idols. I love their energy, competitiveness and also their will to give everything a go . I was so focused on being a good mum , I didn’t make time for myself.
    A friend suggested to try jogging to tone up and exercise , I had never jogged before in my life , I thought it was only for very energetic fit people, I gave it a go and loved it , now It’s my “me “ time.
    I am always so grateful and amazed at what my body can do ! ( especially after having 4 babies – my last were twins) .
    I’ve always wanted to do Pilates and once again get in touch with my inner dancer and use my core for fitness and tone up my baby belly.

  54. Marie Limb

    In my younger years I was an athlete training daily and felt connected and in tune with my body. After having four children I have neglected this important part of myself and am loving being back on the journey to connecting my mind-body. I am currently doing Pilates twice a week and love feeling mentally and physically stronger and more flexible. Would love the opportunity to continue this journey at your studio. xx

  55. Michelle Chin

    Firstly thanks for the opportunity Taryn! I injured my knee gardening and reformer Pilates helped me in my recovery building strength in my legs with equipment that supported my body. I developed muscles tone all over my body after going to the Mt Lawley studio for 18 months. I have tried most things from yoga, boot camp, personal training and dancing but reformer Pilates has been the only form of exercise I have stuck at long term. I love it as every class is different. Unfortunately I was made redundant 6 weeks ago and had to cancel my membership so the opportunity to win a 6 month membership would come at a fantastic time. I have never felt stronger and more flexible as a result of reformer Pilates and want to keep going! One day I will need a knee replacement but hopefully reformer Pilates will delay this by many years. Thank you.

  56. Naz

    I’ve never done Pilates and a friend of mine raves about reformer. I used to be a dancer and over the years I’ve lost all of my flexibility and strength. I especially noticed this when other women in my gym class can easily touch their toes…….my co-ordination has also disappeared! Rebuilding some strength and focus is not just about my body……and I need the inspiration to make some needed life changes.

  57. Kandy

    If I was lucky enough to win this amazing opportunity I feel I would be able to change not only my body but my mind as well. As a first time mum I have definitely let myself go, putting others before my self. I feel the toll this has taking on my body and mind everyday. Constant back pain, tension and weight I can’t seem to shift. This would enable me to strengthen my body and mind, I would love to have a spring in my step again and be a healthier person inside and out not only for my family but for myself as well.

  58. Natasha

    I want to learn to love my body and gain body strength I know that I have. After two children, my body has completely changed and after concentrating 100% on them and my family I would love this chance to work on myself too. Thank you 🙂

  59. Sarah Llewellyn

    If I won a 6 month membership it would be amazing, it would kick start the change my life so drastically needs by improving my core, pelvic floor, strength especially in my back, legs and core; shrink my expanded waist line and body circumference and tone everything to become one healthy, hot mumma!
    However it would change so much more than my body, with that commitment to myself to utilise the membership, my self worth and love would flourish and improve my mental health also.

  60. Heather Erceg

    I have never tried Pilates and have been nervous to take that first step. I am looking to tone my body and lose a bit of weight. I have to maintain a manditory level of fitness for my job but would really like to take it up a level and would like to explore all that Pilates can bring to me.

  61. Sarah B

    Three years ago I was fit and in a place where my body used to make me happy and confident….Two children later and a physically demanding nursing job, I have lost the time I used to spend on myself. Without a doubt I am happier than I ever was, I love my job and the kids, well they are great! BUT my perspective changed and I now find myself spending that extra income on others, usually spoiling the kids or the house. The ‘mum guilts’ are real when it comes to spending and Ive just put ME on the back burner. Id LOVE to be able to invest my time with Best Body Bassendean and make a better version of myself for my little ones Xx

  62. Linda

    I would love to win this as I had a stool collapse on me at a market just before Christmas and have had a lot of back pain since. I think Pilates will help my lower back heaps and reduce my Chiro sessions

  63. Julia

    I would love to win and it would mean no more excuses!

    I used to go to a fabulous reformer pilates studio in north perth but there is none around the bassendean area, so i was thrilled to hear about Best Body opening up.

    I’m about 10kg overweight and need to tone up!

  64. Mishy

    I would love to win this competition. I used to do Pilates regularly until we moved residence few years ago and found it difficult to find suitable Pilates close to home.
    I’ve just had abdominal hysterectomy and need to build my core, pelvic muscles & body strength as my job is quite physical

  65. Caroline

    I’ve been wanting to do reformer Pilates for awhile now, but have been waiting for one to start up locally. After being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident a number of years ago and having compression fractures in my back, it’s very important for me to develop my core strength and keep fit. I also work in an industry that is very fatiguing on the body, and I believe Pilates would be a massive game changer for me to reduce living with pain.

