3 Signs You Are in a Great Marriage

And so they lived happily ever after…


We all simply wish that marriage would go like those we have read in fairy tale books. But reality is a lot different.

In this modern world where different values meet, our lives have become more complicated. Unlike in fairy tales where stories blissfully end in marriages, in the real world, it is just a start of another journey – with some bumps along the way.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Thus, it requires effort from you and your partner to make it run smoothly. You know you’re in a great marriage if you see these wonderful signs:


1. You Trust and Feel at Ease with Each Other

Trust is an important ingredient in an intimate relationship between husband and wife. Couples in successful marriages have each other’s backs and do not keep secrets. This doesn’t mean snooping through each other’s phone, private messages, or browsing history. If there’s an issue in particular, you confront your partner about it without sneaking.


If you love being around your partner, you know it’s a sign that you’re in a great marriage. This means you’re not afraid of letting your partner see you without any makeup on, or hearing you snore loudly when you’re asleep. It’s where you feel at ease regardless of your flaws and everything because you get to accept each other for who you are.


2. You Keep the Spark Alive

Once partners get busy raising a family and focusing on their careers, planning dates for the two of you would take a backseat.

Remember those days when you would drive 5 hours just to see your sweetheart?

Do you remember the things you did to make your partner fall in love with you?

When you get married, it doesn’t mean you have to stop with the courtship. If you continue to make some time for each other regularly, you’ll get to keep the magic alive.

Couples who regularly spend quality time together have happier marriages.

It can be attending workout classes, having candlelight dinner, or going to movies together.

Anything that keeps the passion ignited gives benefits that can last for a long time for both husband and wife.


3. You Stick Together through Thick and Thin

Happy couples enjoy spending time together so much that they work together to find things to do together.

They make plans to try new things together.

They take pride in each other, they are proud to be seen together, they are proud of their achievements and they are simply proud being together.

You’re in a great marriage if you celebrate each other’s success.

You’re also in a great marriage if you work together during difficult times. You are a team.

Problems are easier to solve when you approach them together. No matter what happens, you hold each other’s hand. This is what the “I do” is about.


Marriage is honorable. It takes a lot of work to make it strong (like making a muscle strong in the gym).

If these signs are present, then you are blessed with a happy marriage. Keep up the great work.


Now go give your darling a kiss and a hug!