[Note: The very bottom of this post gives instructions for becoming a founding member of Best Body Southport]

Wow, this year is going fast!! I managed to have a quiet weekend with my hubby and 2 girls (Maya 1yo, Sasha 4yo) – we’ve also just let our family know we’re expecting our third baby in October. One of the things I spent some time thinking about was…

The Main Purpose of Best Body

The main purpose of Best Body is to help you become the best version of you – by getting better core strength, flexibility, tone, and achieve your ideal body weight in a supportive and encouraging environment – and to feel good about making yourself a priority. Basically get back into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.

Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people suffer from back and hip problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines unnecessarily
  • Most people put themselves towards the bottom of their priority list – which leaves them exhausted and lethargic both mentally and physically
  • Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin and feel guilty about spending time doing something good for themselves

Where We’re At With Best Body Southport

Although Best Body Southport isn’t ready for a large public launch, we’re looking to do a pre-launch version starting the 31st of May. Shipping delays have continued to challenge us with an opening date. Fingers crossed there are no more delays and our beautiful Reformer machines arrive before the 31st 🙂

Anyway, when Best Body Southport launches PUBLICLY, I want to make sure that the website is updated with good flow and the timetable is fully done, that everyone’s happy with the OneFitStop software, our team are in sync and that the internal fit out is completed.

And so I’m offering an initial group of 25 people access to Best Body Southport for a huge saving off the eventual price. (I was originally going to offer spots to 50 people, but that just isn’t feasible long term – we would struggle to cover overheads and instructors, and we wouldn’t be around long enough to make a difference).

Here’s the tradeoff:

I want you to use the website, give me feedback on the flow, and complete 1-2 surveys…

….and in exchange for this, you’ll get huge savings on the final price of memberships. Oh, and you’ll stay on that price for life (note: this is not transferable under any circumstances).

Oh, and I’ll give you a pair of Pilates socks to help get you started.

What We’ll Cover in The Best Body Southport Membership

I’ll go into this deeper in a couple of days, but I want to give you a sketch of the membership.

The membership will be The Unstoppable Lifestyle membership, a project designed around helping you become physically and mentally unstoppable…with a couple of interesting twists that I’ll talk about soon (when I open up registration). We’re going to give you a new approach to health and fitness and I think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises.

Anyway, for reasons that I’ll discuss tomorrow, The Unstoppable Lifestyle membership will quite literally be a lifestyle project. And together we’ll cover…

  • How to get strong, fit and healthy in a sustainable way
  • How to be motivated to continue making progress
  • How to stay strong, pain free, and have a healthy weight body
  • How to make yourself a priority without anyone you care about missing out
  • How to be the best version of you
  • How to regain confidence to wear the clothing you love
  • How to feel good about yourself and be a better person for the people you love
  • How be at your best without the injuries
  • How to calm your mind and body when it matters most
  • How to be comfortable in your own skin
  • How strengthen muscles to offload and protect your joints to keep you moving smoothly
  • How to be aligned with a stronger body and mind
  • How to sort out your back problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines

The final version of the Best Body memberships will cost $42 for one class, $55 for two (The Comfortable Lifestyle membership), or $66 for three (The Confident Lifestyle membership). I know some places charge $65+ for small group Pilates and much more for a 1 on 1 session. But founding members can join for $55 per week and do 4 classes per week ($13.75 per class) as well as receive health and wellness coaching and become a part of a nourishing community.

With that said, I might as well get to the part about…

How to Become a Founding Member of Best Body Southport (Brickworks Shopping Centre)

Sometime Thursday after 9 AM, I’ll be sending you a thorough overview of the Best Body memberships and timetables. And at that time, I’ll start accepting founding members into Best Body Southport.

Registration invitations will first go to everyone who’s emailed me to express interest. So, if you’ve emailed me regarding Best Body Southport memberships, you’ll hear from me personally between 9am to the end of the night on Thursday.

Offers will be sent on a first-come, first-served fashion (i.e. , if you were the first person to email me and express interest in Best Body Southport, then you’ll be first to be offered a spot).

Since founding members receive (1) lifetime discount to Best Body Southport, and (b) we have limited spots in each class, I’ve decided to restrict the number of openings to 25 people. I simply want to ensure that everyone has a great experience and it’s viable for us to be here long term – and I don’t think we can do that if we have more than 25 founding members.

If You Want to Get in BEFORE 9AM (Thursday)

By the end of the week I’ll have all of the bits and pieces ready to go, when everything begins, etc.

I’ll have the timetables completed soon as well.

But if you’re already sure you want to do this, and don’t want to wait until 9AM Thursday, then just click here and I’ll make sure you get a spot (click the sign up tab, put your details in, and follow the prompts).

Your membership will start on the 31st of May 2021, and you’ll be amongst the first ones to have access to Best Body Southport (bear in mind we might still be setting up a little, I know…it’s a ghetto, but it’s also a decent way to ensure your spot!)

IMPORTANT: Read This!!

Firstly, you should know that – it’s a minimum 12-week commitment and there will be no exceptions. Period. It takes time and fees to sort out our membership software for each person and we can’t get the time or fees back. And we are committed to helping you get results; this time period helps us do that.

Lastly, please, please do not join if it’s your last $55 each week. If your funds are severely limited and you only have $55 to your name after expenses each week, then a Best Body Southport membership probably isn’t the best use of your money at the moment.

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