  66. Claire

    I would like to get healthy & stronger again for my kids and to be a good role model for them, a toddler and teenager. I have not consistently returned to sport or fitness post baby leaving me feeling sluggish at my active casual jobs. My core needs strength to help support my back and posture and lingering knee issues would benefit from regular Pilates. To be honest my self esteem/mental health and energy levels could really use a boost from structured excersise. Winning a membership would be really amazing and make a big difference to making my goals acheiveable. Thank you for the opportunity.

  67. Nesey

    I’ve lost 38kg in the last 12months, which I’m super proud of. However, now I need to tone and strengthen my body.
    I’d like to be able to reconnect with my body on a physical and emotional level.

    I’ve recently moved into the area and have been looking for a Reformer studio. I’m super excited you are opening soon.

    Glad you are taking your time to make it all perfect.

    Here’s a quote for you

    “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time ”
    Leo Talstoy

  68. Wendy

    I had a wake up call last year when my Dear Mum passed away from Alzheimer’s/ Dementia…at only 75 years of age.
    She led a sedentary life in her later years, and I was close to developing the same pattern myself… at only 44 years of age.

    I decided 2019 was to be a year of focus and freedom for myself and my family.

    I quit smoking last September and was given a gym membership from my husband as one part of my ‘Hornbag Conversion Kit’. Hiking boots the other.

    Waiting for the usual craziness of Xmas and School Holidays to conclude, I held off joining the gym until February when I had more time available.

    I injured my back the last week of January. How’s that for timing?

    Rather than wallow and indulge in a self-sabotage excuse, I still joined the gym and have embraced this new way of life.

    I’ve heard nothing but glowing reports and enthusiasm from friends regarding Pilates. My goals are STRENGTH, MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY…things I’m severely lacking. The ability to touch my toes and to bend down and back up again without sound effects will be an added bonus!
    I know Pilates will address these in spades.

    Thank you for offering this fantastic opportunity

    • Natalie

      What a wonderful opportunity.
      I have heard such fantastic reviews from friends that are hooked on these workouts that it both excites and interests me more than I had expected. As I search for a program that will assist with my overall fitness and strength and possibly satisfying my DRs request for cardiac rehab I am eager to step into the world of reformer Pilates and fingers crossed win this membership

  69. Diane

    I currently do 3 classes per week at a Pilates studio in the city. I would love to practice more traditional Pilates type moves on the reformer. I’d love to perfect teaser, i’d love to improve chest lift, i’d love to do more standing balance work.

  70. Bel

    I’m in my late 30’s, I don’t exercise but feel like I need to make a change in my life. I find most exercises centres (gyms, etc.) intimidating, but felt encouraged that Best Body was opening near to me, had excellent reviews from female customers, and that not everyone looked like a GOOP subscriber! I finally want to give myself the chance to have a body that works FOR me…minimize the twinges in my neck and lower back; improve my posture; improve muscle strength for day-to-day activities. I have a young child and I use every excuse not to do this. But if I don’t do it now, when will I? I hope that a Best Body membership will help me be a better me that I know is in there.

  71. Tahlia Dowsing

    Winning this would be fantastic since finding out I had a prolapse most workouts are not allowed, I want to work out but that along with a tight budget I usually put myself to the back. Getting a great safe workout would be so motivating and a bit confidence builder for me.

  72. Sarah

    I have been an English teacher for the last 15 years and my neck, shoulders and lower back are always sore from the constant marking of essays. I have tried massages, heat packs and gym sessions, but nothing has really worked long term. I’m also trying to have a family, so want to be in the best shape I can be for a healthy pregnancy and to be a healthy mum. I’d love to have the chance to see how a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can fix my tight neck, shoulders and back once and for all!

  73. Candice Gonsalves

    I’m so excited that your opening in Bassendean. I’ve tried reformer Pilates before and it really worked for me after my first child with getting my body back in shape. Only problem was I just couldn’t fit into my routine long term. Now I have 2 kids and it’s even harder to get there. Problem solved now your opening!!

    I have been struggling with my pelvic floor after having kids and would really love to get some definition back on my stomach. I also battle with headaches/back aches and aches and pains that come with lifting and holding kids as I’m only a little person. I’d love the opportunity to win a membership at your studio to focus on my health goals for 2019.

  74. Claudia Wilde

    I would be so grateful for the opportunity to win a 6 month membership, I have had quite a tough few years and exercise has been my saviour. I have exercised for over 30 years, but have not been able to maintain the high intensity I once used to, due to a few ongoing injuries, but through my competitive nature, I still push myself to do something, probably not as much as I would like to.

