Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Bassendean soon.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Bassendean for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned! (and happy!)


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you this week if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Bassendean studio.


  1. Anna Sarcich

    I have been struggling with my weight and my eating habits (in the Covid pandemic but in general as well) and Reformer pilates is something that I have relatively recently discovered that really has made a massive impact on my fitness, physical and mental health. I have to work a lot in a sitting position (playing cello) and I suffer from postural issues. I can feel the changes in my body quickly when I do reformer and it spurs me on to keep going to classes and make better decisions with everything I do. I have recently moved to Guildford (and right at the beginning of the lock down) and I need a new studio to continue my pilates.

    • Symone

      I am a first time bub and have struggled to lose the last little bit of baby weight along with building up my strength after having a baby, particular my core.
      Being a first time mum is challenging at the best of time but dealing with this pandemic has thrown another hurdle my way, meaning I have put myself and my health last. I have just started my diet and hoping to join in regular Pilates to strengthen, tone and lose cms

  2. Cherie Haysey

    A Best Body Reformer membership over the next 3 months will not only help me to physically become fitter, leaner and stronger, but will help with my mental well being and also contribute to allowing me to learn to become an amazing Pilates Instructor while I endeavour to complete my Certificate IV in Reformer and Mat Pilates.

    • Ciara O'Gorman

      Being a teacher of students with special needs, I have found the past few months especially difficult. I have felt under immense pressure to ensure the safety of my students and help support them and their families, navigating this uncertain time. The pandemic has had a significant impact on students’ well-being and this has been the focus of teachers throughout this time. Unfortunately, it has also affected our well-being and i have found myself neglecting my mental and physical health. I would love a three-month membership to Best Body to reignite my own self-care.

  3. Andree Balzer

    I’m a full time mum and a full time worker in the community services sector. I’ve had no time to relax let alone exercise. I’ve put on 30kgs during/after pregnancy and cannot loose it despite thinking isolation would somehow give me that opportunity. And my child is currently throwing a tantrum because she can’t wear 4 pairs of shoes that are too big for her and only on 2 feet and I need this!!

  4. Jean Applin

    I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for the majority of my life. I had gastric surgery and began this journey to get fit. I was very unmotivated until I thought I’d give this reformer Pilates a try ..thought I’d do a couple of weeks …here I am 9 months later loving this exercise…so much so I even enrolled in mat Pilates..God forbid an old arthritic woman tying herself up like a pretzel . Even that had me saying I’ll give it a couple of weeks .and here I am…still going strong doing mat Pilates but waiting for reformer to start again. Makes me feel alive

  5. Jodie Hitch

    My body was stiff and sore, then I found Best Body and it has made a world of difference. Since Covid-19 has stopped us from attending my body/joints have become stiff and everyday tasks are becoming difficult again.
    I was thinking about not returning due to finances but as everyday goes by I realise how much Best Body Pilates had improved my everyday well being by making my body stronger.
    I look forward to coming back so I can feel stronger, flexible and as a bonus get toned.

  6. Emma Bevington

    Desperate to get back onto the Pilates Reformers. I am looking forward to regaining muscle tone and confidence in my body. I also like how Pilates Reformer makes me get up, be accountable and take care of myself. I’ve noticed that when I attend a class, I make healthy choices. Looking forward to get back to class.
    Thank you

  7. Sarah

    A Best Body Membership would help me to get back on track with my fitness goals for 2020. The last months have been challenging and I can not wait to return to the studio to work again on my physical and mental strength. In the last year I have lost 10 kgs with Best Body and I am hoping to make it another 10 to the end of 2020. 3 classes a week would really kickstart my journey and help me to make up for the lost months.

  8. Kirsten

    So 7 years ago I was the fittest I’ve ever been in my life mainly due to reformer pilates, my 6 year old at the time thought pilates was my job.
    Moved to Perth with big changes to my daily life, job etc.
    No time for me with everything else to do for my family. Now about 20 kilos heavier and still actively at a gym but no where near as much as I should be. Now my son is in high school and my husband is home (usually away a lot) I can finally make some time.
    The difference I think is being held accountable, I need someone to make me accountable with an exercise I enjoy. I loved pilates although I’m Super scared to return at a much heavier weight.

