Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Baldivis soon.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Baldivis for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned! (and happy!)


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you this week if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Baldivis studio.


  1. Suzanne Baker

    I miss this so much. My back was getting so much better since going to classes. My body really needs to get back to it.

    • Emily Jones

      I’m excited to get back into Pilates and experience the support and positivity the classes supply again. Working out from home may have helped maintain some of the strength I gained through 6 months of reformer Pilates (not as much as I’d like), it did not bring the “happiness” and freedom I would feel after a reformer class with the Baldivis studio. I know my journey with Best Body is not over and would really love this 3 months to focus on my mental health while improving my fitness. Excited for the reopening!

    • Katrina Powell

      I think this can help me as doing hit classes 3-5 times a week is not, all that seems to be doing Is making my knees painful even wearing a knee brace

      I have heard this is more gentle on painful areas, never given Pilates a thought before, plus being now 50 it’s time to try something else that is saver on my joints

    • Jo Gibson

      I am excited about the re opening.I am ready for new challenges for both body and mind .I am sure Best Body Baldivis will help me achieve my new goals of a better stronger body and happy and healthier mind .Very excited for the new challenges it will bring.I would love to kick this off with 3 months free to get me started and make my journey to a healthy body and mind even more special

  2. Chelsie Henderson

    After being confined to the house, my mind has become a little musty
    Pilates not only gives me to opportunity to strengthen my body, but also helps clear my mind of the cobwebs
    That is why I’d love the three month membership
    To win would be absolutely wonderful

  3. Sarah Tormay

    I am really looking forward to getting into the studio and working on my core again post baby. I think it’s really important to find a way to exercise safely after giving birth and Pilates is exactly that! I felt completely taken care of by the instructors at Baldivis pre-pandemic and I had managed to do sit-ups again! Being stuck at home with the kids has made it very hard to escape and have me time so I would love to schedule some self care and get back into the studio as soon as I can! Thankyou!

    • Hayley Hill

      The pandemic has been impactful, socially, emotionally and mentally. Pilates used to support my mental health and my physical health, I have struggled without it. I want to focus on strengthening my whole body and slimming down for my health and special occasion in January.
      Pilates was my ‘self care’ I cannot wait to return to this little community and get my whole health back on track.

  4. Lesley Stickland

    This is the best exercise Regime I have found that fulfils my 3 health needs to strengthen my body to relax my mind and calm my life

    • Lynda Todd

      I am really looking forward to your opening. As I need to get fit and healthy,Feeling old and tired .I am still working through this covid crisis .And looking after my husband as he goes his cancer . So need some extra energy and positive mind set

  5. Tanya

    I’ve been working on my fitness since the start of the year by learning to run and this has helped keep me sane during iso for sure however I need BB to help me gain strength and flexibility in my muscles to avoid injury. I actually love getting out and running now, listening to music and feeling like I’m achieving my goals but I can’t do that with a pulled muscle every second week. 🙂

    • Jessica Partridge

      I have 3 kids 4, 2 and 8months and just started Best Body Baldivis before the closedown and noticed so much change in my core and strength. Before joining I tried to workout at home and found my body could not handle to strain in my knee and back due to my technique and weakness. The 3month membership would help so so much as I am finding I am getting pinched nerves in my back from carrying my kid/baby, bending over all the time picking up baby, changing, feeding etc so much strain on my body, with my weakened core and liagments. Exercise painfree on the reformers is the best way for me to build my strength and fitness back and will give me a continuous form of exercise without the harsh strain on my joints/body. This will allow me to regain my body and fitness back, and also give me time to focus on myself outside of my home. Can not wait until you open back up. Thank you so much

  6. Tracey Felstead

    I have never done Pilates but I’ve heard a lot of positive about it. I’m hoping to lose some weight and strengthen my body and Relax my mind 🙂 I’d love to be able to feel motivated again.

    • Venessa

      For 8 years of being a carer, I suffered terrible lower back pain. I joined last year in June, by August my back pain completely disappeared. For years I’ve suffered from anxiety, well my work colleges and clients could not believe the change in my mental health. I was happier and started talking more, which I never did. My back pain has returned with a vengeance & I’m seeing a chiropractor now.