    Like most of us trying to put myself first as a Mum is always challenging with so many other competing priorities, but I know the amazing feeling and the benefits when you do is truly worth it. I know once I start Pilates it is going to change my life for the better and make a massive difference to my overall health, wellbeing, confidence and more importantly how I feel about myself.

  75. Candice Kendall

    It’s so cliche but to be a better version of me which will help me be an even better mum and husband. It will allow me to have some time away from the house to concentrate on my mind and body. We all love our family but love them even more once we’ve had some me time!!

    I also want to strengthen my muscles. I’m pretty lucky that my body has returned to a nice shape post 2 kids but my body doesn’t feel strong. This will help to elevate my lower back pain.

    I can’t wait to try out the new studio and wish you all the success with the new opening.

  76. Joan Wright

    First of all so looking forward to best body opening in Bassendean, I believe it will benefit our community and the sorrounding areas. I have decided that 2019 will be a year for myself thus I have enrolled at Mt. Lawley last December 2018 and so far I have felt better physically and mentally. I am in it for the long haul so Good luck to everyone and I’ll see you in BB in Bassendean soon.

  77. Trudie

    Thanks for the opportunity Tarryn & Welcome to Bassendean! I’m looking forward to gaining core strength to reduce lower back pain which has increased over the last few years – it is time to give my body some love, time to heal after having children & being neglected..

  78. Kristin MIRCO

    I have always exercised but the last 3 months I have been doing very limited exercise due to injury and have also become really un-flexible over a number of years. I am too scared to go back to high intensity exercise and I have heard that Pilates is great for injuries and flexibility

  79. Alisha Falconer

    I have been hanging out for you guys to open! I have never done reformer Pilates but I already know this is perfect for me. Still recovering from post baby pain and back issues as well as weight gain, I can’t wait to throw myself into reformer Pilates, get rid of the pain, get strong, healthly and feel great- please pick me!

  80. Jess Devereux

    I’ve been exercising with Pilates on and off for a couple of years, but have always stop because of the locations, usually to far away. Basso is right around the corner from me and I can continue doing something I love. my life is very fast paced, so having that 60/90min environment of quiet, slow paced movements really help me refocus. also great in helping me toned and strengthen muscle you cant do in a normal gym workout. its helps me physically/mentally and emotionally.
    It would be awesome to incorporate this into my weekly exercise routine.
    Thank you for the opportunity Tarryn!

  81. Bree Smith

    I thought it was my time to get my body back last year after having my 3 boys. Eldest 6 and youngest 4 yr old twins. Difficult pregnancies with both and all were naturally delivered. I started getting time for myself again after 3 years and started working out. Within a few months I discovered I have a front and back prolapse and last October had to have a hysterectomy. I truely believe it is my time now the twins are in 5 day fortnight school in kindy, I want to start with professionals to ensure I am doing everything I should be and doing it the right way. For 7 years I have put myself last and now its my turn. I have recovered really well from surgery and know with some guidance I can get my body back to fit and strong. Weight loss would be a bonus but for now I just want to get a strong body thats not going to fall apart again. But I need help. Thank you so much Tarryn for giving 2 lucky people such an awesome opportunity. Pick me, pick me! 🙂 x

  82. Annie campbell

    I have always loved doing Pilates as it’s challenging. Haven’t been able to afford to do reformer as much as I’d like to. After 3 kids my body is no longer the same and would love to focus on building a strong foundation for my body again (and tightening that pelvic floor!) so I can feel strong and do all activities with my kids with a strong body and mind.

  83. Rochelle

    I’m desperate for something like this! Last year I nursed my grandfather who died slowly from a horrible illness – I was his only family here in Perth so it was all on me. I was also working full time and finishing a diploma at university. In caring for others and taking care of my responsibilities, I lost myself. I was way down the list of priorities. I put on 14kgs and I’ve been left feeling unhealthy, heavy and depressed. My grandfather passed away on Christmas Eve 2018 and I’ve decided this is my year. I turn 40 in April and I would love to, with your help and guidance, find my best body. Please help me to help myself!

  84. SueC

    At nearly 65 I know the importance of good core strength, flexibility and balance
    Pilates is not for just the young (anyone younger than me is young!!)
    It is for the young at heart too
    Everyone of my generation should do Pilates – it will keep you fit and improve your health
    As my daughter who does Best Body Pilates in North Perth would say
    ‘JFDI’ …… and pick me :o)

  85. Liz

    Hi Tarryn
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a membership. After years of going to the gym, trying different diets, the one thing I keep coming back to is Pilates. I was in a car accident 9 years ago and with on going back and shoulder pain, the only one thing that relieves me from pain is core strength I get from doing Pilates. I have found core strength to be my number one thing to achieve. The small classes you offer, with great instructors at the Mt Lawley Studio is a pleasure to attend and I would love to join the Bassendean Studio.

