3 Physio and Sports Massage Tips for Rottnest Channel Swim Perth WA

Swimming Physio in Perth

It’s been an exciting lead up to the 2016 Rottnest Channel Swim for several Happy Physio clients. It has been a pleasure serving each swimmer with the latest and best swimming physio in Perth.

One of my good friends and a client at Happy Physio will be swimming as a duo for the first time – he is both excited and nervous. His preparation has been spot on apart from having his wedding and honeymoon earlier this year.

He didn’t need any Physio tips this year, as he has participated as a foursome in previous years and discovered a couple of things the hard way.

The top 3 Physio tips for the 2016 Rottnest Channel Swim Perth WA include:

  1. No alcohol for the 7 days prior – it is challenging enough for your physical body without it having to be using energy to eliminate toxins. Last year one of the team members in my mates foursome had a few too many the night before – and was pretty much useless for the whole swim (5 minutes swimming at a time before having a spew and a rest). Don’t be that guy!!
  2. Adequate sleep for restorative benefits – with a heavy training load leading up to the big day, it is crucial you get adequate sleep for adaptation and restorative effects – for each two hours of sleep your body craves, it’s like knocking 10 to 20% off your endurance capacity and increases your risk of an overload injury!
  3. Get a sports massage 24 to 72 hours + prior – sports massage in the week leading up to your swim has amazing benefits. It will help flush out some of the lactic acid in your key swimming muscles to make them nice and fresh for the big day! Swimmers also find the sports massage helps them feel less tension to perform the freestyle stroke easier.

If you would like any tips specific to your body type and lifestyle – we would be more than happy to hear from you.

The 2016 Rottnest Channel Swim is gearing up to be the best one yet. If you need swimming Physio in Perth – give us a call today and we will serve you in the best way possible!

THE 6 P’s = ‘Perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance’ – DO YOUR BEST!!

Good luck to all of our Happy Physio swimmers and to all of the Perth swimmers participating on the weekend!

If you need a sports massage, you can book in by calling 94448729 – thank you!