  9. Angeline Biggin

    Re-starting reformer sessions will help me mentally and physically. They are so addictive. Loved them ten years ago, love them now more! It was my much needed ‘me’ time when my kids are at school which I look forward to and plan my schedule around. I always come out of the classes feeling brighter and lighter (mentally).
    Physically, i need to get back to where i was and then progress from there. I miss the good pain after my classes, especially jumpboard classes. And to fit better back in my jeans!

  10. Alex

    As restrictions tightened and COVID19 hysteria heightened I went into hospital to give birth to my first child. I’ve yet to get back to any sort of exercise routine – learning to parent and self isolate has been quite a challenge. I continued pilates during pregnancy and would love take it up again as a new mum.

  11. Jayne Bittner

    I had finally made a decision around Xmas of 2019 to start making myself a priority. As a full-time working mum of 3 very active teenagers their social life was busier than mine. I commenced at Best Body Bassendean initially with the goal to “fix” a hip issue. After attending classes 3 times a week, I soon discovered that my “hip” issue quickly improved but I also unexpectedly experienced other benefits. Increased flexibility, weight loss and improvement in my mental health. Although I have a busy lifestyle, those 3 little sessions became so important to me. Then covid arrived. Fortunately my employment continued, the busy lifestyle reduced but I was missing the benefits I only just started receiving. I am so looking forward to returning to the studio and beginning it all over again.

  12. Michelle Chin

    I joined best body over 3years ago and moved to the Bassendean studio when it first opened. Reformer Pilates was something I’d always wanted to try but classes seemed out of reach for my budget. I’ve suffered back pain for many years and tried everything from Chiro, acupuncture, osteo. I’ve joined gyms, tried PT, boot camp, aqua aerobics, mat Pilates, yoga and so much more. The impact reformer Pilates has had on my body has been amazing. I am stronger and leaner and best of all my back pain is pretty much gone. It has not only made me feel healthier but is the ONLY form of exercise that I have stuck to, made it part of my routine and absolutely love. A friend asked me recently what do I miss the most during this pandemic. Without hesitation I said reformer Pilates. I’m looking forward to returning to classes and if I could give my younger self advice it would be make the investment in yourself. Sign up for reformer Pilates.

  13. Emily Friend

    I had a gastrectomy at the beginning of 2020 for weight loss and a neurological condition. Along with fibromyalgia/CFS, covid-19 caused a flare up, not being able to attend 4 classes a week including stretch and flex. A pilates membership will help me bounce back and continue recovering.

  14. Joanne Rossi

    I have been thinking of trying reformer Pilates for sometime now, I am sick of living with daily back pain (prolapse L4/5). I am unable to do exercise that I enjoy. I am really hoping that this will prevent me having surgery down the track! Looking forward to living pain free for the first time in years

  15. Kelly Steele

    Having a small business and working closely with the hospitality industry has made this time really difficult, it’s meant that we’ve been drinking too much and have gotten out of our healthy routine.

    Having a set structure again like three classes a week would be extremely helpful & motivating. I thrive on routine and find once I get into a groove I am able to dedicate myself in other areas, such as starting back up my weekly fast days & meditation. Unfortunately because of a previous knee injury I have to be extremely selective in the exercise I do, this is my reformers is so helpful.

  16. Michelle

    I started my journey with Best Body Bassendean in February this year with the goal of losing the weight I gained during pregnancy and also to take some time a few times a week for myself. (I’m a stay at home mum and I have found I give a lot to the family and not enough to myself). 5 weeks in to my journey I was starting to see weight loss and I was feeling absolutely amazing mentally and physically and then I got appendicitis which coincided with the start of the coronavirus pandemic….. So basically I have had a 6 week recovery which was very restrictive exercise wise and really demotivating in general. Also we have been stuck at home which has definitely had its positives however the time has come to get back in to it and I can not wait to get back to Pilates. A FREE 3 month membership will help me to get back on track with my weight loss, the ability to take time for myself doing something I really enjoy and also to allow my body to feel taller, stronger and healthier again!

