Acupressure and Physiotherapy in Perth

Acupressure and Physiotherapy in Perth – Acupressure has a history older than Acupuncture. The ‘Acu’ is a Latin word meaning ‘needle’ while ‘pressure’ comes from English– giving birth to the famous Acupressure technique. This is an alternate treatment method accepted and practiced world-wide by certified practitioners. The method applies finger pressure on the pressure points of the human body to alleviate pain and other discomfort. It works on the body’s meridian to attain pain relief via body’s natural defense.

History and Theory:

Acupressure is believed to have originated in Tibet. China has a long history of Acupuncture and East Asia also has a thorough research and study on the subject.

Acupoints are points on the human body where Acupuncture/Acupressure is done and may not always be the points of pain and aches suffered by the patient. Theory believes that when Acupoints are treated, they actually heal the painful points (which may lie on a different place in the body). The meridian system of the body is stimulated when these Acupoints are treated and the natural response of the body kills the pain.

Difference between Acupressure and Acupuncture

The two methods appear somewhat similar but one major difference is that they incorporate different types of needles (if Acupressure needs them at all). Acupuncture requires piercing while the other one does not. Acupuncture, must be performed by a certified practitioner while Acupressure can be self-taught. Sometimes, the client needs to unclothe himself/herself before an Acupuncture session, but acupressure can be performed with loose clothes.

Proof and research

A systematic review in 2011 revealed that Acupressure acts on 16 out of 23 patients. Other extensive research have been carried out by many researchers with proof of work and a positive outcome.

Forms and Instruments:

Many forms of Acupressure are available. One good example shows a special wristwatch putting pressure on a specific Acupoint (P6) and it relieves nausea and motion sickness.  The watch works on a pressure point. There is another pressure point between the muscles between thumb and index and treating this pressure point relieves pain due to dehydration and certain headaches. The reflex zones are stimulated by rolling, pressing, rubbing by instruments like Acuball (small rubber ball), energy roller (small cylinder), foot roller (small cylindrical roller), spine roller, power mat and special acupuncture needles. The needles do not necessarily pierce the skin like Acupuncture.

 Typical Clients

Any healthy adult individual can take Acupressure from any certified practitioner. Patients with long set pain can get dramatically good results. Some athletes and sports enthusiasts take Acupressure sessions to gain more stamina. Conscious people can take sessions to alleviate pains and aches and to shape their body.


Acupressure is a widely accepted alternate treatment method practiced successfully all over the world. Acupressure works on the pressure points to unblock the principle meridian and treats the pressure points to get pain relief in other parts of the body. Many are benefited from it. People with long history of back pain and are advised for surgery can get good results. Recurring and chronic pain are healed well with Acupressure techniques.

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