  7. Julie

    I discovered reformer Pilates when you opened the Baldivis studio last July, i had been for years getting chiro treatment for a neck problem and since doing classes regularly i have deleted my chiros number from my phone! My body is missing the regular classes and i am starting to feel like the nearly 50 year old that i am. Would love to win the free membership to get me back on track. Thank you

  8. Katherine Gryl

    I have spent the pandemic looking after my young children and the only way I can keep up with them is by looking after myself! Winning a membership would improve my strength, flexibility and improve my general health.

  9. Jade Keeping

    It’s been 14 months since I gave birth to my second baby, it was a difficult pregnancy and my body took a beating. I visited my GP earlier this year about some aches and pains that I have put up with for 12 months post baby, after some Xrays and Blood Work, she referred me to a Rheumatologist as she could not pin point the cause. After visiting the rheumatologist yesterday he basically told me that my body is still repairing from pregnancy, and to wait 6 more months to see if I see any improvement.
    I don’t want to spend another 6 months in pain! I want to start rehabilitating my body now so I can chase my boys around, not hobble after them!

  10. Kate

    Reformer Pilates is the only exercise that has reduced my lower back pain and given me core strength. I also find it meditative and I find it is the one thing I missed during isolation. I can’t wait to feel the strength in my body and the calmness in my mind once again.

  11. Sarah Hammond

    As the world went into lockdown, I had a fall and fractured both ankles. I was unable to do anything for 3 weeks and since then, being in self-isolation I have really let myself go! I was quite active before my accident, participating in a Fitness Challenge with a PT, but it’s been 9 weeks since I hurt myself and I’ve done NOTHING…

    At first, I used the excuse that I was injured, now I’ve just become lazy. I would love to be able to regain the strength, flexibility, and mobility that I had prior to my accident. My husband has been made redundant and hasn’t got a new job yet, and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on getting fit again, so a free membership is really just what the doctor ordered!

  12. Maria

    I have always found exercise hard and have never been able to stick to any form of exercise long enough to give me the results i needed because i would lose hope and find excuses to NOT do it.. until i started Pilates with the Baldivis team when it first opened. Before the pandemic hit, i could feel the difference in my reach tests and my weight and my strength .. my lower back and core was stronger and i no longer needed to go to chiro as often as i was before to fix all my back and hip problems. Since covid-19 hit and i was no longer able to do pilates.. my body has felt the difference. I am feeling weak and lower back pain has been returning.. The stress with kids at home, partner not being able to get work and trying to keep my family safe have taken its toll on my body. I am not sure when my partner will be able to work so am unsure when i can return but i am hoping with my fingers and toes crossed that i can come back to best body soon. It is my stress relief and my escape and rejuvenates me to keep going. Wishing everyone good luck at this tough time! Thanks for reading x

    • Annette Harwood

      I work in the community sector and it seemed that when most where enjoying the time out to regroup at home our work became busier! I love my job but I think having to hold staff through this period of time has been a tough gig for some 🙂
      I would like to work at getting my mind and body back into sync!
      Pilates helps to stretch and strengthen my mind and body so would love to be able to get back into a new normal! Also turning 50 this year has made me think I need to get in tune with the healthier me 🙂

  13. Anna

    I had a baby in January and by the time I was finally ready to take time to get back to being me, and trying pilates for my body and mind, COVID attacked! I had a few Physio appointments to treat pains during the pandemic as my body needs to stretch and move more. My Physio is just as excited for me to get back to Pilates as I am!

  14. Renee

    I am so excited to be able to get my body back in shape after a rollercoaster 6ish months. Covid was definitely the “cherry” on top. I have done reformer work before for rehab on my hips. It was like they were brand new again! I am an emotional eater so I havnt been kind to my body (especially through COVID). I’m really hopeing that coming out from this I can reach my fittest and healthiest, to show my children how important your health is! I would love to win this to kick start my body back into shape and knowing the mental health with follow suit . Good luck everybody ❤

    • Flo Adams

      Help I’ve put on weight I just want to start feeling normal again Regular exercise is the only way I’m going to achieve this I’m hopeless at motivating myself I’m 71 yrs of age so Pilates sounds like a good exercise I do go to aqua fit 3 times a week when the centre is operating