  17. Emily Greaves

    I am really hoping to get back to best body Bassendean in the very near future. Pilates became a very important part of my life in 2019 and made a huge difference to how I felt in my body on a daily basis. Back at the start of feb I had to cancel my membership as money was tight and I was starting a new job that changed my availability to get to classes. Now things are looking a bit different during this whole pandemic and I would love the opportunity to get back sooner than I intended so I can feel stronger and calmer in my body and mind on a daily basis.

  18. Anna

    Exercise helps with my mental health and anxiety which I have been struggling with during this pandemic, having classes to look forward to and keep me accountable really helps. I am looking forward to having something positive for mind and body to leave the house for and the sense of community you get from working out with people even if it is on machine alone.

  19. Sarah B

    Pre-COVID I had worked my tooshie off to finally become comfortable and happy with my body after two babies. Iso and hospital life has taken its toll. I skipped meals, lost access to the gym and neglected my home workout regime. I need this to be my restart button. The kids are back in routine, the healthcare system is settling and I finally feel like I can take control again. This will quite literally give me no excuses and I would be forever grateful of the opportunity. 🙂

  20. Louise

    Not only do I have a whole lot of health issues that I need to address by losing weight, I’d love to lose weight to feel comfortable, strong and confident again after becoming a mum. I have 2 beautiful girls who I want to be a positive role model for and feel not only am I failing myself but them as well because my health and confidence affects normal everyday duties. This would be life changing

  21. Margaret Collins

    I have been living in a cocoon. I believe reformer Pilates will help me to emerge from my chrysalis with strength and flexibility both mentally and physically ready to embrace this new world we live in. I appreciate the motivation, support and encouragement that Best Body Bassendean has given me to be my personal best.

  22. Sue Phillips

    I’ve always been a ‘gym’ person. Nobody told me that getting older meant regular aches and pains and that visits to the physio and radiology would be a regular thing!
    I’m hoping, already with the approval ,of my physio that reformer Pilates will help ease the aches and give me the strength to age gracefully!

  23. Jen Salter

    Just when I’d gotten into the groove, Covid-19 changed the mood,
    regular attendance to the studio I went, loosening the joints was time well spent. Changes I saw, strength was had, then the studio closed and I was sad.
    No iso for me as a health employee, sat eating savouries with my cups of coffee,
    Knowing this laziness has to end, my wishes to win a membership I send, to regain a healthy routine is a must, to reduce my thighs and lift my bust.
    I’m told a lady of my age should simply accept that I’m at that stage where waists grow wider and all things droop, however those within the reformer group proved this belief is wrong and that with Pilates, I could soon be strong. To win would bring such joy right now because I’ve become a right lazy cow!
    So please take pity on this witty ditty writer so that the scales can soon be lighter.

  24. Rachel Wotton

    I have worked through this pandemic in customer service which at times is very stressful, I find that when I exercise that my mind and body work well together making life easier, especially for my family I am 52 and am wanting to strengthen my body to cope with the long hours standing and general health benefits. I value the ethics of healthy mind and body, I have limited experience in the reformer but have enjoyed what I have done. I thank you for this opportunity.

  25. Tamara Ratnayake

    I am a first time mum and although it has been 10 months now, it really is a struggle to get my pre-baby body back. I took up reformer pilates last year for 6 weeks only (as that’s all I could afford), and it was the best 6 weeks as I felt my muscles stretch out and not so tight. That was one thing I felt the most was my whole body would hurt. But pilates helped to loosen it up. The best thing that it has helped me do and that’s bend forward and touch my toes. Something I couldn’t do before. But even today I can still do it (and feel proud of myself) and that makes me remember the benefits that reformer pilates offered me. This membership would help me again to get my body stretched out and get some flexibility back again. Not to mention the 10kgs I am still to lose. My stomach still looks like I am pregnant and a family friend who had not seen me for a couple of years saw me at the shopping centre and thought I was pregnant! Losing this belly is something that is on my mind all the time as it makes me self-conscious. Because I am not working I cannot afford the weekly classes. If I win this prize it would be such a relief mentally knowing that I will be helped with my goals to lose weight, tone, plus feel physically agile again.