  86. Jac

    I’ve done Pilates matwork in the past and loved the results but haven’t found a good studio close to home. Reformer Pilates will see the results so much faster strengthening my core and back, toning my legs without the impact. So excited Best Body are coming to Basso.

  87. Kat

    I am a working mother of 4 children that like most others on this thread, has put their needs last. After turning 40 a couple of years ago, I realised that the once ‘go to’ forms of exercise (gym, crossfit, etc..) that may have kept me fit and toned, were actually wearing down my body with constant injuries. I tried pilates a few years ago and absolutely loved the strength, energy and peace it brought me. I would love this membership to centre my body and mind from the constant craziness of being a busy mum, and to be the best, healthy woman I can be for my family.

  88. Frosty

    As a Mum to a beautiful 6yr old little man and qualified professional I have been reflecting on how I can help my son grow in to the best version of himself and what qualities help to foster this. My belief has always been that the best thing any parent can do for their child/children, is work on themselves. So this is my motivation for restarting my practice in yoga and Pilates. I hope to better myself and demonstrate to my son, the values of taking time to care for yourself, commitment, grit and perseverance and the contentment that comes from accomplishing something you set your mind too.

  89. Karen Field

    I have stalked Reformer Pilates hoping one would come closer them hills

    excited Happy place not far way now and feel Reformer Pilates will reward me with best body I’ve ever had…. at 50 🙂

  90. Toni Jarlov

    Hello, I really would be grateful to win a membership – I am finally coming out on the positive side of a 3 year spiral after losing my relationship, my best friend and my job. Part of the new me this year is losing weight, which I have been successful with however aren’t quite there yet in terms of motivation to get exercising and tone up as I have nobody around to encourage me and as you can see, it is too easy to make excuses. I have done pilates in the past and I know how good it is for your body, I just need a bit more faith and positivity to get moving. Even if I don’t win, I would love to attend your classes and hopefully can gain that courage to do so. Thankyou!!

  91. Jacquie precious

    Winning a six month membership would help me get my boby back on its way to health. I crushed the vertebra in my neck and upper spine 10 years ago requiring two surgeries and extensive rehab. Then 6 years later ruptured two L4, L5, S1 discs. 6 surgeries in three years took its toll physically and mentally I need help

  92. Terri

    I have just started my journey to try to reclaim my body wellness both pysically and mentally after some traumatic years with my health . Right now my flexibility is 0% and I am usually sore and in some sort of pain at work each day, I cant afford pilates classes as they have been prescribed for me to start fixing my body so I would really love and appreciate winning the membership so much so I can begin to make my way back to me, thanks so much x

  93. Nicole Fenton

    I was in a serious car accident last year and have really struggled to get back into exercise with PTSD really affecting my heart not to mention the whiplash I endured. I really like how Pilates lengths the body including the neck as well as not being too intense for my heart or body. Unfortunately as a student right now I can only afford sessions as a treat but I know if this could become a regular thing in my life it would really help with my mental recovery as I find other means of exercise too much. Not long til I graduate now though so even if I don’t win I’ll be very excited to join once I receive my graduate job and can start contributing to society and myself again <3

  94. Jessica

    This membership would be a lifesaver for me. I’m currently very overweight after a lifetime of dancing and horseriding, so this body is foreign to me. While I was never *skinny* (read: ballet instructors bemoaned my hips and boobs), I was ALWAYS fit. However, my back gave in after a fall too many in acro, and then that’s when I feel everything started falling apart. I hurt my back (badly) at work and had to go through the worker’s comp process, which was stressful and demeaning. Before that, my Dad got cancer and passed away, and just after, my uncle passed away of the same cancer and I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. As part of my rehab I was attending pilates and loved it – but life (and a deep depression) got in the way and left me unwilling to leave the house – which lead to binging, restricting, and repeating the cycle again and again.

    I still have huge issues with my back and have massive self esteem issues. I’m a Type A in every way (a high achiever at work, organised in every other sense) and yet I hate my body – because I feel like we’ve equal parts let each other down – and I just need something to get me back into gentle exercise and into a better headspace, along with losing some weight so my periods settle down (I suffer from PCOS).

    If I’m being honest, I’ll probably find a way to attend classes at the Basso location anyway… but I thought I’d enter this comp as well. I just need to hate myself less and I don’t know what else to do!

    • CG

      Congrats Jessica, so lucky you won!!

