4 Ways Stress Can Harm Your Relationship

Stress affects our lives in almost every aspect. Not only can it be damaging to our health, it can also annihilate a relationship. Being human we are, we tend to lash out people around us when we’re really stressed. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s those we love most that we take it all out on.


Here are the 4 ways stress can put your relationship at risk:

1. Stress Makes You Less Social and More Distant

Stress gives you this feeling as though you’re all alone, and other people, including your partner find it more difficult to reach out to you. You feel like everything around you causes so much pressure. Naturally, you tend to withdraw and you think you need time for yourself.

By dealing with stress, you may bottle it to spare your partner from your problems or because you don’t want to feel helpless. This can leave your partner feeling shut out, wondering why you’re distant.

2. Stress Causes You to Lose Your Ability to Communicate Rationally

If you’re feeling particularly stressed and overwhelmed, you’re becoming more irrational when it comes to discussing things. For instance, it starts with a simple discussion about whose turn to do the laundry, and then later it turns to a complete blowout with screaming and hurt feelings. Why? Because stress ruins your ability to focus and makes you think negatively. It can even lead to poor judgment and listening.

3. Stress Can’t Get You Turned On

When women are under stress, their oxytocin levels are low. This means they’re not in the mood for a cuddle or to be their normal affectionate selves. On the other hand, stressed men are depleted of testosterone and may also not be in the mood. You probably know that one of the forms of stress relief is to have sex. However, everyday woes also prevent you from getting it on. When the stress hormone, cortisol is around for a long time, your sex hormones are hindered.

4. Stress Scrambles Your Thoughts

When your mind has been uncharacteristically scrambling to sort ideas and resolve problems, you’re unable to share your thoughts with your partner effectively. Because a couple should be used to solving problems together, the partner offer suggestions, hints and support.


But because you can’t think clearly, you can’t trust and validate other’s help. You may also tend to say something that can hurt your partner’s feelings.


Unfortunately, you can’t brush stress off that easily. If you feel you’re about to reach the boiling point, just walk away and take a deep breath. Cooling yourself is the key. Once you clear your head, you’ll realise that your partner isn’t really a maximum jerk. You just couldn’t get over being pissed off at your colleague who spoke badly of you.


If you could find the very root of your bad mood, you won’t feel like taking it out on your poor, innocent partner.


So take it easy. If you’ve had a hard day, just relax and leave the laundry for tomorrow, or order takeout instead of cooking.


Always appreciate the good things your partner does for you, instead of focusing on the negative things that ruined your day. This can help keep your relationship strong.


Stress is indeed a part of our lives, but it’s up to you if you let it affect your relationship.