  26. Samantha

    I got into Pilates with best body about 1 month before isolation started. Pilates isn’t only good for the body but it’s also so good for your mental health. You don’t realise how much being active helps with your mental health. Such a fun, calming way to stay active and makes it even more easier with the friendly and wonderful staff and instructors at best body Bassendean! Struggling with certain health conditions Pilates was a gentle was to exercise my body and allow myself to still push my body to certain limits. I enjoyed Pilates on the reformers that much I was devastated when they had to close down. I did a lot of research and came across a reformer to higher whilst isolation was on. I can’t wait for Pilates to be back on and to get back into classes. Pilates Addict that’s for sure!

  27. Judy Dos Santos

    Hi, I’ve been reading all your emails and have really enjoyed them. I have weight issues from breast cancer, chemo, radiotherapy years ago. I think my stress levels are too high so I cannot lose weight. I need a safe, comfortable, empathetic, happy, welcoming environment to begin my wellness journey. I would love to win a chance to start living well

  28. Kathleen Earle

    I can’t even compete with some of the comments above. I have done zero exercise throughout the lockdown except walking. I have never tried Reformer Pilates before and thought it would be a good way to start something new. Good luck everyone.

  29. Lucy

    Before lockdown, The best Body Pilates was the saviour after an Achilles injury prevented me for doing the exercise I had been doing.
    The stretching and the strengthening of my core was certainly paying off and I was back on the road to feeling great.
    Not being able to do this regular exercise has made it very hard to keep going and the achilles is still a bit of a problem.
    I have been missing the routine of going to the studio so cant wait to get back there and start to feel good again.

  30. Taryn Friend

    Pre-pandemic I was working very hard on developing my core and strengthening my knees and ankles (netball…). Being a nurse a strong core is essential to be able to safely perform manual handling tasks and it was something I’ve overlooked in the past and used my arms or back to assist someone (not the best idea!). During the pandemic I have tried to stay committed to doing Best Body @ Home but have often found excuses not to do a class and have struggled to keep up with what I was doing prior. I have noticed as a result my core strength has decreased and my knees and ankles are not as stable. Getting back into regular reformer pilates will put me back on the path I was on pre-pandemic and help me regain some strength! Big praise to how you have handled the pandemic as well, it really shows how much you care about your clients and their progress!

  31. Samantha

    I only recently (January) discovered reformer Pilates, and quickly fell in love with it.
    I have always struggled to find a form of exercise that works for my body, I enjoy and that I actually want to keep doing. Reformer Pilates is that for me. I miss it if I don’t go for a day or two. (Covid certainly didn’t help this)

    Before having to stop I had already started to notice a transformation to body, my flexibility and stamina. I can’t wait to get back into the studio ASAP and am hoping for that studio to be Best Body Bassendean.

    Being a flight attendant, this global pandemic has certainly hit my life pretty hard. So, winning a 3 month membership would be a dream! You would even be doing my partner a favour as he is sick of hearing me whinge about wanting Pilates Studios to reopen.

    All the best to all the entrants and let’s hope we are all back in the studio soon.

    • Crystal D'Silva

      Hi Scott,
      I’d love to be considered for the free membership!
      I need to get into shape, but my efforts have been hindered by a few issues such as niggling injuries (mainly back & joint) and a persistent lung problem.
      Pilates would help me so much in my road to better health!
      Thanks for reading!

  32. Colleen Woodley

    At 70 years old you’d think I’d learnt about healthy eating and taking care of myself by now, but nah! still struggle everyday but always give it a go.

    Can’t get on the floor anymore and get upset and embarrassed trying to.

    I’ve been encouraged by your daily emails during this trying time and although I’ve never done Pilates, I reckon I’ll join, hide myself in a corner and go for it!

  33. Rita Adams

    I have been procrastinating joining up for a very long time…… and when I finally decided it was time to really do something COVID appeared !.I have had a persistent injury which I know needs you. I am new to the Bassendean area, and thought this would be a great way to support a local business and also get to know some locals. COVID has changed a lot of things in my life and to be given the opportunity of a membership would be amazing – both physically and mentally. I need this push to change some things in my life. I’m nearing 60 and want to remain active and able for my family … someone that they can rely on. xxxx

    • Tegan Moffat

      Hi BB,

      I’d absolutely LOVE to win a reformer membership because I’m 3 months postnatal. I have a 3cm abdominals separation and I only trust the Pilates method to be able to safety return my body to pre baby status. I’m on maternity leave and that means a huge pay cut for me and my family. I’ve always invested in my health but to win a membership will feel like winning the lotto to me right now!!! I love reformer and would continue to be a loyal client to BB ongoing. Thankyou for the opportunity to enter.