  15. Carolyn williams

    I joined Best Body Baldivis when it opened. Since then my core strength improved, my flexibility was amazing for me and pain I had in my shoulder and back disappeared over time. Coming to Pilates gave me strength and inner strength, it helped me focus on my body and my health, I love it.
    COVID 19 has contributed to a loss of this. Most days my shoulder and lower back ache terribly and I have only just been able to get in to my physiotherapist – who had been wondering why he hadn’t seen me for Months!! It was hard to get motivated, a strange time for sure.
    Getting back to Pilates will mean refocusing on my health and physical and mental well being and my strength. Getting that feeling of well being back will have a ripple effect in my whole life, my work, my relationships and my happiness. I can’t wait for that feeling to come back

  16. Chanel

    I tried a few classes at Best Body Baldivis when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, I LOVED it, but I couldn’t physically keep going. I remember thinking once I have my baby this is perfect to get back into shape. I’ve had my baby girl now, my little iso baby born right in the middle of this crazy pandemic, and it’s finally time to start getting back to normality. This is such a perfect opportunity to get back to my old self mentally and physically! I would appreciate it so much.

  17. Lisa Currow

    I’ve been doing Pilates for about 4 years and have improved my posture and fitness to a pretty good level, if I do say so myself. In January I had surgery to remove a lump from my breast…yep…and had to stop Pilates for it to heal. I was so excited to restart in March, but then to land back in hospital with an infection, right when isolation started.
    I have now finished radiation therapy and have started exercising to get my fitness back up (I was feeling quite frail!) but I am gagging to get back to Pilates! Doing online stuff at home is just not as fun and motivating.

  18. Rochelle

    My daughter and I were original members when you first opened. I originally joined not only for my own fitness but to help my daughter with her mental health. Little did I know how much my own metal health would improve. I had so many comments from people telling me how happy and good I was looking!! The only thing different in my life was Pilates. Unfortunately due to personal reasons we both had to stop coming, which I realise was a big mistake as I needed Pilates more than ever. Then Covid19 hit, along with homeschooling 3 high school kids including 1 with Autism, trying to keep everyone healthy and active and more life stresses has really taken its toll. I would love to get back to Pilates to work on my back pain, core strength and especially my mental health!

  19. Kim

    Miss socialising , missing my flexibility , miss not having to think about my aching back or shoulder , and just would like a bit of me time too! Also helps that neighbouring brother of mine has the best coffee to treat myself after !

  20. Nel

    I’ve been on maternity leave since May 2019 after having my second baby last July. I’ve really struggled to get back into shape after number two which has significantly affected my mood and all over well being. I was due to go back to work in March this year until all hell broke loose the world over, which has really put a damper on my financial situation and made classes just that much more unaffordable. Reformer pilates was my absolute saving grace after my first baby both physically and mentally and after coming out of what feels like isolation times a hundred, having been at home for the past year with a baby and a toddler in addition to a pandemic, it would mean the world to me and I would make every single second of every single class count.

  21. Emma Spaeth

    Nothing changes if nothing changes… after losing my bowel and becoming a fulltime ostomate I fell into a depressive state. All the medications and years of being diseased has caused my back to deteriorate too. I tried to go to the gym but had minimal change and subsequent pain. I just want to feel strong, healthy and have some energy back. I have never tried pilates before but it has been recommended by doctors and a therapist that it is incredibly beneficial for mind and body. Its something different and exactly what I need to do to create the change I so badly need.

  22. Jasmine

    Since having 2 kids in 2 years my body just hasn’t been the same, I experience a lot of pain my left hip which going to a gym has helped however I also have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis so find certain exercises are too painful.
    I’d love to experience reformer pilates and strengthen my body again.
    I’m always looking to surround myself with positive people on the same mission as me especially since suffering with PND.

    • Alison Henderson

      At the time of closing I’d only just started back at Reformer classes. I finally felt ready to get my health back on track and set a goal for 2020…to be stronger, fit and toned again! Its taken me over three years to recover from a bad car accident. I couldn’t believe how great I felt in just a short time back, can’t wait to get started again. I love the studio in Baldivis and miss how it kick started my day!

  23. Tara Massey

    When every part of your body hurts and you struggle to touch your toes , a move that has previously been a breeze you know that something needs to change. After years of trying high impact exercise and mind running at a million miles an hour , I think it’s time to concede and admit it isn’t working for me I’ve always struggled with mind racing and my body is shouting at me to be kinder , so i would love to try this to see how it can help me and hopefully I can easily touch my toes again !

  24. charlene

    i have terrible back problems and suffer with miagraines quite regularly. i have been told that best body pilates would do wonders to help with my problems whilst also helping me to get fit and meet new like minded people.

