7 Things to Get You Motivated and Stay Motivated

There will always be those days when you don’t feel like doing things you should do. Your energy and emotions are in the gutter during these “off days”. Unfortunately, fluctuations are part of life. If you let it happen to you for a long time, you might not get anywhere.

You need a driving force to be able to act and accomplish your aims and goals. You need internal motivation.

The good thing is there are several ways to get you motivated and stay motivated. If you feel unmotivated to do anything, here are some ways that may help you keep on track.

1. Set a Goal and Envision Your Success

Setting a goal makes you decide to act upon what you want. It gives you direction to focus on. It can help you stay motivated.

Start with baby steps and work your way up to greater challenges. Break your goal into chunks to make things more doable.

How do you want things to happen when you reach your goal?

Do you see yourself happy and successful?

Visualisation is a powerful tool. You can think and imagine whatever you want. You will feel motivated to do things to get there.

2. Construct an Action Plan

Creating an action plan serves as a roadmap to reach your goals. If you’re focused on getting to your final destination, having a strategic plan of action which will serve as the map will help you get you there.

As long as you follow your action plan, you’re less likely to get lost and more likely to keep motivated. Execute on the process of moving from point A to point B – and the outcome (your destination) will take care of itself.

3. Be with the Right People

The right people are the ones who will push you forward and the ones that will inspire you to go far.

Get around positive people, as well as people with goals and plans.

Stay away from negative people, those toxic people that discourage you and those who complain and whine most of the time.

4. See Yourself as the Best (Yes YOU)

Nothing is wrong with picturing yourself as a winner.

All improvement in your life starts with an improvement in your mental pictures.

Think back to a point in your life in which you were at your best. Remember those things that empowered you.

Try to apply those to a challenge or opportunity you’re facing right now.

5. Remember Why You Started in the First Place

Have a reason.

It is one of the strongest motives to motivate yourself.

This reason will inspire you to keep up with the challenges that come your way.

Have a strong desire.

It will make you think and dwell on your goals (versus problems) which will keep you moving forward.

6. Take Breaks

You don’t have to commit every day of the week (although I do :p).

Starting something difficult can be dreadful and can even prevent you from even starting.

If you have tough things ahead that needed to get done, give yourself an occasional break.

Get all the rest you need, or do things you want to do, anything that will condition you enough to start the challenging tasks and get them done.

7. Reward Yourself

For every chunk of a goal you accomplish, give yourself a reward.

I am still poor at celebrating, but I do practice getting better at it daily – and it works (i.e. I feel better and work better).

This will keep you going towards your ultimate goal. Associate your to-do activities to something you genuinely like.

Just had a tough workout? Treat yourself with a homemade GREEN smoothie!


Whatever you’re after, it’ll be worth it. All it takes is to be motivated and stay motivated.

Dream BIG, start small, ACT NOW.

Start with small steps and eventually, you’ll find yourself at your desired destination.


So, where will you be at the end of your adventure? Write down who you will be with, how it will feel and look….