  34. Lyn

    I am a 62-year-old female who has always had issues with weight gain. I finally got my head in the right space and have lost nearly 26 kgs. However, over the past few months, I have slowly started to gain some of that weight back. I do not want to go back to the weight I was previously, however, I am really struggling. During the partial lockdown and the intra-state district border closures, my husband and I had been living away from each other for about 10 weeks due to work. This meant that living in the house on my own became a challenge to keep occupied and not to raid the pantry.
    I have not been a member of a gym for a very long time and never been to a pilates class. This membership for the next three months would be something that would motivate me to stay on my journey. I still have a long way to go and this could be that step in the right direction. I would really appreciate this is I was lucky enough to win this.

  35. Jodie

    I have been looking into Reformer Pilates for quite some time now, every time I take 2 steps forward I end up going 5 back.
    I’m active but live with chronic pain everyday.
    I’ve had 3 injections in my neck 2 in shoulder 1 hip.
    I have no feeling in my arm most days but this does not stop me.
    I’m a mum of 2 and work as a hairdresser.
    My hubby is Fifo so it’s go go go.
    I’m needing to strengthen my body and believe this would be the most effective way of doing it.
    I don’t want to rely on injections as I understand the damage it can do.
    Thank you for the opportunity to have a go at winning a chance to try this method.

  36. Joan Bradock

    I used to do reformer Pilates with my physio but unfortunately she moved to Melbourne. Since then I was looking for another Pilates place to continue with and was about to go to best body in bassendean when covid19 raised its head and bang everyone was isolated and most businesses closed down. I really enjoyed reformer Pilates as I have had 14 lots of knee surgeries and therefore have issues with my knees so require low impact exercises but reformer Pilates was great as it didn’t impact my knees but still gave my glutes and quads a good workout. Also I have problems with my lower back and Pilates helps in strengthening the core muscles that help with the stabilisation of the back

  37. Rachael

    Working from home has lead to a number of bad habits from sitting awkwardly on couches, sitting in bed, slouching if I bother to sit in my study. Also as it’s been getting colder I have been sleeping curled up in a tight ball. Ultimately my body is completely out of sorts and needs to be reset, stretched and strengthened.
    Also a side effect of 3 months of Pilates as we come out of iso is the toning and getting my body ready for the warmer months!

  38. Lynley Cannon

    Hi Scott
    I’m nearly fifty, short, chubby, and flabby, both in looks and muscle tone. It is getting harder and harder to make a difference. A while back I attended beginner classes at Mt Lawley and loved it. Here is an exercise that doesn’t require a good sense of balance, or the ability to leap up and down in time with a beat – I can’t dance to save my life and all that bouncing around is terribly uncomfortable when parts of me continue to bounce after I’ve stopped moving.

    I work at a desk job, often sitting for 9 hours or more with little more than the odd trip to the bathroom or kettle. My posture is compromised by my lack or core strength leading to stiff neck and shoulders. An evening walk is troublesome – my knees (AT Band?) hurt after any extended hill or stair work, and my shins hurt. I know I need to develop not only my core, but also my gluteus maximus need to be developed to stop my knees from hurting. All that is just more layers of disincentive. If it weren’t for the dog demanding some out time I’d do nothing. A 5k walk is about both our limits.

    The classes I did at Mt Lawley were HARD WORK – I would often have to sit for a little while after to allow my legs to stop wobbling, but the progress made was amazing. After just a few weeks I could sit up in bed instead of roll out. I could stand up from a chair instead of butt walking to the edge then rolling up. I stopped having quite so many general aches and pains. I desperately need to get back to something. Mat pilates is an option but I definitely ‘feel’ a reformer workout if the wobbles after a class is anything to go by.
    A little weight loss wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

    I will need some personal attention to be certain I’m not doing more harm that good, but I also need the discipline of a regular class. I know my short comings – I’m essentially lazy – but I also know that at my age this isn’t going to get any easier. I have, hopefully, many years ahead of me. I want those years to be active, healthy, pain free.
    I’m going to do this!