  25. Brooke

    Bring a hairdresser and working for myself I’m on my feet for long hours. I have a client that does Pilates religiously 4 days a week and swears by it. She looks in the best shape of her life. She juggles full time work, a mum of 2 with a husband. That’s a lot and she nails it.
    I want that. Single mumma that dosent put herself first often enough this Pilates membership would give me and my body the best chance at getting on top of my boggling ailments from my work. Stiff shoulders, painful rotator cuffs, lower back.

  26. Jennifer Butcher

    I’ve been blessed that during this time I’ve been able to work from home. This however has made it very clear to me how much i need to focus on my posture and staying active because my body is hurting (specifically my lower back). I’m looking forward to the studio re-opening because I found reformer Pilates helped me so much, plus now I also have a wedding to look good for! My partner and I have locked in our date for next year and I couldn’t be more excited! Even if I don’t win this 3 months, i’m just going to be so happy once things return back to normal and I can attend my usual 3 classes a week 🙂

  27. Sarah Klopper


    This pandemic has highlighted how much pilates is a lifestyle!!

    Fatigue, headaches,low mood, no energy, grumpy mum weight gain, anxiety !!!

    I need pilates to feel me again and rid the above feelings.

    My kids and hubby miss me going to Pilates…

    P.S I an even dreaming of pilates lol.

    ALSO…winter is coming…and so follows the winter kilos..eeecckkk…help!!!

  28. Beth

    I need pilates, without pilates I don’t have my health. Pilates has kept me pain free following a work place accident on my back. I have felt that since I have stopped pilates the aches and pains are affecting my day to day life again. Looking forward to being back in the encouraging environment of best body pilates Baldivis

  29. Debbie Stacey

    I didn’t realise how much I really needed and loved Pilates until it was taken away from me.

    Pilates really does become a part of your life, it doesn’t just help you get fit but its like a family everyone supports each other and we have a laugh.

    I am really missing it and so is my body.

  30. Lee

    Since not being able to attend Pilate classes, I have returned to quite a sedentary lifestyle ☹️
    Returning to classes will see my fitness levels and flexibility improve over the next 3 months, just as it did when I started Pilates 3 months prior to the pandemic
    It will also see me get excited about attending ‘workout’ classes – something that has never happened before!

  31. Jenny

    I was an early access member at Best Body Baldivis & I thought finally an exercise that I actually liked. The instructors were all so lovely & it’s such a lovely atmosphere there. The classes were sometimes a lot of fun especially with all the other ladies. I really enjoyed it & it’s not as intimidating as going to a gym. Unfortunately one day I fell off the reformer & badly bruised my foot & ankle. After taking a week off, I found it hard to get the motivation to go back. A complimentary 3 month membership would be fantastic for me to get excited about exercise again, especially as I’ve put on 4kg

  32. Natalie

    I would love to give reformer pilates a go as I have trouble doing any other floor type exercises due to having a double knee replacement 4 years ago . Other than walking I don’t get as much exercise as I need & think this would be perfect for me at this time. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance to win this amazing prize 🙂

  33. Monique McCullough

    I have tried Pilates and say to myself constantly I must continue with it! After injuring my back in the Defence Force I can’t seem to get my core Strength strong enough to support my back and at least reduce the pain. I would love to have the opportunity to win and give me something to commit to. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  34. Laura Austin

    This would help me kickstart the positive change needed to ensure I start focussing on my own mental health and well-being.
    Best body has helped me in the past in becoming physically stronger, whilst also providing mental clarity and concentration throughout the day.

  35. Kylie Mcdowall

    Would love to return to Reformer Pilates I was a founding member of Baldivis but unfortunately due to finances had to cancel my membership
    Thoroughly enjoyed and felt the benefit of doing Reformer classes and would be great to win a membership to get my tone back since Gastric Sleeve surgery and losing 30plus kg since December
    Thank you Kylie

  36. Amy

    I can’t wait to get back into Pilates. After 2 hip surgerys at 36 yrs old and a possible third one pending i really need Pilates for strength and conditioning for my rehab. After completing my rehab with my surgeon i found i was struggling to continue progress at home so i decided to start at best body baldivis. I only got to do 3 weeks of classes before covid shut us down. I was so disappointed! 3 months membership would really give me the chance to gain some strength and flexibility back to hopefully alleviate pain, lose the weight ive put on during my surgery phase and to just generally get back to life!! ….and to get around with better mobility than my nan would be a bonus!