      • Jessica

        Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much (and thank you CG for your kind words). xx

        • Marie Molloy

          Yay!!! Congrats Jessica, I feel very blessed to have won too. Look forward to meeting you and making the change together xp

      • kirsten

        Congratulations Jessica, one step at a time, learning new habits takes 30 days so slow and steady will get you to your goal, i reckon you’ll get heaps of support from Tarryn and the group. all the best in your new venture

    • Bec

      Congratulations Jessica, you lucky gal. Enjoy your 4 month membership and please do start loving yourself! 🙂

  95. Marie Molloy

    Wow, so many incredible and touching others have said Tarryn thanks so much for the very generous opportunity to apply. Seems like such a beautiful way to start things off, building a team of people that kinda know a little of each others stories and why we would all be there to make things better for ourselves, our families and our communities.

    My story is a lot like others have shared – being knocked down hard by the sometimes heartbreaking pains that come with life and loving, working too hard for too long and continuously paying attention to myself last and never fully being able to hear or listen to my body and what it needs. Then I think it all came crashing down when after many years of the ups and downs of battling brain cancer, we lost my brother to it mid 2017, the night before his funeral we shockingly and suddenly lost my youngest brother too, then in March last year we lost my Step Dad. We’ve been a family in crisis all just floating like bits of shipwreck out at sea, all in a fog and taking turns at holding each other up and trying not to drown ourselves.

    We are all only just starting to be able to see a little more clearly now. I am really feeling how important it is to be present and IN my best body, not only for myself but for my family and community too. I’m only just starting to be able to actually listen to my body again and hear what it needs.

    The other things is I’m a teacher at a local high school in Bassendean and I feel deeply connected to the place and the people. The opportunity to be able to receive knowledge, guidance and support to build myself up again, in Bassendean, would be such a joy – time for me to fill up me so I can continue to get better, be better and pay it forward.

    I think you knocked it out of the park when you said “A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges” I really wanna be part of that! I want to be in and be part of building this new ‘happy place’ in Bassendean.

    <3 Marie

    • CG

      That is so awesome you won the membership Marie – enjoy!

      • Marie Molloy

        Thanks so much CG – cant believe I did. Must admit I teared up a bit when I realised 🙂 xo

      • Bec

        Congrats Marie. #supportlocal #bassendean

      • Kirsten

        congratulations Marie, celebrate who you are, and embrace this opportunity for a NEW you.

  96. Judy

    What a great idea! 6 months to get hooked! I have just started Pilates with my physio after a few niggling issues with my knees & hips. At 62 I have maintained the lazy persons regime of fitness, a couple of walks a week around the park with my dog. I was fit enough to have completed the Walk with the Gods in Positano Italy a couple of years ago but have been a bit slack since retiring. As I am heading off to Sri Lanka in July I want to be as fit as I can be to thoroughly enjoy the physical aspects of this holiday. This fabulous offer would really be appreciated and help get me back on the path to a healthy body.

  97. Jill Zanetti

    Hello Tarryn

    I am 63 and have recently lost 22kgs, This year I got back into exercise and Pilates is the right workout for me. My chronic lower back pain is already improving and with Pilate’s emphasis on breathing and core strength I know a 6 month membership I could really help achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. Every decade I have lost weight to be in a healthy weight range, only to put on the weight and more. I have already begun making permanent changes to my lifestyle and a membership would really help cement these changes.

  98. Amanda Green

    As a single mum of three I have found very little time for me which has taken a toll on my mental and physical health. I was initially introduced to reformer Pilates a few years ago from a physiotherapist treating me for lower back pain and overall muscle tightness. It was at that time that I decided Reformer Pilates was the ideal excercise to bring me back to the woman I once was, giving me the strength and tone that I desired. Unfortunately, I never found the will to put myself first and kept finding an excuse not to start. This opportunity would give me the kickstart I need – no more excuses and I could become whole again instead of the outter shell I have become.

  99. Irina

    I know that this Pilates membership (I mean classes) will help me with my back and neck pain as well as frequent headaches. Plus it will help me to get the body I want!

  100. Kaylie Morphew

    As a single mum I’ve totally sacrificed my time & self care for the last 6 years and now it’s time to rectify that. My body is weak where it used to be strong.. floppy where it used to be firm. My mind has reset and now it’s time to reset and rediscover my best body … for me, because I f***ing deserve it!

  101. Jayne

    I’m excited to have an opportunity to do Pilates so close to home.
    I have set myself a goal of walking the Bloody Long Walk, but with a few joint issues, Pilates will assist my body reach the end!!!

  102. Andree

    In July of 2017 I started my fitness journey to help with my depression, and was working out 4x a week and was loving how fit, toned and happy it was making me. Fast forward to Feb 2018 I unexpectedly fell pregnant and due to a sub chronic hematoma has to cease exercising as it was too risky. I had my beautiful healthy girl in October and have since been diagnosed with postpartum depression and I have been back at work full time for three weeks and have been trying to get to exercise as I know this helps my mind and soul immensely. I know that if I was to get this gift from bestbody it would be an incredible opportunity for me and for you as I will be a success story.