  39. Yvonne Greig

    Our business was one of the first to be closed and remains closed. We have one part of it open but we have lost 70% of our gross profit and haven’t been able to pay our rent for three months. It is so stressful and lonely, I need this for both my mental and physical well being.

  40. Emma

    After a couple of months isolated at home caring for the world’s heaviest toddler and homeschooling my strong-willed 5 year old, I feel strained in my body (and mind!) in all sorts of new and unusual ways.
    Some ancient car accident injuries have returned to haunt me, including weakness and instability in my hip joints and associated sciatica, plus ongoing neck and shoulder tension and pain as a result of the trifecta of old injury, carrying my children, and breastfeeding (soon to be done with forever!). I’m wanting to support myself physically and mentally as my hormones finally get a chance to rebalance after almost 7 years of pregancies and child-rearing.
    This membership would once again give me access to the self-healing practice of Pilates, while giving my family a chance to get back on track after this crisis. I am unfortunately unemployed for the foreseeable future, as my scheduled return to work coincided with our Covid self-isolation period commencing, and now that business is facing financial hardship and an uncertain future.
    I credit Pilates with amazing healing results for my body in the past, and this opportunity to embrace regular body work again would be beyond believable, and sublime timing.

  41. Alana

    Pre Covid I was really unhappy with my body and how I was looking, feeling and my relationship with food and exercise. I used the time in isolation to focus on myself and my eating habits. I read lots of literature about health eating and the psychology behind overeating. I have lost 5 kilos since the start of April and am feeling fantastic. I absolutely love reformer pilates, but got trapped into the mentality that HIIT workouts were what I needed- and I needed to be dripping in sweat to feel that I had effectively worked out. All this left me with was injuries and a hateful relationship with exercise. I never wanted to get to the gym class, always figured out an excuse and then was effectively just throwing money down the drain. With my new mentality and my new found value for my body I would absolutely love this membership to ease me back into finding that passion with exercise again and rewarding my body for its hard work and persistence during these hard times.

  42. Tess

    Pilates is something I’ve been looking at for a while now. A major trauma caused me to develop PTSD. I’ve really struggled with it and it’s caused me to lose my self confidence completely. It’s something that affects me daily. I’m overweight and full of self hatred and I need to find myself again. I need to find myself and come out of the cocoon I’ve been in for the last few years.

  43. Robyn Peghini

    Hi All at best body…..

    Really all I have to say is hurry up and reopen as Pilates is the only form of exercise that I really enjoy.

    What is not to enjoy about it.!!!!! It’s good for the heart and sole.


  44. Elisabeth Cassey

    You don’t notice until it’s gone! I was getting lots of flexibility and movement back after a car accident and now I am all stiff and restricted again…need to get moving!

  45. Carla

    I’m looking forward to being able to participate in reformer pilates classes. Just before COVID, I went to my first class at Bassendean and loved it. After years of HIIT, it was a much-needed change of pace that I now feel more aligned with. Reformer pilates will help me achieve my fitness goals – I felt my progress had plateaued with my old routines and I could never see any changes to my abdominals. Most importantly, it will help me combat anxiety and work through everyday stresses. A 3-month membership will help with financial pressures too!

  46. Chloe Dawn Normandale

    I am a mother of 3, i struggle with my posture and extremely tense shoulder muscles. I would love to be able to strengthen my body and loosen up as i currently undertake Ballet and Contemporary dance and would love to become more flexible and strong to be able to dance the way i was when i was younger. I also just want to feel better in my own skin.

  47. Adie

    My work is very intense, every day I hear about some of the worst things that could ever happen to people.
    Pilates is my escape from that, it allows me to turn the negative emotions into movement and to come out stronger, both emotionally and physically.
    Before I started Pilates the emotions were manifesting in my body and coming out as physical symptoms (my doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia), but since attending Pilates regularly these symptoms have pretty much gone. What I needed was an outlet to rid my body of the negativity, and Pilates is that for me.
    Best body thank you! You are amazing

  48. Gwyneth Lorraine Oldmeadow

    I am 62. Always focused on remaining physically strong in the past but circumstances shifted my focus and I found myself weak, poor core strength and sometimes debilitating back pain. I work in a kindergarten so I’m constantly bending over little desks and also small children. I’ve lost time at work because of lower back issues. I joined the Bassendean Pilates group via an add on Facebook. I was accessed by one of your lovely physios and commenced classes soon after. Very quickly I felt stronger. The first change I noticed was how much easier it was to get in and out of my small car. The only reason I ceased going was due to financial reasons. That was a sad day. I miss the class, the camaraderie of the women and the physical strength and sense of well being.

