Are You Doing These 3 Mistakes When Sorting Out Shoulder Pain?

When some people are trying to sort out their shoulder pain, they will do everything to relieve the pain. Some people will simply shrug it off to continue their usual activities.


That’s not new.


Doing mistakes to relieve the pain aren’t new either. And people might not be aware of it. Unfortunately, if you do mistakes in an attempt to stop the pain, they may even delay recovery or worsen your condition. If you have had on-going shoulder pain that’s not easing, you might be making one of these mistakes:

1. Ignoring the Pain

Some people will have a tendency to ignore the pain. This is common to those who are physically active, such as athletes. Because they think they can play through the pain.


If you underestimate your pain and other symptoms, you might suffer from possible future complications. Steady pain, arm weakness and limited mobility will become “normal” for you.


It’s like pain becomes part of your lifestyle. And it isn’t supposed to be.


2. Self-Treating Your Pain


For the sake of saving money, people do their best to treat their shoulder pain themselves. But more often than not, they use right solutions in a wrong way or apply the wrong techniques at the right time.


You might reach for painkillers, gels, hot water bag, ice bag – you name it. But the problem is they will only ease your pain. The underlying cause remains there, untreated. The pain goes away, then it comes back.


But what if self-treatment could harm more than they heal? Instead of being able to save some money, you might even spend more once your condition worsens and your DIY solutions no longer help.


If you don’t have full understanding about the nature of your pain and the structure and function of your body, you could be making your shoulder pain worse.


This is why it’s always recommended to seek help from a physiotherapist as soon as possible.


3. Not Going to a Physiotherapist


95% of shoulder problems can be treated with physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will make an assessment of your condition and construct a personal treatment program. The goal of the treatment is to improve your symptoms or to restore function.


Physiotherapists have deep understanding of structure and function of the body’s musculoskeletal system. They know exactly what type of treatment they should use for each patient’s shoulder pain.


There are many different physiotherapy treatments that can help with shoulder pain. These include taping, massage, joint mobilisations, and the best exercises for your body type. Treatment programs are tailored depending on each patient.


Physiotherapists have been helping people with shoulder pain for over 100 years. The patients are able to return to their usual activities without pain or restrictions.


A shoulder is a complex joint, you’ll never know how serious the problem there is beneath. And this can bring both physical and emotional frustrations.


If you find that your pain restricts even your lightest activity, you need right treatment as soon as possible.
If you have shoulder pain, avoid mistakes as much as possible. Better consult a Perth physiotherapist. Call us today at 9444 8729.