Benefits of Pilates for Dancers in Perth

Did you know that George Balanchine was among one of Joseph Pilates’ students? Dancers have been singing the praises of Pilates for decades!

Whether you are a novice or a professional, dance training is intense. Between the long hours on your feet and the repetitive movements required as you practice your combinations over and over, your body is under strain that can result in stress or even injury. Pilates is an essential tool dance physiotherapists use to prevent and rehabilitate injury in dancers. Common dance injuries in Perth, such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and muscle strain are preventable, especially if you take Pilates.

At Happy Physio we guide dancers through Pilates exercises with the goal of making the developments you need to stay successful. Dancers need core strength, balance and agility, but also requires control and synchronicity in movement. Our physios help enhance performance with Pilates Dance Physio in Perth.

Benefits of Pilates include:

·      Arm, leg, ankle, foot and core strength

·      Improved balance and agility

·      Proper alignment

·      Increased turn out

·      Less muscular and bone stress

·      Flexibility and controlled hypermobility

·      Endurance

Pilates emphasizes flexibility, strength and posture. Strength is achieved without the grueling exercises most strength-building programs require, such as push ups, and do not add bulk, a concern for many dancers. It’s focus on upper body strength promotes proper alignment, which is important for balance, agility, turns and pointe work. It also strengthens the ankles, knees and core since strong knees and a strong core prevent a variety of common dance injuries.

Not only does Pilates strengthen your body, it challenges your mind in new ways. Pilates requires that a dancer’s focus turn inward, so you can forget about your stresses and cares for a little while and just work on yourself. After a Pilates session, you won’t just feel physically stronger, you’ll feel more mentally aware, focused and refreshed.

Many dance coaches recommend that dancers take Pilates at least once a week. Unlike dance class or practice, where dancers use the same muscles because they are repeating the same combinations, in a Pilates session dancers will engage every muscle group, improving strength in little-used areas and stretching areas that may be overused. The overall result is increased flexibility and cardiovascular endurance without injury.

Oh, and if you’re worried that Pilates will teach you bad habits in terms of poise or grace, you shouldn’t worry. Pilates has all the benefits of weight bearing activities without the risk of implementing bad habits- you’ll be able to retain all your dancer’s grace with all the added benefits of strength and endurance-building.

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