3 Ways Physiotherapy Helps with Low Back Pain

It’s the most common reason for physiotherapy visits at Happy Physio. It affects about 80% of Perth people throughout their lifetime. It is so common that you may think it is a part of our lives, but it shouldn’t be – the awful low back pain.

You can get back pain from trauma, where you proactively hurt your back, or it can start as a minor ache that can creep up over time and become so excruciating that it affects your quality of life. Some underlying causes of back pain include muscle strains, ligament sprains, bulging discs, and poor posture.

When it comes to low back pain, you can rely on our Perth physiotherapists to sort it out. They are trained to detect any serious condition that may present as low back pain. Physiotherapists prescribe exercises that will help you make improvements inside and outside the clinic. These exercises may include strengthening, stretching, and general fitness.

Here are some ways physiotherapy helps with low back pain:

1. Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the skillful use of the hands to treat the pain and stiffness. It is typically used for joints that are not moving optimally, which can be a result of pain, joint stiffness, or muscle tightness.

2. Mobility Exercises

To help improve your mobility and function, physiotherapists usually recommend precise movements and targeted exercise. It is recommended for people with acute back pain and those with pain that refers down the legs.

A physiotherapist will assess your movements when doing daily activities. From there, he or she will prescribe a set of exercises. The physiotherapist will recommend certain activities, movements, and postures to centre the spine. The pain radiating to the other parts of the body will be reduced or disappear altogether. 

3. Core Strengthening

Your core is in the centre of your body. It needs to be strong so it can support the weight of your body, including your back. Core strengthening exercises will help protect your back and make it less prone to injury. These exercises should involve the major abdominal muscles, which include internal and external obliques and transverse abdominis.

It’ll help massively if you see a physiotherapist when you have low back pain. Long-term back pain can lead to conditions such as spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease.

It’s advisable to get your back pain sorted as early as possible to reduce your pain and get back to full activity faster. Physio treatments focus on exercise, body mechanics, and posture. A combination of these improves your back in less time and reduces the chance of recurrence.

If you choose to live with the pain, it becomes harder to treat. The longer you let symptoms linger, the harder it becomes to treat. It is important to stay active. Low back pain shouldn’t stop you from being active. Our Perth physiotherapists can help you with it.

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