  103. Lenny

    I never done pilates before and after watching some of your videos i feel like this is the best time for me to learn and to be fit and I believe this will help me to restore my body. I am currently doing IVF treatment and its been a process. Having a break from it because its physically, mentally, emotionally (and to mention financially) draining. I wana do pilates to help me to rebuild and restore my strengths.

  104. Sangeetha

    After 2 C-sections my core has absolutely gone for a toss. I’ve got lower back pain & neck & shoulder cramps constantly. I believe if I get the membership it’ll help me to bring back my.lost core strength & keep me motivated to be the best version of myself

  105. Noelle D

    Hey Tarryn,

    I would love to be in the running to win a 6 month membership.

    I have been working as a consultant for the past year, which means long working hours, often sitting at a desk writing reports, which means I am stagnant for most of the day.

    At the same time I am planning a wedding and my partner and I are in the process of working out how we can support both our parents as they get older, soooo there is a lot going on, which brings a lot of stress (and that sneaky stress eating, chocolate is my go to!)

    I have noticed that I have gained a bit of weight, I am feeling sluggish and exhausted and I have struggle with hip and forearm soreness from too much sitting and typing.

    I think that a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will start a routine of exercise for me, which will reduce my stress (and that annoying chocolate habit), help me feel more energised and get the much needed stretching and strengthening to reduce by hip and forearm pain.

    I would really like to improve me moods as well which I think will be part and parcel if I am able to relieve stress through Reformer Pilates (and my partner will thank you!).

    Good luck to everyone! I am sure the winners will love every minute of their membership.

  106. Niamh McGowan

    As someone who has always been labeled “the skinny one” I found that I was constantly putting pressure on myself to upkeep this image, which lead to unhealthy habits and a gruelling exercise regime of 1-2 high intensity workouts 6 days per week. I finally reached breaking point and decided to find something that I enjoyed, exercise that wasn’t a chore. Reformer Pilates was not only a something that I thoroughly enjoyed, it has helped curve my mindset from “skinny” to “strong.” Reformer Pilates is the most challenging exercise I have ever done. This membership would mean the world to me, to enable me to continue my journey to a healthier and happier mindset and wellbeing.

  107. Louise Rattray

    I think it will be amazing in Bassendean. I’ve got fibromyalgia caused by a possible genetic condition my son has. I’m so right everywhere. It’s exhausting! My
    New Years resolution was to gain flexibility! So your the right place to start.

  108. Julie Boland

    Best body means outside AND inside, physical and mental. After just four weeks Best Body Pilates has already stretched my body, challenged my mind, fed my soul and nourished my confidence in such a supportive surrounding. Like any great journey, effort brings its own rewards, and winning this membership is definitely a ticket to ride, destination MY Best Body.

  109. Helen

    It has been a tough six months – losing my mother and focusing all my energy and pain on that. Still raw but know I need to focus on my health and renew my energy to get the best body I can. I feel Reforner Pilates will get my focus back on my health and flexibility. Xx


    I have been wanting to participate in Reformer Pilates for quite some time but finding nothing in the local area. I have had a knee reconstruction plus 3 children, i am a member of a local gym but find that after a few weeks my knee starts giving me a little grief so i have a lot of down time. I now realise that i need a more gentle approach to exercise to achieve a healthier mind and body. I particularly like the idea of Pilates to gain core strength that has been lacking for many years and as well staying flexible now that i am getting older.
    I love the idea of group classes and enjoy being around other like minded people who want to achieve the same.

  111. Melissa Collis

    Over the last 12 months I have found myself again. Through spending time using such amazing teachers such as Gabby Bernstein and Rebecca Campbell, I have found my spirituality again and have tackled some very big issues in such a short space of time. I am learning to live in the moment and let go of outcomes and the ego and can see such an amazing life ahead of me.
    I have been connecting with my body through yoga but my fitness passion is with pilates.
    I have been neglectful and distant with my body and am now in a place where my mental health is ony going to improve through exercise.
    The connection and mindfulness when I am going through my routines is so blissful and I look forward to this.
    I look forward to joining a group of like minded people and building a community and spreading love, connecting and growing together.

