Barre Fitness for Men – Because Why Not?

If you’re a guy, probably, the only reason you’re entering a barre studio is you’re waiting for your girlfriend.


The men’s fitness culture is more into bench presses and squats. And participating in barre classes is simply too far from their preference.


There’s a misconception that barre workouts are exclusive for women who want to have tight abdomens and lean bodies. For most men, they’ll think of barre classes as something done in a room surrounded by mirrors, choreographed with classical music, and dancing in spandex tights.


Barre is something else. You’re going to reap a lot of benefits here, female or male. And you’ll be challenged by it.


Definitely, barre is not a dance class. So dude, better stop thinking it’s a ballet or a rehearsal for Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.


Think barre is easy and wouldn’t give you the type of results you’re looking for? Try it just for once. You might even feel more tired than those females in the studio. 🙂


It doesn’t make you less manly.


Sure, barre has some ballet-y characteristics. But it is also fused with yoga and Pilates. It’s a dynamic, full-body workout, covered with isolated movements, with a lot of repetitions and very little rest between exercises.


And yes, you’ll still have to plié.


The French term sounds fancy, eh. But your quads will be very sore with it.

The Value of Barre Exercise

Are you a football, hockey, or soccer player? If you’re an athlete, you can benefit from doing barre workouts. You know how common those groin, knee, ankle and hip injuries are in most sports. If you’re not doing barre workouts, you don’t know what you’re missing.


No amount of work you do in the squat cage or deadlift platform can address your smaller muscles the way barre does. Ditching some French terminologies to preserve your sense of machismo doesn’t make sense at all. Real men understand the value of barre exercises, where health is worth far more than ego.


Men, these are just the things you can get from doing the “girly” barre workouts:

  • Full body challenge
  • Flexibility
  • Working smaller muscles
  • Balance and coordination
  • Mental focus
  • Powerful legs and core


So you’re the only dude in the room surrounded by sweaty women? Think of it as a flattery!

Real men are not afraid to do barre workouts!




There’s no reason to be intimidated with barre. Women looking and laughing at you is less likely to happen. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll focus on your own movements, just like everyone else in the room does. Nobody is looking. Nobody is caring. (Except for your instructor, of course)


You might even find yourself amazed how your pointy foot is! Know what this means? It means you have a great flexibility!
Shy? How about coming along with your sister or girlfriend and join barre classes in Perth?


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