  49. Kelda Kurtossy

    Scott, what a hard job you will have making your decisions with all these stories from so many women. I do not envy you at all.
    With saying that, this is mine… After 5 years looking for answers to medical issues it has finally been solved and the next chapter of my journey to better health, body and mind begins. The health and mind side of my journey I’m already actively working on with fantastic health professionals, my body part of my journey has not started yet and I believe Pilates will give me the results I want to achieve. I work in Emergency Services doing 10 hr shifts, sitting for that long my body does not get a lot of movement, which it absolutely needs. I had surgery 3 mths ago and I am physically able and ready to kick this body back into the womanly figure it should be. I can’t wait to be fit, healthy and confident. I am so ready to love my body again.

  50. Jane

    I had only recently joined best body, early in 2020. My goal was to lose about 10kgs and strength my (pathetically weak!) core. As a nurse, I had pretty much resigned myself to a continually stiff back… until I discovered strength and flexibility training. I now study full-time and work only part-time, this has resulted in long periods of sitting down through-our my day, I can’t wait to get back into the Pilates studio!

  51. Rowena Purdy

    Hi I have been living in a remote Pilbara town for the last 8 years and have recently returned to the city. It’s overwhelming and I have been practising and teaching yoga for a few years. I would the opportunity to just be a student and work on me for the next three months. I have wanted to try pilates for a long time so this would be a great opportunity for me. I am a mum to three cherubs and a fifo wife so getting time to work on me is hard to come by. I also work from home as a digital marketing consultant so I don’t even leave the house much.

  52. Shireen Batt

    I am 58 my partner passed away 4yrs ago and mentally i have never recovered. I looked into starting Pilates with you at the beginning of the year after reading so many positive reviews but was then diagnosed with breast cancer. 3yrs ago i had renal cancer and could no longer do my job which was very physical. I have gained 20kg in that time and lost a lot of physical strength. I am wanting to get my old self back and the energy i used to have. Chemo has taken a lot out of me physically and mentally as well as financially. I have 1 more chemo session to go and can’t wait to get my life and my body back to the way it should be

  53. Kerry Ingram

    I started Pilates at the beginning of the year after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue! Taking a step back from intense gym sessions was hard but a crucial step in my recovery. Through starting Pilates I’ve found better mental clarity, and realised you can still achieve goals without putting major stress on your body. I’m looking forward to getting back to this!

  54. Natalee

    I have found my reformer pilates classes essential in the treatment of my autoimmune disease CREST. I have truly missed my regular classes as they have helped my body stretch and find balance again. I am so glad that classes will be recommencing soon, especially with the winter months ahead where my body struggles the most. I have also encouraged my friends to join and they are ready and waiting for restrictions to lift.

  55. Annie Nistico

    Hi there, I’m guessing this will be a hard decision for you… there are so many reasons why many of us would benefit from a 3 mth free membership… so here’s mine :
    Being away from my Pilates classes, I have realized how much having that commitment helps me just to get out of bed in the morning. I am a recent empty nester who struggles with depression & often have severe headaches. Having no reason to get up, get out & get fit has resulted in low mood.
    I started in March 2019 when the Bassendean studio opened & really enjoyed feeling stronger, motivated, & able to face my days… I hadn’t realized this until not being able to go on a regular basis! The fitness, body toning & general class comraderie, new friends & lovely staff have all benefited me in ways I hadn’t imagined.
    I’m keen to start again & the added financial help for 3 mths would just be the icing on the cake….my hubby & I also own our own small business & this Covid time has been tough.
    Thankyou Scott for your generosity & care for your members.
    With much appreciation