  112. Anna

    Best Body encapsulates exactly what I am hoping to achieve Tarryn, the best body I can have that I also love, achieved through working with a committed team & community with like-minded goals! Just paid my Foundation membership, can’t wait to start, super excited !! I love the way you have written up all the different benefits of joining and the little surprises interspersed throughout kinda like pass the parcel, I’m excited just wondering what they will be, dying to get deeper into the interesting twists, I’m loving the suspense you are creating here, also dying to know the address there are so many Physio’s in Basso, but Best Body is the one for me and hopefully also for my 21 year old son who is studying Nursing and needs to learn to protect his back and just increase his general fitness. I had neck surgery in 2004 and still struggle with upper body strength, travel and sleeping comfortably. I have recently taken up SUP and need to build my strength to carry the board which is very achievable though the reformer and general Pilates classes, can’t wait to personally welcome you to the Bassendean community Tarryn, you will love it it’s a great place that will improve further with your business! Good luck and thanks!

  113. Moana Wilson

    Winning this prize would help me gain stronger muscles. I do work lifting loads of heavy items which causes general wear and tear on my body which seem to progress more with age. Im hoping to gain more flexibility as i am a bit hyperflexible so hopefully it would work for me. Regardless i will be attending as i feel its much needed for me.

  114. Sandi

    I’m really looking forward to trying Reformer Pilates and can’t wait for the Bassendean studio to open! I work an office job and also had abdominal surgery a few years ago which resulted in gaining quite a number of unwanted kgs. My motivation has been up and down as my results fluctuate so much and it can be very disheartening. I’m wanting to work on getting my core strength (and overall strength) back to where it was pre-surgery, this will also help relieve some pain that I get with my slight lower scoliosis.
    I believe Reformer Pilates will help me achieve my goals in getting my strength back and also helping me with my posture, balance and flexibility!

  115. Leanne Morris

    Being a horse rider and a person who needs core strength also for a spondylitis in my lower spine, I did Pilates for a long time and was so happy with the results, but unfortunately the cost just pushed me away, since then my back has been ok, but my weight has gone up and my strength is not as good either, having this facility it’s going to be fabulous and I will be bringing my husband and daughter along too as they both need it too!!

  116. jane

    I turned 50 in January and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am overweight by about 15 kilos, both of my knees make a clicking grinding sound- even when I’m sitting on the couch ! and I am in the process of getting my gut back into balance after years of mistreatment.
    Having a membership to Pilates would mean I can get my life back on track and actually become the person I remember being before life got in the way and I let myself go.
    I am at an age where I cannot ignore this anymore and if I want to live a long life I need to address these issues now!
    I have regrets about the way I have treated myself but I finally seem to be getting the message that my body loves me and I need to love it back.
    Thank you for the opportunity to get may life back on track and start to take care of my body and therefore my mind and the minds of my family too. This opportunity can have a springboard effect and benefit not just myself but those around me that love me.

  117. Lyn Clark

    I turned 60 last year and decided that I needed to start to take care of me, I have always been there for my children and even now they are grown I am still there to support them. However, I sometime forget about me, so I registered myself in a weight loss program and have to date lost around 20 kgs. I am a busy person and work full time, so cannot get myself motivated when it comes to exercise. I get home from work with good intensions, but then just don’t do it.

    I would love to win this opportunity to have support and a team to encourage me to move forward. I have found the last couple of months quite challenging and my weight loss has slowed down. I do not have the support group to keep pushing me and to pick me up when life throws challenges at me, so having access to this support will be amazing for me.

  118. Bec

    I would simply love to win this prize! It would give me the opportunity to experience reformer pilates on a regular basis and assist in my journey to a better well being, inclusive of my mind and body.

    Having had three beautiful children, which bring so fun, chaos and at times challenges, this will provide me with the space to have some ‘me’ time. I would use this opportunity to focus on my core as well as building up my strength and resistance overall.

    I am excited at the possibilities this will bring!

  119. Shaan

    Given this is the last 3 months before I turn 30, I am reflecting on how to be a healthier version of myself. I have tired reformer before for lower back pain which helped significantly (even more so than chiro) unfortunately the price per class meant that I was unable to continue with it. I know that having tho membership will give me the boost to continue on the health journey, help with my back pain and give me time to be mindful and help with my mental well-being following a difficult personal 2.5 years. Thank you for this opportunity.

  120. Narelle Kiddey

    Hi Tarryn, I’ve done some Pilates & yoga over the years. I looking for a workout that can make me long & lean, that will help relieve my back pain. I’m hoping it will be kind on my knees & ankles a also. If I can wipe 5-10kg off, that would be awesome. If I won a membership I’d be ecstatic. Can’t waste that!

  121. Jenny Dunham

    Hi Tarryn, For years I have tried to to get excited about excerise and excerise equipment. I have tried many gyms & groups.Trying to find that 1 something that will do everything I need for what I have wanted to achieve has been difficult. I have seen and tried out various reformers – not my own and people who have used it rave about it. I have always had weak upper body and not a strong core and more than anything that is what I have been trying to achieve. For me everything else would be a bonus. My health is important and if working with the reformer helps me achieve better health I would be over the moon. I am also equally excited about finally having a reformer studio close to me and dare I say the “otherside”.