  37. Susanna Middlewick

    My dodgy right knee and lower back issues are still plaguing me, even though mat Pilates has been fun and allowed me to improve my flexibility. However, reformer Pilates made a bigger impact on my improvement, whilst I attended 4 times a week, prior to Corona virus. It’s the only exercise that supports the body, whilst getting the most out of the movements. Have missed it and can’t wait to come back.

    Winning 3 months membership would take the strain off the budget a bit and off the husband, whose the only bread earner in our family. Medication, Exercise classes and weight loss products don’t come cheap, but are necessary for a healthier body.

  38. Brooke

    I absolutely love best body, I do HITT classes but nothing compares to the core strength I had gained during my 4 best body classes a week. I also began to get a sore shoulder from pushing too hard and this limited what I could do. After ultrasounds and a visit to the GP.. I have bicep tendinitis. I have been referred to see a physio (I’m not so great at doing exercises outside a studio) so if I can use best body as part of me rehab this will help me strengthen those intrinsic muscles. I can’t wait to get back in the studio to improve my flexibility (a massive decrease in flexibility during closure of the studio), strengthen those intrinsic muscles and fix this bicep tendinitis so I can get back to being pain free!
    I am also trying to fall pregnant and need to slow down, after a day of teaching .. best body is bliss. I get to slow down, turn off the brain and move my body in a gentle way. When I do fall pregnant (fingers crossed) I know I can keep up best body! I know I will have to slow down on the HITT training. Exercise is part of my daily routine, if I don’t pre plan for my pregnancy I know it will be a mental struggle not exercising each day! With best body.. I know I can keep it up for not just the physical benefits but also the mental!

    And I’m looking forward to seeing the Pilates instructors and best body community again! Woohoo

  39. Amber Hardy

    2020 was going to be the year for me. My hubby has been away a lot the last two years with the Navy, and raising 3 little boys under 5 made it difficult for me to have some down time. I started pilates this year to get that time back for myself and also to look and feel amazing. I was thoroughly enjoying pilates, not just for the physical, but for the way it always left me feeling so refreshed! The pandemic and all of the closures have been really tough, but being a nurse meant I have had to put more and more hours in, once again leaving little time for myself. I am so looking forward to getting back into it – increasing my flexibility and strength, feeling fit and most of all, feeling sooo good mentally afterwards! I would love to win this 3 month membership because it means I can pay for my mum to come as well (who is also very deserving!). Thank you and good luck to all of the entries!

  40. Sharon Burges

    Reformer Pilates has gradually become a ‘must have’ for me, in order to keep my lower back injury manageable. While we all took a big step backwards when Covid-19 came to the fore, I realised I can’t do without this form of exercise. I appreciate how the reformer assists me to isolate muscles and work within my own boundaries, to maintain a strong body and get the most out of my sessions. The deep stretch class in particular, is one of my favourites and I’ve really missed it. I’ve been visiting the physio to use their reformer while lock downs have been in place and I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio. The investment for me is simple. I can’t do without it. A consistent reformer program gives me a better body and a better mindset. It assists me to live pain free, but I also really enjoy it.

  41. Kerri Forrester

    I’ve been doing a little online Pilates, which I did enjoy, but have found them hard (On floor) and have been suffering the aftermath. To get back to the machines would mean more assisted help and less stress on my muscles. It’s time to get my life back It’s been a long struggle. Thank so much for your help and support so far!

  42. Jasmine Erhard

    The last few months have really helped me slow down and evaluate what’s important and “self-care” has absolutely become one of my biggest priorities.
    Long walks on the beach, soul searching and meditation have been high on the agenda. Reformer pilates would really help with my self-care both physically and mentally.

  43. Leanne Dixon

    Best body Baldivis has helped me lose weight tone up and get more flexible before the corona virus close down best body Baldivis ,since the closing I have gained more weight than before I started with having to stay at home no socialising I went back to my bad habits of eating chocolate and caramel late from mc Donald’s drive through, best body reformers Pilates would get me back to being more motivated to looking after my health and help loose the weight and tone up as well as getting more flexible again , I have also had more troubles with my legs since stopping Pilates having to go back to the doctors for more medication as well as have to spend quite a bit of time in bed keeping my legs above my heart for the swelling and circulation , I can’t wait till use are open again a am so excited to get back to reformers Pilates and jumpbourd and coming five days a week again.


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