Back Pain? Here are 4 Ways to Sort It

Low back pain is something that almost everyone will experience at some point. It can be mild, severe, short-lived, or long lasting. However it happens, back pain can interrupt our daily activities.

A sports injury, accident, or congenital condition can cause back pain. But most of the time, back pain develops during the course of day-to-day life. Back aches can result from repetitive activities that cause tension and muscle tightness, such as sitting in front of a computer, lifting objects, and bending over.

The good news is there are effective ways to sort low back pain. You might want to consider these 4 things if you have a backache:

1. Massage

Massaging strokes the affected muscles, which can help increase circulation throughout the body. Increased blood flow allows the blood to bring needed nutrition to muscles and tissues. This helps with the recovery of muscle soreness or soft tissue injury.

In addition, massage reduces tension in the muscles. It allows the muscles to relax, which can also help improve flexibility.

2. Yoga

Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years. Today, it is people’s way of keeping fit and staying calm amid the pressures of modern life.

At Happy Physio, our Yoga classes have many poses that gently strengthen the back and the abdominal muscles. These muscles are important components of the spine’s muscular network, helping to maintain proper posture and movement. Conditioning the back and abdominal muscles well can help reduce and prevent back pain.

Through stretching and relaxation, yoga can reduce tension in stress-prone muscles. It requires you to hold poses for 10 seconds to 1 minute. As you hold a pose, some muscles flex, while other muscles stretch. This promotes relaxation and flexibility in muscles and joints.

3. Reformer Pilates

Building core strength is an extremely effective way to prevent back pain. Reformer Pilates is an exercise that focuses on core strength and flexibility.

The core muscles, which are found in the deep muscle layers of the trunk, work together to support and stabilise the spine when we move. Strengthening and relaxing these muscles reduces the pressure on the spine.

Reformer Pilates classes at Happy Physio in Perth teach you better awareness of your neutral alignment. This leads to a better posture which contributes to a decreased back pain.

Choosing Reformer Pilates over a regular mat-based Pilates allows you to move with a greater range of motion with the help of the springs. There is less pressure on the lower back, which means you can work your arms, legs, and buttocks without worries.

Incorporating the concepts of Reformer Pilates into your daily life can significantly improve your back pain, posture, and your sense of well-being.

4. Physiotherapy

Back pain is a musculoskeletal problem. Physiotherapy is highly effective in treating musculoskeletal disorders.

A physiotherapist will first check out any underlying problem you may have that causes your back pain. Once the problem is identified, your physio will construct a treatment plan to help successfully fix your particular problem.

Physiotherapists offer a range of treatments such as mobilisation and massage. They also prescribe exercises to help restore muscular strength and retrain accurate movement patterns.

Seeing a Perth physiotherapist early can speed up your recovery and prevent back pain from happening again.

If you need help with your back pain, consult with our expert physiotherapists. Call Happy Physio today on 9272 7359!