  122. Racheal

    What an opportunity! If I was to win, it would certainly help me out – I’ve previously broken my back – not just once, but twice!! Once in a horse riding accident and the second time in a plane crash. I’ve done Pilates a few times and I’ve loved it. Being a solo mum, I don’t like to spend the money on myself though, so winning this would be the perfect treat, for my body and my mind.

  123. Romona

    When I was child free and cashed up in Melbourne my physio used to do reformer Pilates with me. I loved the controlled stretching it allowed and the relief it gave to my lower back pain.
    More than ten years and two kids later, running a busy business, I barely have time for myself. I’m out of shape, what little core I had fluttered into non-existence, and my constant time on the computer has left me with poor posture and aching body parts. My battle with depression and anxiety is daily, but my local community and friend networks get me through.
    This year I turn 40.
    I promised myself that this would be MY year.
    The year I learn to say NO.
    The year I put myself first, at least on occasion.
    The year I concentrate on my mental and physical health.
    As a local Bassendean small business myself, I always try and support other local businesses and would love for my journey this year to involve and be improved by another new Basso business!

  124. Vicki James

    Hi Tarryn,
    What an opportunity. I will be a complete newbie to Pilates but it is something I am keen to do and maintain as over past years my fitness has decreased, particularly since having bub (now 3 years old). I am so motivated in 2019 to finally give back to myself and get back into fitness but in another way. Previously I have been very active in team sports and running, but I find its high impact on body and need to build my fundamental fitness again. Unfortunately I had seizures after giving birth to my daughter, so again I have had to look at other ways to exercise (hence my interest in Pilates) Plus my flexibility is shocking and has I age I want to ensure I set a good example for daughter, and be around and have ability to be able to interact. I am also hoping these type of classes will help with stress. My sister has started working at a Pilates / yoga studio and she can not stop sharing how much the classes she is doing is helping her back and achieve her fitness goals. I am so excited to see what is to come.

  125. Yvonne

    Congratulations K, Jessic and Marie. So well deserved, I hope to meet the three you very soon

  126. Sarah

    Yay, well done guys!

  127. Tanya

    Well Done

  128. Louell

    Congratulations guys. I’m sure you’ll have fun and get heaps out of Pilates. Enjoy.

  129. Carmen

    Congrats to the winners. What an amazing prize

  130. Marie Molloy

    Congratulations K and Jessica and thank you to everyone for the lovely comments and your shared stories. And Tarryn, THANK YOU. SO MUCH. Such a beautiful, and what I am sure will be a, life changing gift. I didn’t realise I’d won – I came across to congratulate everyone and then I scrolled down and saw there were three winners and I was one! I am sure I teared up. Feel very blessed to be a part of building our new Basso happy place and overwhelmed to have won the chance to do it. I am so ready to make this change. Can. not. wait. to begin!! xoxo

  131. Kirsten

    Congratulations K, enjoy the prize.

  132. Natasha Du

    Congratulations ladies and enjoy!

  133. Wendy

    Congrats and enjoy

  134. Claudia Wilde

    Congratulations to all the very deserving winners.

  135. Nads

    Hi, wow Bassendean so much closer and accessible, there are 10 reasons plus why I would love to win a membership, in a nutshell like most of us this day and age, I’m just done and tired, I miss my old self, although I have lost almost 60kg in the last four years I’ve still not developed the confidence to work out in a public setting, I feel embarrassed lol, I’ve been wanting to try something that will give me some fitness and benefit my body and the excess skin is hard they tell you to lose weight but there is always a fall out!! It’s an amazing opportunity for anyone you choose thanks for the chance to comment x

  136. Aly Chiman

    Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at promoted as a resource on our blog ?

    We are updating our do-follow broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. If you may be interested in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know.

    Thanks, Aly

  137. Sal

    Why hello there,
    I watched briefly from the other side of the door as you all were stretching and limbering up on your funny looking contraptions. (My husband said it was kinda creepy that I was watching, I thought maybe because I was not actually participating, or because I was about to enhale a doner kebab which I think is not really a food group.)
    Anyway, I am extremely interested in how those contraptions work, and also, do they assist in helping remove excess flibber flubber?
    I am not an exercise person and I am breaking out in a sweat just mentioning the “E” word.
    Would love to give it a crack, and hopefully get that bikini body all fired up for summer.
    I am really quite serious about learning a healthy skill, and no, I would never wear a bikini 😉


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