  56. Emma Roscoe

    Omg, what an amazing offer . I have always wanted to try reformer Pilates. Physical I have been on a bit of a roller coaster recently. In 2018, I tore my right shoulder and ended up in hospital where they repaired the tear, put some clamps in and shaved my bone!! Super painful. This also resulted in me getting frozen shoulder, took me twelve months to recover. I also put on 8k due to no exercise. In September 2019 my shoulder was good, I was back at the gym and had lost some weight. One morning i was walking my dog, when she ran into my knee at full speed and broke my leg! So no weight bearing for 8 weeks and whilst my leg wasn’t painful the crutches were, resulting in bursitis in both my shoulders. Again super painful, but I went to work everyday
    Mentally, other than my job, which is a bit stressful and really messes with my sleep (I coordinate a women’s refuge and family and domestic outreach programs), I am super happy. I work alongside a fab team, and have a loving supportive family. I just feel now I need to put some time into me and I think Pilates would be a great opportunity to strengthen my body physically and heel my mind mentally.
    Good luck to everyone

  57. Catherine Marriott

    This year I decided to do something for myself. I didn’t know what, however, as soon as I made that decision, I happened to be walking past the Best Body Bassendean door. So I knew I just had go to in. After completing the assessment, I attended my first class. Man did I feel like a fish out of water. Getting the hang of the reformer was challenging and I would describe that first class as trying to stuff myself in the boot of a car. Even though I suffer from a condition which sees me tense my muscles every night, I progressed really well. In my first month I lost over 4cm from my waistline while from January to March, I lost 6 kilos and that was going twice a week. Unfortunately I didn’t get to measure my waistline at the three month assessment as classes ended about a week before it was due.

    Because of my condition, I would sometimes be in tears as I pushed through the exercises. But on my last class in March, it was the pain of knowing there would be no more classes for the foreseeable future, that caused tears in my eyes. That day, I had just managed to be able to lift half my back of the reformer with my legs in the straps. I was amazed and so was my trainer. Since then I have followed mat classes on You Tube and also used a stick with foot straps to mimic the reformer moves. Sadly they don’t give me the “jelly feeling” that working out on the reformer did and as the colder weather has arrived, motivation has been sadly lacking.
    I am so excited that classes are about to resume. Winning this prize would allow me to get my weight loss back on track and my waistline back to where it was and ultimately to a much trimmer point. I figure that if I can lose 4cm in one month, I can aim to lose over 12cm in three months by going three times a week! The prize would allow me to be totally dedicated to getting a much slimmer me and on my way to a totally new body, so thank you for the opportunity!

  58. Belinda Woods

    Yeow! Let’s do this!

    In 3 months I WILL
    – be a great model for my 3 and 5 year old, showing them how important it is to look after and take time for yourself. That means showing up, leaving nothing in the tank and being a great community member.
    – further strengthen my body and see a reduction in my rheumatoid arthritis medication (get to fortnightly injections instead of weekly)
    – compliment my powerlifting training and move me towards smashing my first triathlon (yet to be scheduled due to COVID19)
    – proactively and favourably promote BB via social media and be available to answer any question that my contact may have.
    – shed my iso-coat with weekly weight reductions (aim 500g/week) to get to 70kg goal

    Reformer Pilates got me through two difficult pregnancies, it clears the mind, strengthens the body and soothes the soul.

  59. Mandy

    Hi I’m looking to do something for myself for the 1st time since my children were born nearly 9 years ago I am a single mother of twin boys who bring a lot of joy and love into my life which is centred around them. I find myself approaching the big 5 0 overweight and not as happy as I could be. I’d like to make some positive changes in my life. I’ve never done pilates before and think it could help with my overall wellbeing, health, weight loss and general aches and pains that niggle as I’ve gotten older and less active

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    • Andrew Donnellan

      I’m medically retiring from the Defence Force after 16 nearly 17 years service. I have chronic lung damage, back pain and some other service related injuries.
      I have had a testing 18 months and will be relocating to Morley later this week. I am looking forward to a fresh start and improving my overall well-being.

  67. Lee

    Hi, I have had chronic muscle pain now for over 6 months. Car accident in 2008 after childbirth in 2007 has injured my back and my core is weak. Has been a struggle since then to stay out of pain with various ongoing muscle and joint complaints mounting and creating more pain. I am relatively flexible and my massage therapist is a bit baffled to how to help me recommended getting core strong for a start with reformer pilates but it is a big outlay on my small income. But…I need to do something before I cannot function at all.

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