5 Ways Pilates Can Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

With today’s lifestyle, it’s no surprise that so many people here in Perth experience shoulder pain. Because the shoulder is an extremely mobile joint, it tends to sacrifice stability, making it easy for our shoulders to get hurt.


To relieve the pain and prevent future aches, the trick is that your body should have a good core support. One of the best ways to strengthen your core is through Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that includes low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. It focuses on working the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs.


Pilates exercises aim to strengthen the body in an even way, improving your overall fitness and wellbeing. It improves posture, balance, and of course, core strength. If you have injured your shoulder or experience shoulder pain, Pilates can improve your shoulder strength and stretch the muscles around your shoulders.


Everyone can do Pilates – athletes, people with limited mobility, expectant mums or people who have low fitness levels. Exercises are tailored according to your condition to ensure they are appropriate for you.


How Pilates Helps with Shoulder Pain

Pilates is an excellent rehab tool that can relieve pain and prevent future shoulder injuries. Its exercises are all about creating optimal functional movement patterns via the muscles and overall core strength.

So why is there a need to strengthen the core if the problem is in the shoulder?

1. Strong Core, Strong Shoulders

It’s important to have strong abdominal muscles. If they aren’t doing a lot of work in supporting your other body parts, those other body parts, including your shoulders will compensate for the lack of support. In other words, they will have to work harder for you to move efficiently.

2. High Quality Exercise, Better Results

Pilates activates and strengthens your shoulder’s stability muscles. Correct alignment, body awareness, lateral breathing and neutral spine are Pilates principles that can be incorporated into any prescribed exercises, which improves the quality of the exercise themselves.

3. Improved Movement Patterns, Less Pain

Pilates improves joint support, by making the core muscles of your shoulder stronger. Your movement patterns will improve and poor muscle recruitment will be corrected.

4. Better Posture, Better Functioning

The muscles around your shoulder blades and rib cage play a significant role on your upper body’s posture. Your arm movements are also important on efficient functioning of these muscles.

Your shoulder’s rotator cuff, when strengthened by Pilates, helps to offload your shoulder joint and other structures such as ligaments and tendons, which will further reduce your pain.

5. Effective Muscle Use, Less Strain

With specific movement patterns, Pilates promotes effective use of your shoulder muscles, which will reduce strain on your shoulders. Because Pilates exercises allows your whole body to work, you’ll develop more awareness of how you move or position your body, reducing recurrence of injury.


Whether it’s an acute shoulder injury from sports or a sneaky onset of postural overload, Pilates may be the answer to your shoulder pain. Shoulder pain may be common, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.


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